Foreclosures and Home Improvement

How to Make Your Ceilings Appear Higher Than They Actually Are

Home Improvement

High ceilings look more attractive than low ceilings because they make a room look bigger and more airy. A house with higher ceilings is more likely to sell than one with low ceilings. However, there are ways to make your room look bigger than it actually is.

United States Justice Department Sues Bank of America Over Faulty Mortgage Securities

Mortgage Information

The Justice Department is suing Bank of America over misrepresenting their mortgage loans to customers, not checking them thoroughly for flaws and selling bad quality loans to borrowers. The people who spoke up about it were five investors who collectively lost $100 million due to Bank of America’s bad lending practices.

Advantages of the Real Estate Investing

Foreclosure Market

There are many benefits to investing in real estate. If you make several improvements to a property, it can significantly increase the value of your real estate investment. It’s important to remember to always buy low and sell high. Foreclosures are another avenue one can utilize when engaging in real estate investing.


Foreclosure Market

Foreclosures are properties that belonged to people that did not pay their mortgage payments on time. Unfortunately, lenders will issue default notices to these poor homeowners saying their houses are in the process of going into foreclosure. They need to do this to get the money back they are owed.