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Virginia Beach is a city in Virginia, located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. The city is the largest in the state and the 41st largest city in the country. The population of Virginia Beach is roughly 440,000. The city rests on an area of 497.3 square miles with 248.3 miles being on land and the other part being on water. The economy of Virginia Beach thrives on tourism. The other contributors to the economy are the military and agribusiness. The Military operates 4 large military bases in the city limits of Virginia Beach. These include Oceana, a naval air station; Dam Neck, a training center; Little Creek navy training center and Fort Story, a U.S. army training station. Several large corporations also have headquarters in the city. The city boasts a very low crime rate, ranking 311th out of 385 cities with 75,000 or more inhabitants. In 2004, Virginia Beach was named the safest city in the US. The weather of Virginia Beach is humid subtropical. The winters are mild and the city rarely sees snow. The summers are hot and humid. The location of Virginia Beach is quite perfect, sheltering it from most of the major hurricanes and storms that hit the coast.

A Brief History of Virginia Beach

Native Americans inhabited the area of Virginia Beach for thousands of years before the first English settlers landed there in April of 1607. They landed in the area of Cape Henry. The English called the new settlement Jamestown. In 1621, the first permanent settlement was made in the area of Lynnhaven Bay. The site of the “first landing” is marked with a cross near the site and the Historic Cape Henry Light. The area lies within Fort Story, a US army training facility.

Some of the historical structures from the Virginia Colony are still standing. These include Green Hill Plantation, Pembroke Manor, Old Donation Church, Francis Land House, and the Adam Thoroughgood House. The Cape Henry lighthouse is perhaps the most famous of the historical structures. Seventy years passed from the time the construction decree was given to the completion of the construction. It was finally finished in 1791 and Virginia Beach named the lighthouse its official symbol in 1962. The town of Virginia Beach started growing in the late 19th century with the arrival of rail service. In 1906 the city was incorporated as a town and finally claimed independent city status in 1952. Virginia Beach is now the largest city in Virginia.

Living in the City of Virginia Beach

The location of Virginia Beach alone makes it a prime real estate site. The housing opportunities vary depending on what you are looking for. There are extremely extravagant houses available as well as modest homes. If you are looking for a beach house, then the neighborhood of Chesapeake Beach offers an area with little public traffic and private parking areas. If you are looking for a neighborhood that is close to the highways and school systems, Kings Grant is the prime neighborhood to look in. The neighborhood of Alanton offers you a historical neighborhood with many of the homes being renovated. Another coastal neighborhood is Sandbridge.

This neighborhood offers a somewhat remote location with only one road leading to it. The cost of living in Virginia is much lower than the average cost of living across the country. Considering the city is ranked 4th in the list of highest median incomes per household, this is very impressive. The city has done a very good job of attracting businesses with high paying jobs, where many workers earn over $40,000 a year. Tourism is the most lucrative business in the city, bringing in over 500 million dollars a year. The city continues to grow and expand its economy with other sources of business.

Employment Opportunities in Virginia Beach

The economy of Virginia Beach thrives on tourism. With almost 900 million dollars spent in tourist-related businesses, this is the economy's bread and butter. There are over 15,000 jobs in this field. The opening of the convention center in 2005 allows the city to cater to large events. These conventions bring in a lot of money to the city. The hotel industry alone employs thousands of people. There are other major contributing factors to the economy of the city. Agribusiness has an impact of over 80 million dollars. There are over 172 farms within the city, with 27,000 acres dedicated to farming and agriculture. There are several major companies headquartered in Virginia Beach. They include Geico, Amerigroup, Lillian Vernon and Stihl. These corporations offer high paying jobs for people in the community.

The military bases in Virginia Beach include NAS Oceana, FTC Dam Neck for the navy. The army's Fort Story is also located there. NAS Oceana is the largest employer of the city. As of May 2010, the city's unemployment rate stood at 6.3% without an adjustment for the seasons, which is lower than the national average. The median household income for the city is roughly $43,000 annually.

The Best Restaurants in Virginia Beach

When you are in Virginia Beach, you will not be at a loss for places to eat. There are numerous restaurants available for any type of menu you are looking for. There are also many areas you may visit that offer a different type of menu. On the boardwalk, you will find Watermans Beachwood Grill.

This restaurant is on the ocean-front and offers mainly seafood entrees. There is a view of the ocean from every seat and the restaurant offers outdoor seating. One Fish, Two fish is another restaurant in this area that offers lots of seafood choices. If you are looking for a unique atmosphere, then this is the place to try. The restaurant has roll-up garage doors that are kept open during fair weather. If you are in the Boonies area and want some Italian dining, Zia Marie offers Italian cuisine at reasonable prices. The Havana Restaurant is also located in this area and offers Cuban cuisine. The Raven Restaurant has been a staple of Virginia Beach since 1968. This restaurant offers American cuisine with an emphasis on seafood. The restaurant offers a laid back atmosphere with atrium seating, patio seating, and a bar room. Virginia Beach offers any type of food you might be craving. The emphasis for the food is from the sea. Most restaurants offer some type of seafood on their menu.

The Arts and Entertainment offered in Virginia Beach

The Cape Henry Lighthouses guard the entry into Chesapeake Bay. The first one was completed in 1792 and is the oldest lighthouse built by the government. The tallest cast iron lighthouse also stands there, which was built in 1881 and is still used today. Visitors are allowed in the old lighthouse.

One of the oldest brick homes in America is the Adam Thoroughgood house. The garden of the house is newly restored and the collection of furniture from the 17th and 18th century offers tourists a look at a wealthy colonist lifestyle. The Old Coast Guard Station is a museum honoring the US Coast Guard. There are galleries providing a view of early shipwrecks along the Virginia coast. This museum offers an interesting look at the lives of the people in the coast guard and their rescue missions. The Contemporary Art Center of Virginia offers visitors views of the significant art of our generations. The exhibits are updated regularly and the Art Center offers many special events and programming throughout the year. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center offers tourists a chance to see large ocean dwellers such as the sand tiger and brown sharks. There is also a large aquarium of sea turtles with a hatchling laboratory. There are numerous hands-on ocean exhibits available.

The Can't-Miss Places of Virginia Beach

The oceanfront boardwalk is the most famous symbol of Virginia Beach. The boardwalk was originally constructed in 1888 out of wooden planks. Over the years, The Cavalier Beach Club has seen the likes of Judy Garland, Bing Crosby and Cab Calloway. This area is a focal point for tourists visiting the city. The beachfront offers non-stop entertainment all year long.

Virginia Beach has numerous outdoor activities available at your fingertips. If you enjoy camping, then False Cape offers primitive campsites on 6 miles of beach. There are over 9 miles of hiking/biking trails available for you to enjoy while there. There are also parks available all over the city. Ocean adventures await you with Rudee Tours. They offer many different types of tours for your entertainment. In the winter months, you can go on a whale watching tour. You may want to enjoy a dolphin tour. Dinner cruises and sightseeing cruises are available on the Virginia Jewel, a large luxury yacht. If you just want a relaxing evening, then a sunset cruise is on the agenda.

Virginia Beach Nightlife Hot Spots

Virginia Beach offers a number of activities to enjoy at all times. One of the better known dance clubs is Peabody's. This club offers various types of theme nights such as Luau, Teen night, Ladies night, etc. This is the dance club of Virginia Beach.

If you are looking for some good food with live entertainment, Jewish Mother is the place to be. Check out their calendar for special events. With a DJ on Wednesday nights and live music throughout the weekend, the Hot Tuna Bar and Grill will give you some nighttime entertainment. For sports enthusiasts, there is Shorebreak Pizza Sports Billiards offering 13 pool tables and 40 televisions that only show sports. There is also a game room available for all ages. If you love to laugh, the Funny Bone offers shows from Wednesday through Sunday. You have to be 21 years old to go. The club has had a number of great comedians and is a great place to relax for an evening of entertainment.

Fashion and Shopping Districts of Virginia Beach

The Hilltop shopping area offers a number of merchants available for your shopping pleasure. There is Hilltop North, West, and East, Hilltop square and Regency Hilltop. The shops in these areas range from K-mart to Talbots. The Lynnhaven mall is one of the largest malls on the entire East Coast. The mall has over 180 specialty shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and 3 large department stores.

If you are souvenir shopping, then you should go to the Resort area, which was made specifically for tourists. There are surf shops, craft shops and boutiques. While you are shopping, grab a bite to eat at some of the best seafood restaurants in town. If you are looking for a day out on the shopping circuit, consider going to the Town Center/Pembroke Mall. This area is the center of it all. The finest restaurants and retail stores are all available here. Theis was the first mall in Virginia Beach. Within this area, there are several large department stores, specialty shops and 8 movie theaters.

Beauty, Health, and Fitness in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach offers a number of spas and fitness centers to help you maintain your beauty, health, and fitness. Here are a few of the more well-known ones in the area. If you are looking for a day spa, there is Salon Avanti located on Virginia Beach Blvd. They offer day spa services along with haircuts, highlights, manicures and pedicures. Another day spa is Xtraction's skin care offering facials, body services, bronzing and anti-aging.

If you are looking at making the spa your destination choice, Rebecca's Spa offers micro dermabrasion, chemical peels, massages, and facials. For Your Total Self is another destination spa resort that offers body wrapping, chemical peels, artificial nails, and basic haircuts. There are several massage parlors available for your pleasure. Essential Wellness offers massages along with mud baths, wraps, nutritional classes, and yoga; they are also a fitness center offering those services as well. Aremel Massage Therapy & Associates offers classic massages, Swedish massages, deep tissue, muscle therapy and hot stone massages. Keith Myers Personal Training offers fitness center services along with nutritional programs, dieting and weight programs as well as cardio training.

The Many Hotels of Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach thrives on the tourist industry and therefore there are a number of hotels that will be fighting to serve you when you visit. No matter what type of hotel you are looking for, you will be able to find one to fit your needs in Virginia Beach. If you want to stay on the boardwalk, then there is the Boardwalk resort Hotel and Villas. The resort offers large suites available right on the ocean. If you are looking for a historical hotel to stay in, The Cavalier has been part of Virginia Beach's history for over 80 years. This hotel was a navy training center during WWII.

The highest ranked hotel by other travelers is the Belvedere Resort Motel. It is said to have the best value for a room on the beach. The Residence Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront hotel is ranked number two. This hotel has very nice rooms and is in a location that is near everything. Spring Hill Suites Virginia Beach Ocean front is a great place to stay if you are looking for a suite. This hotel offers large rooms with a view of the ocean. There is a hotel available for every taste and budget in the city of Virginia Beach.

Education in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, a resort city with much in the way of beaches, nestled at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay at the Atlantic Ocean, holds much to offer for its inhabitants and its visitors. Though so many of those who live there only hold at about 28% over the age of 25 having a bachelor's degree, it still holds its choices for education. Its district, the Virginia Beach City Public schools runs over 50 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, and just under a dozen high schools. It also houses a good handful of private and independent schools that includes Norfolk Academy, Hampton Roads Academy, Baylake Pines School and at least half a dozen or more that one can choose from. Virginia Beach also houses a number of specialized secondary schools as well for technology studies, health sciences, genetics and other studies of the like, but that doesn't leave out the arts, as it has a few both private and secondary for those interested in those areas of learning as well.

For secondary education or higher learning, Virginia Beach has only two universities to offer: Regent University and Atlantic University. Regent University is a private university of Christian based origins, although once a graduate school, it has begun to put a little bit more for those who are there for undergraduate degrees as well. The Atlantic University is regarded as having associations with a few foundations and organizations such as The Association for Research and Enlightenment; even offering a few degrees for the New Age groups of students. There are also a few satellite locations from other different colleges such as Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia. Others have a close connection with Virginia Beach, sharing its borders with others, such as Norfolk University and Virginia Wesleyan College, a school specializing in arts of the liberal variety.

Transportation in Virginia Beach

As Virginia Beach serves primarily as a resort town for the most part, it has a lot of the features that one would expect when it comes to resort towns. It relies heavily on the use of its streets and most of the travel is down by privately owned cars. There is a handy system of streets and roads, in and out of the city, many leading to the dozens of beaches that the city sports. It has a number of easy access points when it comes to the highways for those coming into the city, as well as leaving it. Incidentally one thing that can be noted about Virginia Beach besides its resort town charm is the fact that it connects directly to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. This tunnel is noted as the longest bridge-tunnel in the world and regarded as one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World.

If you don't wish to use your own car, or perhaps don't have one of your own, Virginia Beach also offers up a large selection for public transportation. Amtrak runs and serves within Virginia Beach, more often for taking people in and out of the city. Though there is a public regional bus service that runs in Virginia Beach that takes its riders along its many routes. Greyhound or Trailways also offers its services for those who wish to use it. In regards to air travel you only have to go near the Chesapeake Bay and you'll find the Norfolk International Airport. Up to seven different airlines run in and out of the airport, providing continual service to the airport at all times. It is major commercial airport for the region and provides the continual service to several areas of over 20 different locations.

The Government Services of Virginia Beach, Virginia

The City of Virginia Beach, Virginia offers a large number of services to its residents. It is run by a City Manager in cooperation with the City Council. The City Council is headed by the Mayor and consists of ten other members, one from each of the seven districts in Virginia Beach, and three “at large” members. The council meetings are open to the public and are held on the first four Tuesdays of each month, except in July and December when they are on the first two Tuesdays of the month. The meetings are also broadcast live on local channel VBTV 48.

The City Council appoints the City Manager and a number of other positions including the City Attorney, who handles all legal matters for the city, and the City Clerk, who handles city recordkeeping. There are a number of Deputy City Managers who are then in charge of the other town departments, including the libraries, parks and recreation, finance, health and human services, public works and emergency services such as police and fire.

The phone number for Citizen Services, which is staffed every day of the week, is 311 from any landline phone. This is the number for City Government including City Information, Services, and News and Events. For similar information online, the official website is at

Virginia Beach has three courts; a Circuit Court, a Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court and a General District Court. All three are located in the Municipal Center at 2425 Nimmo Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. The City has 56 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, 11 high schools and a number of specialty centers. There are 249 parks covering over 4,000 acres of land in Virginia Beach. There is also a wide variety of community and cultural events and museums. Virginia Beach is home to the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.