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In business since 1999, has been providing foreclosure listings of foreclosures for sale in Sacramento California and nationwide. Our data will also include Sacramento California bank owned homes and REO properties. All our foreclosure listings are screened for accuracy by our team of professionals on a daily basis. All of our Sacramento California foreclosure homes for sale will also include the contact information, number of beds and baths, sqft and price.


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Sacramento Real Estate Facts and Amenities

Sacramento has 3,657 foreclosed properties. October 2013 had a 16% drop in foreclosures from the month prior and a 57% drop from the year before.

Home sales have remained fairly constant between 2013-2012. The average price of a foreclosed home is $167,00 and the average price of a non-foreclosed one is $200,250.

Sacramento has been experiencing population growth. Unfortunately, two of its main sources of revenue -- military bases and food processing -- have been closing locations within the city. In 2002, Time magazine deemed Sacramento "America's Most Diverse City".

Showing: 1 - 25 of 3,444

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Sacramento Demographics and Housing Info

The last Census survey pointed that Sacramento has a population of 780,166 people. The region is divided, in terms of racial composition as: 47.75% whites, 17.24% Hispanic, followed by 12.00% blacks, 12.75% Asians, 1.08% Indians and 9.18% other races. According to last Census, the median age of people in the city is 9 years.

2,694 households. This is the number of properties per zipcode counted by Census in its last work in Sacramento. Census report brought that the average value of homes is $38,847. Sacramento has the record of 1 people per household. According to the Census, the average household income is $11,201.

Sacramento's working area is composed by 16,881 business places. There are 292,644 employees working in Sacramento. These employees receive $117,002 per year as payroll.

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I am an experienced real estate investor and have used your website in the past to look for real estate investments. I must say that I have found some places that really made a great impression on some of my customers, even when I bought them for below their actual market values. Other than a few technical issues and some displeasure with lack of more detailed maps, I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for a home or an investment at a low price.

David C. Bailey gave Foreclosure Listings in Sacramento a 5 star rating.

My wife always dreamed of living in wine country so we started looking for a home around the Napa area. We weren't in a rush to find a place so we joined your website as members and looked every day at your listings. Then to our delight we came across a small vineyard on your short sale list just outside of Sacramento. We just couldn't resist and I must say that, other than some communication issues with the owner, the transaction went pretty smoothly. Thanks to your service we are now the proud owners of this property.

Kyle and Vanessa Roberts gave Foreclosure Listings in Sacramento a 4 star rating.

I had to write a paper on foreclosures and found your website. I joined for the 7-day trial period and was impressed by the number of articles you have about foreclosures. After a bit of searching, I found all the information I needed. I ended up writing a great paper and now know exactly where I'll go when I am ready to buy a house!

Sharon Newby gave Foreclosure Listings in Sacramento a 5 star rating.

My wife and I were tired of the hustle and bustle of the city we lived in and wanted to move further north. We had been renting an apartment for a while and decided to look for our first house. Even though we both had good credit, we knew it would be difficult not having much for a down payment. We decided to look into foreclosed homes as an option and found your site. Needless to say, we found a great place within the first four months of our membership and only had to put 3% down up front. Although I wish it had taken less time to find this property, I'm still really glad I joined this site when I did.

Michael Parker gave Foreclosure Listings in Sacramento a 4.5 star rating. is a decent place to being looking for foreclosure deals. Its Learning Center also provides a good amount of information on the foreclosure buying process and about foreclosures in general. A few of the properties have outdated contact information, but, overall, I would say I've had a good experience with the site.

Stephen M. Myles gave Foreclosure Listings in Sacramento a 3 star rating.