18 Useful House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning

When it’s time for you to get to the dirty task of cleaning the windows, choose a nice overcast day. It will help eliminate the streaking that is caused by the sunlight drying the solution on the window before you can wipe it off.

While it makes perfect sense, it also bears repeating. When you are cleaning you should always do so from top to bottom and left to right. That way all the dirt goes down as you clean.

Whenever you clean in the house, clean with baking soda. It is a natural odor reducing agent that keeps the home smelling fresh.

Today’s life is busy. In order to get things done you will need to give things a priority and assign the most important first. And while you are at it, give everyone in the family an assignment. Get everyone involved it will go faster and everyone will feel important.

This goes along with the item above but make a checklist. That way you can see where you stand and know what is done and what’s left to do.

Use a little alcohol on a soft cloth and clean off the mirrors and make them sparkle. Especially with all the diseases put there and winter coming on, make sure to clean and disinfect things like light switches and doorknobs. Anything that people might touch on a regular basis.

If you have kids you have crayon marks on the wall. They are easy to clean with a little toothpaste.

Skip the expensive and harmful wood floor cleaners and put a piece of wax paper under your mop head and give the floor a once over to get that shine.

Did the candle accidentally drip wax onto the furniture? Put a paper bag over it and run a warm iron over it. The wax will absorb into the bag.

Baking soda and hot water does a phenomenal job of cleaning old hairbrushes and making them look new.

Got a glass table that needs cleaning? Lemon juice does wonders on a paper towel finished off with drying with a newspaper. If that glass happens to be scratched you can take a toothbrush and polish out the fine lines with toothpaste.

One cup of water and one cup of vinegar does great with a toothbrush if you want to remove the build up that accumulates in the crevices of older furniture.

A regular gum eraser from your child’s art class does a good job for removing marks and scuff from the wall. If that mark on the wall happens to be grease based then you will have to resort to using cleaning fluid and cornstarch to get the job done.

If you have a marble top in the kitchen and get a stain, put a little salt on a freshly cut lemon and rub lightly to avoid scratching off the shine.

If you are going to clean the fan blades on the ceiling fan, remember to clean with something that cuts both dust and grease to get the most effective results.

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