20 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

Home Value

In today’s market, the best thing you can do is to make your house more saleable, these are a few ways to do just that.

1 – Check the curb appeal of the house. The first impression is the one that is going to stick with people.

2 – No one likes a house that has no place to store things. Increase the storage areas and you’ll increase the appeal and value.

3 – A fresh coat of paint will do absolute wonders for your homes visual impact and value.

4 – After you paint, take the time to clean the floors and make them as attractive as the walls. It will do wonders.

5 – Stop and smell the roses. Sniff your house and see what odors are lurking. A stinky building is a hard sell.

6 – Get rid of the personal items. A prospective buyer wants to envision it as theirs so the less of you the better.

7 – Mirrors. They make a house look a lot larger than it is and makes it more appealing because of it.

8 – If you have pets, I hate to say it but get them to a kennel long before you show the house. The odors of animals linger on.

9 – When decorating, think neutral. Nothing too flashy because it is liable to turn off a lot more people than it will attract.

10 – Fresh flowers can make things look and smell better and increase the change of selling.

11 – The bathroom is important to people. Make sure it looks as good as it can. Clean and polished is a good thing.

12 – Speaking of the bathroom, make sure to put a new toilet seat on. It’s inexpensive but a nice touch that shows you care.

13 – Make sure that the garage is clutter free, has lots of storage and is set up nice and neatly.

14 – If you have a basement, make sure it is appealing. A little remodeling here can greatly increase the sales price.

15 – Keep records of repairs. If you have kept up on the service work on the AC every spring and fall, those records can increase the value of the house.

16 – Landscaping. Make sure the outside is as appealing as the inside. It needs to be tastefully done not over done.

17 – Keep the yard well groomed. It shows that you care for the appearance and most likely take great care of the house.

18 – If you have a barbeque area, make sure it is neat and clean and the grill is not all scummy.

19 – If there are hoses on the house, keep them rolled up on the reels. A small point but it will mean a lot.

20 – If you have a deck make sure it is painted and looks nice. If you don’t have one, consider adding one on.

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