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Rhode Island Minorities More Affected by Foreclosure Crisis

Foreclosure Crisis
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Minority homeowners are treated worse than white homeowners. They are more likely to be offered bad mortgages with high interest rates and bad quality collateral by their mortgage lenders. DARE or the Direct Action for Rights and Equality is trying to change this by helping to make the pubic more aware of these homeowners’ situations and pushing for better legislation.

Huge Foreclosure Settlement in Michigan

Foreclosure Settlemen
Foreclosure Market

The state of Michigan recently received billions of dollars in relief for abused homeowners from five major mortgage services. They were accused of being involved in foreclosure abuses, which they were found guilty of.

Minorities Receive Unfair Treatment in the Housing Market

Housing Market
Foreclosure Market

Minorities are receiving unfair treatment in the housing market till this day. It is a major problem and not indicative of a united country. Why should minorities be shunted from good home loans and more susceptible to foreclosure? White privilege is still in place in the housing market.

New Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Invest Real Estate
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There are ways to invest in the real estate market without becoming a landlord and having to deal with all the responsibilities that come with it. You can invest in something called a real estate investment trust. People buy stock from these trusts and receive heavy profits.