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Land Bank for Cook County Residents Suferring from Foreclosure

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Cook County is a struggling county in the state of Illinois. Many of its residents are struggling from foreclosure. However, there are ways for these people to get back on their feet through a new land bank and community services.

Thirteen People were Arrested in Protests Against Foreclosures in Front of Wells Fargo

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Back in February 2013, there was a protest consisting of two hundred people outside of Wells Fargo. The biggest mortgage lender in the country has recently come under fire for bad banking practices and mistreatment of minorities.

Your House Not Going Into Foreclosure Yet?

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Your house may not be going into foreclosure and you may be having an easier time than some people are. However, it’s important to remember that foreclosure can befall other people besides you, which affects overall housing values.

How to Invest Safely in Real Estate as a Retiree

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When you retire, you may receive income from a 401K, different types of pensions or Social Security. However, you may not have the same amount of income you did when you were younger and working. Investing in real estate is a great way to supplement an income. This article provides tips on how to safely invest in real estate so you can gain a profit.