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According to the 2000 US Census, Salt Lake City, UT is the home of about 181,743 people. Some people may refer to Salt Lake City as the “Crossroads of the West” because of its central geography in western US. Many things may change here, but one thing that stays pretty consistent is the climate. Salt Lake City, UT is considered to be a semi-arid location. The summer which is long, is very hot and dry. About 56 days of the summer, the temperatures hang around the 90's. There are 23 days that reach a temperature of 95 degrees. There are also about 5 days where the temperature can reach 100 degrees. The winter is also long, and every winter it gets extremely cold and snowy. During the winter, about 127 days the temperature drops below zero. If that wasn't cold enough for you, there are about 26 days where the temperatures don't get above freezing. On July 26, 1960 and July 13, 2002, Salt Lake City hit the record high during the summer with a temperature of 107 degrees. Salt Lake City also made a record low during the winter with the temperature that was -30 degrees. Spring and fall can really be considered the happy medium when it comes to all four seasons. The temperatures are just right and they make the move from one season into another more enjoyable.

Salt Lake City: a Brief History

Salt Lake City, UT was also known as Great Salt Lake City. This was mainly due to the fact the desert to the northwest was dominated by the salty inland lake. Salt Lake City has an extensive amount of history. One of the most well-known events was when there was an unexpected amount of gold discovered in California in 1838. Salt Lake City benefited from this discovery because it actually helped contribute to its growth. A discovery of silver and lead located in Bingham Canyon in 1863 led to the development of mining.

If you ever wondered how Utah was connected to the east and west, this took place in 1869. Tracks were laid by workers that produced the first intercontinental railroad system. This is ultimately how the connection took place. President Grover Cleveland's proclamation on January 4, 1896 claimed Utah as the 45th state in the Union and named Salt Lake City as its capital. If anyone ever asks how mining came about or which state was connected to the east and west, the answer is simple. It all started in Salt Lake City.

Living in Salt Lake City

When it comes to being an actual resident of Salt Lake City, living in the city has some pretty good perks. The houses within the city are bigger and conveniently located. The communities are great and the schools are outstanding. In the heart of Salt Lake City, there are many places to choose from when it comes to shopping. It doesn't matter if a person is looking for a quick bite to eat or a more up-scale restaurant; there is something for any preference.

Salt Lake City has a huge selection of restaurants to choose from. Just when a person thinks that there can't possibly be anywhere new to shop or eat, there are new businesses being built constantly. Living in the city definitely brings a sense of happiness. Just being able to hear the sounds of the city brushing by makes a person feel alive. The city is indeed way more active and busy than the country. If a person loves the hustle and bustle of the city streets, then Salt Lake City, UT is the place for them.

Employment in Salt Lake City

In July 2010, the unemployment rate of Salt Lake City was at 7.2%. Research shows that the leading employment opportunity lies in construction. As with any area of work, construction has had its ups and downs, but it is making a very big comeback.

If someone is looking for something other than construction, there are five areas that are considered the top employment opportunities: the Utah Department of Workforce Services, which is considered state government ranks at number one; Rab-Kistner, which ranks at number two; recruiters for companies rank at number three; Pacificorp, which is the electric power company, comes in at number four; and staffing agencies such as TEKsystems, which is ranked number five. Even though the jobs may not be exactly what someone was looking for, a staffing agency is a great place to get started. There are so many new businesses developing, and even though it may take a little time, employment can definitely be found in Salt Lake City.

A Taste of Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has over 140 bars, pubs, and restaurants located downtown that are sure to please the palettes of everyone. If a person is in search of homemade comfort food, they may want to try Bayleaf Café. They received a 2010 award for best comfort food. During the week, they offer lunch and dinner. When the week is over, they offer a Sunday and weekend brunch. They were also voted “Best Late-night for 2010.” Perhaps a person is looking for seafood and steak. Christopher's Seafood and Prime Rib Steak House has a five-star rating.

They have remained in the spotlight since 1995. They offer 21-day aged USDA Prime Corn-Fed Beef. If that is a little out of someone's price range, they also offer their famous three- or four-course early evening specials at a very reasonable price. Another great restaurant located in downtown Salt Lake City is the Metropolitan. This is also considered Utah's number one restaurant. They offer New American cuisine that is seasonally-inspired. As you can see, the food possibilities are endless

Entertainment in Salt Lake City

There is always something to do in Salt Lake City. One place that piques the interest of many is the Beehive House. This house was built in 1854, and it displays the Mormon history of the region. Another place of interest is the Museum of Church History and Art. Many people like to visit here because they are curious to learn the story of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Museum of Church History and Art contains artifacts and art that tell this story. Farming is a major industry in Salt Lake City, so many people like to visit the Wheeler Historic Farm. In 1969, the 75 acres was purchased by Salt Lake City County and it was placed on the Utah State and National Register of Historic Places in 1976. The Wheeler Historic Farm is a representation of 20th century farming and even though they do not produce large crops, they still produce on a smaller scale. This is done to show people what farming was like in the early 1900's.

If someone in Salt Lake City would like to see nationally acclaimed musicians perform as well as some of the finest local acts, a trip to The State Room would be a great idea. This is a live music venue that can hold up to 300 people.

The Sights of Salt Lake City

When it comes to sight-seeing, Salt Lake City has many places that can be visited. One place to check out is the Salt Lake City Public Library. The architecture is absolutely breath-taking. It is six stories high and with all of the windows in the building, a person can get a 360-degree view of the Salt Lake City Valley. This 240,000-square foot building is the home of more than 500,000 books. This library not only offers an endless amount of books, they also have a Café inside.

Their guests can sit down with their favorite book and a nice warm cup of coffee and just relax. The Salt Lake City Public Library uses natural lighting to illuminate the inside. This is both good for the environment as well as good for the customers. By using natural lighting, the glare is reduced and it is much easier to see the books as well as the computers. The main library is located downtown, but they also have five branches throughout the city.

Salt Lake City Night-Life

The night-life in Salt Lake City is very much alive. Whether a person is looking to relax and have a few drinks or join in on a little bit of country-western line dancing, there is a place for everyone. A person can choose to listen to the soothing sounds of a piano at one of the piano clubs or they can visit one of the high-end cocktail bars. Someone looking for a Cajun-flared menu should visit The Bayou located downtown. Not only do they have the best Cajun-inspired food, they also have over 200 beers to choose from.

If a sports bar is what someone is looking for, they may want to try Lumpy's, also located in downtown. This sports bar is also a night club that has a dance floor for those who like to move to the music. If dancing isn't desired, they also have a pool table and game room. Lumpy's offers over 70 beers and they have a full menu as well as a full bar. If the night life scene needs to be slowed down just a bit, the Tavernacle Social club offers a live piano show Wednesday through Saturday. For those who love to sing, they offer karaoke on Sunday's and Tuesday's. The problem won't be finding somewhere to go; it will be deciding where to start.

Places to Shop

Shopping is usually on the itinerary of those who visit Salt Lake City. The City Creek Center has over 80 stores, such as Macy's, and a wide selection of restaurants. This is perfect for those people who like to eat while they shop or shop while they eat. The Gateway is another great place to visit. They have over 115 shops and restaurants. They not only offer shopping and dining, but also entertainment. When a person is at the Gateway, they may want to take a little time to visit the Clark Planetarium.

There are also many bookstores, such as Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore. This bookstore has over one million books on all subjects. They offer new, used, and rare books. They also have a Café that has free Wi-Fi which comes in handy for those who are doing research or need computer access. These are just a few places one can find in Salt Lake City. There are so many different points of interest and so many places to choose from.

Health and Beauty

Utah is ranked as the 6th healthiest state according to the United Health Foundation. They have 22 free standing surgical centers and 44 hospitals in 22 counties. The LDS hospital is well-known for its participation in cutting-edge programs. The one they are most famous for is the program that fights against heart disease. This is the number one killer among Americans today. Many people may not know this, but Utah is one of the states with the 4th longest life expectancy. Another special healthcare trait of Utah is that it has the lowest rates of deaths related to cancer. Some people even refer to Utah as one of the “Fittest” states. People in Utah really take care of themselves by doing things such as not smoking. Utah has the lowest rate when it comes to people who smoke. Due to the fact that people are healthy and they aren't spending a substantial amount of money because they are sick nor need medical attention, their money can be spent on other things.

Moore Hair Design is considered one of the best salons to visit. They have the friendliest staff that is willing to go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied. They even offer coupons and discounts on their services and products. There are many places to go and many things to do in Salt Lake City, UT. Not only is it a great place to live, it may even be beneficial to your health.

Hospitable Hotels in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City's famous places such as the Liberty Park and Tracy Aviary, Library Square and the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine have attracted several tourists. Bingham Canyon Copper Mine is in fact the world's largest man-made hole and one of the popular objects that can be seen from space. Tourists are drawn to this fascinating must-see place in Salt Lake City. Visitors can enjoy a great vacation as the city's hotels which offer great value and services for accommodation. The Salt Lake hotels have beautiful architectures that make the city vibrant and glorious. Guests who want a location closer to the airport can stay in Hampton Inn & Suites SLC Airport.

The hotel has 100 well-provided guestrooms with beds covered in premium beddings, televisions with cable channels and pay per view movies. Guests can unwind in the spa tub and outdoor pool. Visiting families who want a glimpse of Clark Planetarium, Temple Square and Salt Lake Temple can book a room at Hyatt Place Salt Lake City Airport. Rooms are provided with complimentary Internet access and flat-panel televisions. Another great choice is the Little America Hotel with richly decorated interiors where French limestone and polished Spanish marble give a luxurious accent to the place. The property features beauty services, in-room massage treatments and five boutique shops as well as an on-site restaurant, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a fitness center. Little America is big enough to accommodate several guests. The property has 850 guestrooms in four different buildings and each is fully equipped for the guests' satisfaction. Another affordable hotel is Springhill Suites Marriott conveniently located near the airport. It has several excellent amenities including business facilities, fitness center, children's pool and complimentary services. Visitors will surely get a memorable vacation and hotel experience in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Education Facilities in Salt Lake City

Jane Dillworth held the first classes in Salt Lake City in 1847. Utah has higher birth rates, bigger classrooms than most other states; therefore the cost per student is the lowest in US, except for Alaska. Salt Lake City School District is one of the oldest in Utah. The district boundaries match the Salt Lake City limits. There are 31 schools in Salt Lake City district: 3 high schools, 5 middle schools and 23 elementary schools. Soon a charter school named Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts will open in the city.

All Salt Lake City high schools have grades 9 to 12. East High School is situated in the central part of the city and it serves around 2000 students. Astronaut James Irwin and actress and comedian Roseanne Barr are two of their most famous graduates. Highland High School is well known for their rugby union team, they have won the national championships 19 times in the last 25 years. West High School is the oldest school in the district, it was founded in 1890. This school has an Extended Learning program for 7th and 8th graders. Some of Salt Lake City elementary schools have preschool facilities. In 1999, the district decided to reconstruct 20 of those schools. There are also a variety of private schools available. Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School is the most known. Higher education in Salt Lake City is given in the University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College, Westminster College, Stevens-Henager College, The Art Institute of Salt Lake City and LDS Business College. In addition to these schools, several technical schools also serve the area. The University on Utah was on of the universities that were connected to Arpanet, which was the predecessor of today's Internet. Artificial heart transplant was also conducted here first in 1982.

Transportation in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City's biggest airport is the Salt Lake City International Airport that lays only 4 miles from the city center. Delta Air Lines and Sky West Airlines have hubs at this airport and serve more than 300 cities. In 2007 over 22 million people traveled through this airport. There are 4 bus routes that take passengers to the airport and a new light train rail will open in 2012. The Utah Transit Authority operates the public transport. Utah has an extensive bus system as well as a light rail system. Buses also service most of the light rail stations. Only a few bus lines run at night, usually the service ends at midnight. The light rail system has two lines that both being at the central hub. The first line serves the University of Utah while the other runs through the whole city and suburbs. The downtown area is a free zone, but longer rides cost $2 per ride or $5 per day. UTA plans to open 4 additional lines, one of which will go to the airport. Construction began in 2009. Nearly 60,000 people use the bus and rail service on daily bases.

Salt Lake City is also promoting cycling. In 2010 the League of American Bicyclists declared it a Silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community. Cycling in sidewalks is legal everywhere except the center, where there are several designated bicycle lanes. There is a Bicycle Benefits program that unites businesses that give discounts to customers arriving by bike. Salt Lake City has released a separate map for bicyclists. Car rental is also available and widely used by tourists. The streets of the city are based on a simple grid system, which makes navigation rather easy. If you prefer taxis, there are three main taxi companies in Salt Lake City: City Cab, Yellow Cab and Ute Cab. You can catch them at taxi stands.

Local government services for the city of Salt Lake City, Utah

Development is at the heart of local government administration for Salt Lake City. There are Community Development and Capital Improvement Programs administered by the Mayor's Office running all year round and the Advisory Board that is directly responsible for the work is always pushing boundaries. The City and County Building Conservancy and Use Committee ensures that older sites are maintained too and not left behind. The Planning Commission and The Redevelopment Advisory Committee perform roles which support this work and all information is available to the public from each office respectively.

Ensuring that environmental issues are not neglected, the Land Use Appeals Board and the Open Space Lands Advisory Board keep close to all development work and the Parks, Trails, and Urban Forestry Advisory Board operates as protector of natural habitats for the benefit of both local wildlife and citizens. The Salt Lake City Arts Council is responsible for promoting cultural events in and around the city and in collaboration with the Arts Design Board, tenders for bringing more events to the city. The Historic Landmark Commission preserves all local treasures and provides information to visitors and citizens alike on the city's history. For information on guided tours, the city's tourist information office can offer guidance.

Sporting events lie at the heart of much of Salt Lake City's recreation and with Golf being one of the flagship sports, the Golf Enterprise Fund Advisory Board keeps the wide spread of both professional and amateur events running smoothly each year. The Airport board and Transportation advisory board keep public transport operating well to allow free movement of all players during these events and equally maintain the networks for all citizens all year round. Housing is provided by the Housing Authority and Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board with the Housing Advisory and Appeals Board ensuring a fair and democratic system for application.