Hardwood Wood Floors are Good for Rowdy Children

Wood Floors Children

Children like to run around a lot; they will often do that within the house. When they run in the house, they cause scratches to appear on the floors. Mud tracked into the house also leaves stains and can damage floors as well.

The best type of floor for this problem is hardwood floors because they are more durable. They generally last a long time, an average of a hundred years, and are much easier to repair or maintain. To clean floors like this, you really only need a broom or mop to get rid of any excess dirt or stains.

There are many different kinds of hardwood floors for children. Here are some of the better choices for hardwood floors:

  • Oak is a great option. Usually, white or red oak is used and they can withstand wear and tear very well.  Scratches and dents don’t show up as well either, which is great if any of your children happen to slide and scratch the floor.
  • Brazilian cherry is very hard and handles excess moisture very well. Stains don’t usually appear or affect the wood very much.
  • Australian cypress has a very rough grain and hides any stains quite well.
  • Maple is a great option because it is cheaper and more widely available than a lot of types of wood. It is very tough and very resistant to abrasions.

When it comes to hardwood floor coloring, many people usually choose a dark color because it doesn’t show stains as much and usually have a glossy color.

Before they are given to the customer, a hardwood floor has a finish put on it that helps protect it and give it a glossy color. Hardwood floors are usually given two to three coats of some kind of finish actually.

To maintain safety, area rugs can be placed in the living room or other areas so there is no slipping or falling on the hardwood floors. It is also important to check whether these products are certified.


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