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Seattle, WA is known as the Emerald City because of it miles of lush forests and dozens of parks in the city limits. Seattle is in the top fifteen largest cities of the United States. Seattle was where Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee were put to rest. The town is rich in history as well as attractions. Live shows, Art Museums, and Famous Graves are just the beginning of what this city has to offer. The climate is very rainy in Seattle. Some people would say that is why the gloomy “Grunge” movement started there. The city has lots of cloud cover for most of the year. The wind blows the moisture in from the nearby ocean and makes for lots of rain. The winters are mild, but very wet. The summers are dry, and the average temperature is around 75 degrees. There is an average of 31.7” of rain that fall every year. Seattle, WA is the home of the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks went to the Super Bowl one time, but have yet to win one. No matter what brings you to this rainy city, there is a variety of attractions to see there. There are plenty of sightseeing opportunities and lots of entertainment venues.

The City History of Seattle

Originally, Seattle was named after a native American Chief whose name was Seath. The city of Seattle was flooded out of its original location in the 18th century, now the shifted land is the Seattle city. It was considered to be the largest industrial area of United States during the World War I. The growth and development of Seattle continued to prosper when in 1960 Boeing Airline Corporation incorporated in the city and started employing at least 1 of every 5 people living in the city.

Seattle was ranked as one of the most desirable places to live in United States in early 90's. This honour led to more growth and development of the city which also had a positive impact on the economic background of Seattle. Many famous corporations like; Microsoft, moved into the city which made it more desirable to live in. But increase in population over the years has led to problems like, traffic, pollution, etc. Over the years Seattle has grown into a big market for many businesses and industries which has influenced the population of the area as well. The city has continued to grow and boom. Although there are problems like traffic and pollution but such problems are faced by every big city.

The total population of Seattle, WA is approximately 602,560 and since the beginning of this century the population growth rate is 6.87%. As compared to other cities of United States the cost of living in Seattle is comparatively very high. It is almost 40% higher than other American cities. But still people prefer to live here as the city is more developed than other cities of United States. The city is not that much filled with natural views but still there are many other attractions to look forward to. There are plenty of good schools and educational institutes in this city so many families move into this area to provide their children with good educational facilities. The recent recession did have an impact on the overall economy of Seattle but still it has managed to sustain itself.

Although the employment rate has decreased but still it is imaginable. The average cost of buying a house in Seattle is far much more than buying a house in other US cities. Day to day life in Seattle is a bit hectic and busy, everyone is busy in their own world but still people manage to get some time out for having fun together.

Job Opportunities Abound in Seattle

This city offers a wide range of career opportunities, there are various job fields and categories to choose from. Almost 10,000 people working in Seattle enjoy competitive salary, benefits, paid leave and generous other facilities provided by the employer. The working force of Seattle is responsible for making this place so great to live, work and have fun. Jobs are available in both public as well as private sector. The city provides opportunities for enthusiastic individuals to work and build their careers and also assist in the development of Seattle.

In previous years the employment rate was affected by recession but still the economy has been stable and now there are very exciting job opportunities available in the city. As Seattle is a well known name to many big companies therefore, the employment opportunities are every now and then right on the corner. Whether you are a newly graduate student or an experienced worker, there is something for everyone. Apart from employment opportunities, Seattle is also regarded as a great place to start your own business if you want to experience marginal profit rates. Seattle is a place where you can settle down during early years of career to get a career boost and experience as well.

Seattle: A Foodie's Paradise

Whether you want to eat Asian food or good American comfort food, Italian cuisine or any other international cuisine, Seattle has everything on the plate to offer to the food lovers. This place is well known for good restaurants and food. Even the local ingredients are of such high quality like the seafood. Seafood is very popular among Seattle people, it is their local ingredient. People living here prefer to buy organic and seasonal foods which is why they are so healthy.

Seattle is famous for locally roasted beans coffee and cakes and pastries on the go. As the city life is so busy and fast, usually people eat on the go. They prefer any type of food that is easy to eat, this is only for the day time. During night, the elegant and classy restaurants offer different types of international cuisines to tickle your taste buds. Places like; Cafe Juanita in Kirkland (known for its Italian cuisine), Canlis (famous for serving Pacific Northwest cuisine), Green Leaf (offers Vietnamese food), Herbfarm (known for 4 hour long, 9 course meal), Joule (Korean Cuisine), Le Pichet (French cuisine) and many other famous restaurants.

Arts & Entertainment in Seattle: Some of the Best in the Country

Seattle is famous for performing arts and in this regard The Seattle Opera is the best. This company is ranked one of the best opera companies in United States. Other than that, Seattle Symphony is regarded as the best symphonies of the whole country. There are many high class theatres in Seattle one of them is Seattle Repertory Theatre. The company produces many standard stage plays and musical plays. Seattle is also famous for being a home to many dance companies; one of them is The Pacific Northwest Ballet. Dance, music and all other sort of entertainment can be found in this one city.

Seattle has been a place for may music launches as well. Every type of music can be found here rock, pop, jazz and country music. It has been the birthplace for many big names in the music industry. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana got their career kick start right from Seattle. Jimi Hendrix was also born in Seattle and then became cultural phenomena during the Woodstock concerts in 1969. Besides entertainment the city is also famous for being a house to many art galleries and museums. It has a very old and deep connection with arts and known for many famous work of arts. There are art galleries that display combination of classic and modern artwork.

Sightseeing Options in Seattle: Points of Interest

Seattle has many things to offer to the travellers and visitors, once you reach Seattle start your journey by going to the Space Needle. This experience you will never forget as the building as too much to offer. If you are looking for a place to have a great time shopping and dining out then Pike Place Market is the right place for you. There are many museums and art galleries in town but one of the most popular is Seattle Museum of Art and the other is Seattle Experience Music Project. Mt. Ranier National Park and Snoqualmie Falls are famous for their breathtaking scenery.

Some of the top sightseeing attractions in Seattle are; Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Experience Music Project, Safeco Field, Mt. Ranier National Park (famous for a live volcano encased in it), Snoqualmie Falls (waterfall that is even taller than Niagara Falls), Seattle Waterfront, Washington Park Arboretum, Bainbridge Island (famous for excellent view of Seattle skyline) and many others. These are the sightseeing attractions that come on the top of the list and whoever visits Seattle should see them all as they are worth spending time to go and see. Besides these attractions, this city has many other historical places and monuments to have a look at. The Scenic view of the city from some areas is also very beautiful and astonishing.

Nightlife: Party All Night Long in Seattle

Whether you want to enjoy a romantic dinner for two or want to join the live music party, Seattle has everything to offer to everyone. Nightlife in Seattle caters the needs of everyone. If you want to enjoy great live music then go for the Baltic Room, Neighbors or Tractor Lounge. Various bands play at these places almost every night. If you just want to enjoy a good drink in the middle of the night then go for Happy Hour or the Comet Tavern. If you want to enjoy some romantic night out with your partner, the options are; The Palisade Waterfront Restaurant or the Pink Door.

It depends on your mood what type of nightlife you want to enjoy in Seattle as it is not limited to only one type of thing. There are a lots of things going at night in this big city. The city is attracted by millions of tourists every year therefore every possible step is taken to ensure that the visitors and tourists enjoy the best time when they are in Seattle. Some of the best places to enjoy the nightlife are; Baltic Room, Cloud Room, Comet Tavern, etc. The nightlife in Seattle is crazy, fun, enjoyable and relaxing as well. The activities starts as early as 11 pm in the evening and then these activities run whole night long. There are many areas and spots in the city that are solely famous for nightlife entertainment. In the day, Seattle is known for business and work and in the night it becomes a place for party goers and people who want to enjoy their night.

Shopping & Fashion: Recent Exciting Changes to Seattle Shopping Districts

Shopping in Seattle is not much fun for fashion conscious people but in recent times there have been many boutiques and different labels coming in the picture. Fifth Avenue and the surrounding blocks offers many well known brand shops like; Nordstrom, Betsey Johnson. Belltown and the surrounding area has got more labels and expensive designer boutiques. Place like Pike Pine corridor is famous for hipster duds, home decor, etc. So, you will not find anything particular for fashionistas but still there are many classy and elegant designer shops and boutiques in town.

Some of the famous places for shopping in Seattle are; Alhambra (Moroccan inspired women clothing, jewelry and accessories), Asian Antiques, Chocolate Box, Juniper, Kuhlam, REI, Uwajimaya Village, Velouria, etc. the above mentioned places offer everything from clothing to other shopping items. If you visit Seattle it will be nice if you go through these shopping places and buy some kind of souvenirs for your friends and family. But it is not such an ideal place for a shopaholic person but that doesn't mean the city has nothing to offer, it is only that the city caters elegant, sophisticated and stylish shopping options rather than fashionable items. But nowadays many brand names and international labels have opened their outlets in the city of Seattle so the fashion conscious people can opt for these famous brand names.

Health & Beauty Services in Seattle

Seattle is a home to many beauty, health and personal care service businesses. Here you will get everything you require to stay healthy and beautiful as well. There are many good hair salons, beauty salons, barber shops, beauty clinics and health clinics which offer services for hair cutting, nail procedures and services, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, skin treatments, foot treatments, hand treatments, facials, etc. The well established health clinics provide you with trustworthy weight loss programs and diet planes.

There are various nail spas, beauty spas and health centers. The day spas offer a variety of skincare services and massage services. The medical centers offer a range of services to keep you fit and healthy. There are many fitness centers and gyms in the Seattle area as well. You can get a good body massage if you get tired of roaming around the beautiful city of Seattle or book yourself for a facial to give your face a bit of freshness. There are many tanning salons in this city for all those who want to look good even when they are travelling and having fun. So, it can be said that Seattle does have many options when it comes to health and beauty. Everyone wants to look good and beautiful whether they are travelling, going out for a dinner or just relaxing at your home.

Explore Seattle Hotels and Hospitality

Seattle, Washington is a place to discover and savor. Within its many hotels and inns, visitors have plenty of choices when seeking accommodations in this beautiful Emerald City, as it is appropriately nicknamed. Blocks from the historic Pike Place Market, Seattle's premier place to go for art, culture, fresh foods, and waterfront views, lays the lavish, upscale boutique: the Alexis Hotel. Original art work is displayed throughout the hotel, making its place amongst the cultural richness of Seattle the perfect combination of relaxation, beauty, and creativity.

The Edgewater Hotel sits along the waterfront on Pier 67. Guests can steal views of Elliot Bay and the boats that sail through, while enjoying the convenience of the city festivities close by. With so many nature and water activities to experience, guests will never be short of wonderful things to do and explore. Hospitality abounds at the Mozart Guest House, a cozy bed and breakfast located in Seattle's popular Capitol Hill, where guests can wine and dine, and stroll through the fragrant Volunteer Park Conservatory, where a wide array of flowers are grown and cared for. Guests awaken in the beautifully restored historic Victorian mansion to freshly baked croissants and a friendly hostess that sets the tone for a day of relaxation and leisure. Seattle is nature combined with modern living at its best and the hotels complement the city's natural rhythm and vibrancy. A community of art, culture, and natural beauty, there is always somewhere special to stay and enjoy in the city.

Education in Seattle

It is probably somewhat of a surprise to learn that the education standing in Seattle Washington is rather high. Given the numbers that it is recorded to have in terms of high school graduates and college graduates, Seattle would be degree for degree one of the smartest cities in the country. The interesting fact about this is that those who are the graduates and degree holders come from the public school systems and community colleges. The public school system within Seattle is as such that the city ranked as the most literate in 2008 in studies conducted by Central Connecticut State University. They tied with Minneapolis for this prestigious title but still that is an accomplishment as that means that out of sixty-nine largest cities in the country Seattle was not out done by any of them when it came to the education of their populace.

More than half of those whom live within the city, who are over 25, hold a degree in college, 53.8 percent to be exact. This is substantial considering that the nation's average, as in considering every person in the United States in the same age group, is only a meager 27.4 percent. That's a little over a 20 percent difference, with the numbers for those with a high school diploma being about the same. The numbers being 91.9 percent compared to the national average of 84.5 percent. Perhaps when further thought is given the state of education there it is not that much of a surprise given the college that they have the privilege of claiming. Residing within the city of Seattle is the University of Washington, which is noted to be the most respected public research universities in the country. A study by the Newsweek International in 2006 even cited that the University of Washington ranked 22nd best University in the whole world. Seattle has a lot to brag about when it comes to their education.

Transportation in Seattle

Getting around Seattle is similar to most major cities. The public transportation is often spot on as it is the means by which the majority of its people get around. There are planes, trains and automobiles of varying sizes, but it's the Tacoma Port that truly makes this city stand out above all others. This port is a paramount in the trading of international goods for the entire country. Not just by plane either, though in the year 2009 they handled 31.2 million passengers landing its spot as the 17th busiest airport in the country. Aside from the airport that is there, with it being located right by the water the port has the ability to handle ships as well. Which is does with great skill and speed. This year alone it is predicted to handle at least 223 ship calls and an estimated 858,000 passengers.

Being so large and active it could be assumed that it would generate quite a bit of pollution, but this is not the case at all. The owners and operators of this establishment are forward thinking so the importance of being green and taking care of the environment is not lost on them. This is surely the reason that it currently meets the standards in regards to air pollution with goals to be the cleanest, greenest and most efficient port in the whole country. Large hopes and dreams for them but with how they tackle everything else in the City it is easy to believe that they will indeed meet their goal of perfection. With how the economy has been in our country the residents in Seattle should count themselves lucky as the Tacoma Port has been responsible for producing nearly 200,000 jobs. Providing excellent transportation services on an international scale along with jobs for its locals during this hard time is what Tacoma Port is about.

Seattle, Washington: The Option for a Quality Life

Seattle, Washington is considered the United States' 15th largest metropolitan and the largest in the entire Washington State. Located in the northernmost part of the country, it is home to Microsoft genius Bill Gates and rock icon Jimi Hendrix. Officially nicknamed as "Emerald City" in reference to its plush evergreen forest areas, Seattle is a major educational, cultural and economic center with quite a reputation for its high percentage of coffee consumption. Hence, the founding of international coffee companies like Tully's and Starbucks. The SeaTac International Airport and Port of Seattle are the main gateways to Alaska, Asia, and anywhere in the world.

In the aspect of education, Seattle continuously ranks high as the most literate city among the country's largest cities. It is where the renowned University of Washington dwells, which consistently produces batch after batch of college graduates each year. Both local residents and visitors of the city can enjoy a scenic view of the majestic mountain ranges, San Juan Islands and the Puget Sound, an advantage apparently due to Seattle's location along the Pacific Rim. Moving into the heart of the city, towering skyscrapers dominate the area along with the most recognizable Space Needle landmark settled specifically in 400 Broad St., Seattle, WA 98109 near Seattle Center House and the Monorail. It actually revolves to a full 360 degrees to let diners feast on the scene below while enjoying their meal.

The city's Police Department is branched out into five geographical precincts delegated as southwest, south, north, west and east patrol areas, each with a police station and assigned policemen. Delegated authorities will be responsible in managing public safety, crime prevention and law enforcement in the precinct they serve. Besides security, Seattle, Washington definitely has a lot to offer to visitors for a memorable stay and to its residents for a quality and convenient lifestyle. Opportunities for enjoyment abound like hiking, camping, kayaking, water skiing, sailing and playing golf. The options are simply unlimited.