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There are a million things to do in Arlington Texas. The city has a population of around 380,000, making it one of the largest cities in the State of Texas. It's the 49th biggest city in the United States. It's the perfect place to take your children, date partner, or spouse on a trip. There are a million things to do in Arlington Texas from shopping, writing your next book, or browsing Craigslist for the endless classes that Arlington Texas has to offer. Don't get bored. Visit Arlington Texas to see many exciting events, and visit the new and improved downtown Fort Worth. If you're looking to visit Dallas, also make a stop to Arlington Texas on the way and stay awhile. Individuals can also visit the Arlington Chamber of Congress while they are there, which will be a rewarding experience for all of the children. Arlington, Texas is rich in history, nightlife, and daytime activities for the kids and the adults. Keep this in mind, though: boredom is not an allowed word in Arlington Texas. Arlington is the 7th largest (and perhaps the most fun-filled) city in Texas. July and August are the warmest months in Arlington while January is the coolest month (by temperature, not by things to do). The lowest ever recorded temperature was -8 degrees. If you want to move somewhere to escape the cold, then this is probably your city. Even in a city so big, Arlington doesn't have a designated bus or train route, so plan to have a car when you get there!

The History of Arlington Texas is Very Unique

Arlington Texas boasts big kicks on the history side of things. In fact, it is so big that it can surpass all imagination. It started in the early 1840s and was perhaps one of the fastest growing cities in the 1940s. It had one of the first General Motor plants.

The May 24th battle of 1841 is among the great battles that took place on the soil. The city is rich in history and it started booming early. It also had a cotton-ginning center, which was really big for the times. It also boasted running water, gas, and telephone usage in the early year of 1910! History is exciting in Arlington Texas. The town started in 1876 and was one of the towns listed along the Texas/Pacific Railway. The city was named for MR. General Robert E Lee Arlington House, which you can find should you visit Arlington County, Virginia.

Life in the City of Arlington, Texas Is Excellent

Although Arlington does have both nightlife and activities for the children, it is on the quieter sides of things, and most searches for life in Arlington pull up retirement centers and churches.

It's a different lifestyle, but still full of exciting places to go to and things to see. For activities, there are many different museums and stores to visit, along with some big names that people from all over the world come to see. The city boasts of baseball games, soccer and just about everything everyone loves to look for. It's certainly not boring – it's exciting! It's the most exciting place to live and work in the State of Texas. Individuals who move to Arlington will also be happy to know that in the midst of all the busy excitement, they too can sit down and relax. People will be happy see all the great tourist exposures within their reach. Life is peaceful, but one can still be kept busy in Arlington. The lines for some shopping malls are long, which means business is booming in certain tourist parts of the city.

Job Opportunities Are What You Make It in Arlington, Texas

If you're looking to work in Arlington, then there are some opportunities for you. You can work at one of the many listed schools. Average pay is between $15 and $18, although it can certainly be more for some companies. You can get almost any job you want there, from floor care demonstrator to travel occupational therapists. You can help others get their degrees online. You can also get a job in one of the many business management positions there.

Arlington Texas is like many other cities that are listed. You can find your job as long as you look hard and are careful about it. Do not fear for your job so long as you can work well. Those who wish to work can talk to individuals who are hiring before even going to the city and they can find out what they're looking for. Jobs aren't hard to find in Arlington Texas, as there are many different and unique job opportunities. Jobs are available in different areas for teachers, construction workers, café workers, bartenders, McDonald's employees, and dozens of others who need to get hired. Arlington is also right next to Fort Worth and Dallas, so if anyone wants a job in one of those two areas it is an excellent location to move to as well. Unemployment rate is about 1.4% in Arlington, Texas.

Restaurants & Food Is Good For Your Stomach to Eat In Arlington

There are a thousand places to eat in Arlington, Texas. Did you know that there is a bunch of location-based restaurants right smack downtown in Arlington Texas? There are many good ones, a few so-so ones, and some restaurants that are just to die for. However, everyone will agree that the unique experience of eating in Arlington Texas is more than enough. Some restaurants, like “Fuzzy's Taco Shop,” are generic and sell only items like tacos. Some places, however, are more elegant, like the Tandoor Indoor Restaurant, or Cacheral Restaurant & Ballroom. There are also some mom & pop restaurants that all the locals like, such as Pappas Restaurants. There are also some restaurants with beautiful names like Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant LLC.

If you're looking for something good to eat in Arlington, then you will certainly find it. Various restaurants line the streets of the city, enticing you to get in and have a bite. Good food is not a problem to find in Arlington. Arlington Texas is a wonderful place to live in and will be great place to go for a visit. Why? Because Arlington Texas boasts all the good eateries.

Arts & Entertainment Is Wonderful To Visit and See in Arlington

Theater Arlington is one of the most exciting theaters you'll ever find. The website gives a full description about what show is playing and allows you to check it out for yourself. There is generally just one show going on during the weekends, but one show that's very exciting. You won't want to miss this one out. Tickets range about $22 for adults and $17.50 for groups. Arlington Vibe is really an exciting and unique place, somewhere you should take your spouse to go see. Arlington Vibe boasts lots of different activities, such as “symphony Arlington” as well as “membership and social margarita party.”

Fort Worth Zoo: The zoos are just a step away in Fort Worth, with one known as the Fort Worth zoo. Children will be sure to love this exciting tour spot, and will hit the ground running with information about this. Boo at the zoo is one of their activities. You can plan your trip around the Fort Worth zoo or support the zoo right at their website.

Different Places for Sightseeing

Sightseeing is very unique in the Arlington Texas area and there are many locations where you can go to see something. Some of the notable expeditions are Six Flags, River Legacy Foundation, and Arlington Skatetium. These sightseeing options are the best and are rated four out of five stars, so you really should go and check them out today.

There are a lot of places to golf in Arlington and there are some beautiful parks and gardens. It also has a lot of wildlife and nature, perfect for those touring who can't seem to get enough of the nature side of things. Those who wish to tour in Arlington will be happy to know that there will be millions of things to keep them – and their children – occupied. Take a trip by yourself, with a child, or with a spouse today. Since the tourist options are so wonderful, many of these options are beginning to fill up, so make sure to buy your ticket for a specific event before you go. Don't drive all the way to Arlington to find out the day you need to get into something that it's full!

Nightlife Is Awesome and Unique

Nightlife in Arlington is more unique than any other city out there. You have several different options if you want to go out and get a quick drink. Sherlock's Baker Street Pub, Cowboys-Arlington, Hyena's Comedy Club, Milo's Bar, Baby Dolls Saloon, Pump Sports Bar, and La Bare are just some of the wonderful and unique places that you can go and visit.

Luckily for all who wish to visit, nightlife is allowed in Arlington, Texas! It's one of the best places to kick off your shoes and go for a quick drink. The bars there are full of fun with a little touch of eagerness added to the side. You'll be sure to have fun in all of Arlington's nightlife bars or in whatever other nightlife you decide to choose in the city. Nightlife is commonplace in Arlington, so you certainly won't be alone if you're the type that can kick of their shoes and go to bed at one o'clock or two o'clock in the morning. Friday night parties are commonplace at the bars listed above and many other locations as well, so go get your nightlife dosage today.

Shopping and Fashion Is the Best in Arlington

Shopping and fashion is pretty impressive in Arlington. You've got Arlington Mall, Arlington Highlands, and The Shoppes at Brownstone Village, and dozens of other places to choose from. You can buy your western clothes, sports stuff, or anything you need at a local specialty store. Antiques are also allowed in Arlington and they have many stores dedicated to them such as Antique Connection, Antique Market of Arlington, Design Center, and Sampler Antique Mall. All of these stores are interesting to go to and look at if you are interested in the uniqueness of Arlington's antiques. The other stores are exciting to look at if you're interested in finding out what those in Arlington usually wear on a day-to-day basis.

Fashion in Arlington is impressive, just as it is in almost every other big city. If you can't be happy with fashion where you are, then you'll be excited to know that it's a great opportunity to look at what fashion other people are wearing in other parts of the great USA. Country-style fashion is commonplace.

Health Care Is Solid In Arlington, Texas

Arlington Texas is big on health care. You won't have to worry about finding a doctor here. Google boasts over 900,000 results for health care in Arlington Texas, so there's definitely no shortage of doctors and hospitals, and in a city of 300,000 plus, you can be sure to find medical care in an emergency or a stable, good doctor.

There are also plenty of urgent cares in Arlington, just like there are in any other city. Beauty is professional dress in Arlington. There are many beauty stores in Arlington if you wish to become more attractive than you already are. There are dozens of spas available in Arlington, Texas. Burt Grant Day Spa is just one of your lovely options to choose from. Escape Salon is another that you are sure to enjoy. A third is Ultra Beauty. Beauty is important to the residents of Arlington. There are also dozens of beauty schools for those wishing to get their degree in Arlington. Beauty and fashion are commonplace in Arlington Texas, so you can go there expecting to see some uniquely beautiful people.

Enjoy a Rich Variety of Places to Stay

The hospitality in Arlington is great, but let's face it: many individuals aren't just going to let you go into their homes. So what do you do? You do what you would do at any other location – you stay at a hotel. Econo Inn Lodge & Suites is one of the very cool and snazzy hotels in Arlington Texas. Kick off your shoes and call it home for the next week. Google users have rated it 41 times, making it sound very enticing. The hotel is carpeted has wall-to-wall carpeting and you can book reservations easily. They have special package deals available and accommodations. They also have a dozen restaurants nearby, all with great dining available. They also have wonderful rooms to host your next business meeting in.

Days Inn is another option if you're looking to travel. The hotel is just a quick getaway from downtown Fort Worth, so it's sure not to be a hard find. It's a little off the beaten path as well, so you don't have to worry about all the noise. You can also access stadium events from this location easily. One other choice is Holiday Inn, which boasts a luxurious swimming pool, reasonable rates and a fast reservation process. They have big and comfortable beds. They also can provide double accommodations, so you can share a room with your children. They have blackout drapes, television, microwaves, a mini-bar, and clock radios in each room. You will also get the unique opportunity to use the old, classic pay phone in the lobby.

Getting an Education in Arlington

Arlington is a city within the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area in Tarrant County, Texas. Residents in Arlington live in 4 different school districts: Arlington ISD is the largest and is followed by Mansfield ISD, Grand Prairie and Kennedale ISD. School districts in Texas don't necessarily follow city or county boundaries as school districts work separate of city or county government. There are 63,000 students attending school in Arlington Independent School District, which covers most of the city Arlington. This district was rated “academically acceptable” in 2009 by the Texas Education Agency. Four high schools in AISD participate in the International Baccalaureate World School Program. There are plans to offer this program in all high schools in AISD. The district is also the biggest employer in Arlington with more than 8,000 staff members. The second largest district is Mansfield Independent schools district with 30 schools. 22,000 students go to Grand Prairie school district and Kennedale ISD only has 5 schools, one of them in Arlington. Public education for special needs students and adult is also available. Many students also go to charter schools and private schools in the Arlington area.

There are three major higher education institutions in Arlington: the University of Texas in Arlington, the Tarrant County College and Arlington Baptist College. The University of Texas is a public research university that was founded in 1895, when it was a military academy. There are 31 doctoral, 74 masters and 80 baccalaureate degrees offered for its students. The academic staff has around 1,300 members. Most international students come from China, Taiwan and India. Tarrant County College is a community college with close to 40,000 students. Arlington Baptist College is a private Bible college with 150 students and 25 academic staff. This 4-year college is affiliated with the World Baptist Fellowship.

Transportation in and Around Arlington

Arlington area is serviced by the Arlington Municipal Airport which is a general aviation airport. It is located 4 miles south of Arlington. Closest passenger airport is the Dallas/Worth International Airport. It is located in Dallas and 12 miles from Arlington. It is the third busiest airport in the world with its 56,000 passengers in 2008.

Arlington with the population of 375,000 is the biggest city in USA that doesn't have a comprehensive public transportation system. A fixed public transport system has been rejected by the voters three times. Now Arlington has four different transit systems for different groups of people. Senior citizens as well as the disabled are being serviced by Handitran. Tourists travel needs are taken of care by hotels, which have a shuttle-bus system for quests. The University of Texas at Arlington has a system of shuttle-buses that service their students. Mission Arlington helps people with needs find transportation for work and other social service needs like childcare, tutoring and more. They take donations in the form of bikes and used cars, fix them up and give to people that need them. The Union Pacific Railroad's Texas and Pacific route also runs through Arlington. Two Amtrak routes and the Trinity Railway Express run through Arlington, unfortunately without stopping. Closest stations are in Dallas.

In 2008 the first bus service opened in Arlington. It is a commuter bus service operated by The Fort Worth Transportation Authority. It runs twice a day between downtown Fort Worth and two park-and-ride lots in Arlington. One way ticket costs $2.50 and the monthly pass $80. Children under 5 years ride free. Because of the lack of bus system, most people move around in their cars. There is also a variety of car hire companies available in downtown area and at the airport. Taxis are also available at taxi stops and in front of major hotels.

Government and Services in Arlington, Tex

Arlington, Texas has a mayor and eight council members. Elections are held each year in May. Each council member is responsible for a district in the city. There are currently eight districts. Council meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of every month, except for July when council goes on a break. There are no meetings in July. The council meetings are open to the public and held at 101 W. Abram Street Arlington, Texas 76004-0231.

Arlington Municipal Building is the local seat of government in Arlington, Texas. In 1948 the City-Manager form of government was adopted. This allows the City Council to ultimately function as the legislative body for the City. There is a wide range of opportunities to become in involved in the government by volunteering for one or more of the many boards. There is an Animal Services Center Advisory board which is made up of one veterinarian, a city official and three citizens at large. They help to oversee one of the animal shelters. The Arlington Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors is another one. This group consists of seventeen members, four of which are from the main entertainment attractions in the area. There is a large and varied group of boards to become involved in. If you are interested please visit which is the official government website.

New businesses are always welcome in Arlington. There are a number of government initiatives to get workers back to work. The “Texas back to Work” offers a wage subsidy up to $2000 if their business will hire out of work Texans. This is currently funded by the Texas Legislature. DowntownArlington.Org will give you information about all of the developments and projects going on in downtown Arlington. Arlington is also very serious about going green. The local government offers proposals and incentives for those businesses that choose to go green.