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Boise Real Estate Facts and Amenities

Boise has a total of 585 properties that are in foreclosure.

During the month of September 2013, there were 21% less foreclosure properties than during the previous month and 47% less than there were during September 2012.

Home sales declined slightly, by about 2% from the previous month, during August 2013 but have gone up slightly than since last year. A non-distressed property, on average, is sold for $124,901. A foreclosure property, on average, is sold for $144,100. This is about 15% higher than how much a non-distressed property is sold for.

Boise is the capital and largest city in all of Idaho. Most of Idaho's attractions, such as its museums, are located in its downtown area. The technology sector is currently growing in Boise as well. Boise also has many areas around the city for hiking or biking.

Showing: 1 - 25 of 1,049

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Boise Demographics and Housing Info

According to Census report, Boise has 223,203 habitants. By this number, 90.56% correspond to White, 4.30% Hispanic, 1.96% Asian, 0.71% Black, 0.68% Indian and 1.80% other races. Men and Women of Boise have, according to the Census data, a median age of 11 years.

Nowadays, based on Census, you may find 3,225 households per zipcode. The median value of a property is $41,293. There is a median of 1 people per property in the city. Boise has an average household income of $14,968.

Boise counts with 8,734 business places, according to Census report. By this number of business places, Census report counts that 131,559 employees are working. $176,108. This is the annual amount paid to the employees.

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