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My House is in Foreclosure – Can I Continue Renting it?

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Houses that are in a pre-foreclosure state can be rented out to tenants and tenants can still continue living them. However, it is not always ethical to rent out units of a house that is in a pre-foreclosure state if you do not let the potential tenant know what they are getting into. People can rent out properties for extra money as well. If you are a tenant in a house that is in a pre-foreclosure state, you can still stay in it as long as you are not related to the borrower and signed a lease before the foreclosure went into effect.

Tax Liens – What are the Benefits?

Tax Liens Benefits
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Tax liens are usually placed on a property by the government, usually for personal or real estate properties. Tax liens prevent a homeowner from selling a property until that persons taxes have been updated. Tax liens also prohibit the sale of a homeowner’s personal items, such as a vehicle. The government usually places tax liens on a person if they do not pay their property taxes on time.

Invest in Cheap Foreclosures for Sale

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Foreclosures usually sell for lower prices than homes that are put up for sale for the regular market price. To really profit from a property, you need to develop a certain amount of equity or hold it for a long period of time. A lower priced home can fetch a high amount of equity if you spend time fixing it up or adding things on to it.

What is a Foreclosure Notice?

Foreclosure Notice
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Usually, a homeowner will receive a foreclosure notice once they have missed a certain number of mortgage payments. Besides a foreclosure notice, another name for it is a default notice. People usually receive this notice in the mail and it is filed by the bank or lender. It usually states that the bank will initiate proceedings to take the property from the homeowner.