Foreclosures and Home Improvement

Designing a Garden For Your Home – The Types and Styles to Choose From

Rock Garden
Home Decoration

The only thing that would limit you is your imagination. So get creative and have fun. There are plenty of garden types to choose from. Just take the basics and create your own paradise.

Personal Finance Advice – A Look at Investment Diversification

Investment Diversification
Personal Finance

These days there seems to be a lot of speculation as to what to invest, whether to invest in real estate or some other form of tangible, stocks bonds, mutual funds or what ever. In fact a lot of people don’t even know if it is worth investing in things at all.

How Does a Short Sale Affect My Credit?

Short Sale
Foreclosure Market

Short sales are different than foreclosures. It’s an option for some owners when the complicated moment arrives. But there are not only positive points. The negative side is that short sales can affect your credit. Understand this and what you can do to not get in trouble by reading this article.

How to Qualify for Short Sales

Short Sales
Foreclosure Market

This article is designed to provide something of a basic guide as to exactly what is required of a homeowner in order to qualify for short sale proceedings. The process and application for such a procedure is an extremely complicated one, if not the most complicated in the whole real estate market. As such, it is not simply a case of submitting an application and hoping for the best. Instead, certain strict criteria must be met in order for an application to even be considered. Of course, banks and other lenders all have their own rules, but a few particular restrictions are often present in all cases.