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Palm Desert Real Estate Facts and Amenities

Foreclosure filings are 6% higher this year compared to 2013’s filings. The average price of a foreclosed home in Palm Desert is $245,000.

It is located in Riverside County. It is a popular destination for people from colder climates, a.k.a snowbirds. Several celebrities have their homes in Palm Desert probably due to the warm weather.

Showing: 1 - 25 of 472

Palm Desert Demographics and Housing Info

55,432 people. This is the number of population in Palm Desert. By this number, 78.25% correspond to White, 13.40% Hispanic, 2.02% Asian, 0.94% Black, 0.36% Indian and 5.03% other races. 27 years. This is the median age of the population in Palm Desert. This data is based on the Census last survey.

Nowadays, based on Census, you may find 8,358 households per zipcode. Census report brought that the average value of homes is $101,975. 1 people are the regular composition of a family in Palm Desert. According to the Census, the average household income is $23,888.

In relation to business area, Palm Desert registered in last Census 2,446 business places. There are 34,617 employees working in Palm Desert. Palm Desert has an annual payroll of $275,403.