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Fort Smith Real Estate Facts and Amenities

Foreclosure filings are 89% less than they were last year. Home sales are down today by 100%. Foreclosure home sales are 18% lower than non-foreclosure home sales today.

Fort Smith is the second largest city in Arkansas. The top two employers are Sparks Health System and Baldor Electric Company. Forth Smith has a thriving music scene as well as many museums.

Showing: 1 - 25 of 71

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Fort Smith Demographics and Housing Info

The last Census survey pointed that Fort Smith has a population of 88,335 people. The region is divided, in terms of racial composition as: 73.72% whites, 8.02% Hispanic, followed by 7.86% blacks, 4.19% Asians, 1.57% Indians and 4.64% other races. According to last Census, the median age of people in the city is 14 years.

Nowadays, based on Census, you may find 2,831 households per zipcode. In Fort Smith, the average value of a home is $29,977. The number of people per household registered was 1. Census statistics point that the household average income is $13,709.

Fort Smith counts with 3,166 business places, according to Census report. The city counts with 65,428 workers. The city has an annual payroll of $157,859.