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San Antonio Real Estate Facts and Amenities

Currently, there are 2, 346 properties in San Antonio, Texas that are in foreclosure. During September 2013, there were 36% more foreclosure filings than during August 2013 and 11% lower than September 2012’s foreclosure filings.

San Antonio’s home sales went down by 2% in August 2013 from July 2013 and 22% less than they were about a year ago.

A non-foreclosure home was sold on average for $33,500 while a foreclosure home was sold for $83,000.

San Antonio, Texas is very military-centric and has several military bases, such as Fort Sam Houston and Lackland Air Force base. It is also the second most populous city in Texas. Two points of interest for many tourists is the Alamo and River Walk.

Showing: 1 - 25 of 210

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