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The oil and gas industry dominates the Alaskan economy and is by far the greatest source of revenue Alaska contains within its borders. Some of the largest oilfields in North America are located in the Alaskan region. The industry's prosperity is so great that it accounts for almost 80 percent of the state's total revenue. It also produces over 34,000 jobs per year, particularly in Anchorage, the state's largest and most populous city.

Besides contributing to Alaska's booming oil and gas industry, Anchorage garners its economic growth from other areas, including the shipping and transportation industry, the military, tourism, and liquidations. Its shipping sector thrives most on the exporting of seafood - particularly salmon, crab and pollock. The state's two most prominent military bases are the Eielson Air Force Base, located in Fairbanks, and Elmendorf Air Force Base, which is located in Anchorage. Due to a large industrial sector in Anchorage and its neighboring cities, the demographic here consists mainly of blue-collar workers, with a median annual income of approximately $63,505. The city, besides industry and military establishments, features a broad range of educational opportunities, research facilities, and business centers. This includes the Anchorage Public Library, Alaska Pacific University, the Alaska Small Business and Development Center, and the Anchorage School District, which all cater towards growing families.

Alaska's capital city is Juneau, situated in the southwest region of the state. In a similar vein to Anchorage, fishing and exporting are major contributors to the city's economy, though on a more modest scale in comparison to Anchorage. The tourism industry is also an essential factor in the city's growth, which garners its success due to a history of gold mining and its extraordinarily beautiful scenery. There are many cruise lines that offer trips along the scenic Alaskan coast line. Such attributes have been attracting visitors to this area since the early 1900's, a trend that continues to this day.

For those wishing to live in Alaska, median house prices are averaging around $239,900, with rental prices averaging at approximately $1,200. A plethora of Alaska home foreclosures are available to suit every homeowner or renter's needs, including multi-family apartments, flats, traditional three or four bedroom homes, villas, and mobile homes. Our array of Alaska foreclosures is catered to suit every individual's needs, requirements and lifestyle preferences.