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Top Ten Cities that Have the Wildest Commutes

Cities Wildest Commutes
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Surprisingly, there are many people that commute hours just to get to their place of work. While the national average time people commute is 25 minutes, there are still plenty that have to commute about two hours each day. These people are called “mega commuters” or those that travel 90 minutes a day and about 50 miles to and from work.

The Steps in a Process of After Foreclosure

After Foreclosure
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After foreclosure occurs, a property is usually kept as a security against a debt that must be paid by the homeowner, according to their deed of trust. A house is usually foreclosed upon due to the failure on the part of the borrower to pay their monthly payments on time.

What are Handyman Specials Homes?

Handyman Homes
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They are normally listed as properties that were obtained through foreclosure action or as handyman specials homes. Handyman specials homes are homes that require some renovation so that they can be either be sold, lived in or rented out.

Repo Jobs

Repo Jobs
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The most fundamental of all repo jobs is the repo agent. A repo agent can best be described as a field operator because a repo agent has to meet the clients, take repossession of the mortgage properties in case of defaults, etc.