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Living in Dallas, Texas can be equaled to living in a rodeo; extreme cowboy country. It is the largest inland metropolitan city in the United States. Oil, cotton, agriculture and technology are major industries in the city. It was only in the late twentieth century that Dallas was transformed from an agricultural city to a hub of banking and insurance. Because Dallas, Texas is considered the ninth-largest United States city, it has been called a ‘Metropolex.' The city is the third-largest in Texas, so there are numerous jobs available. The overall economy of the city was hit by the recent recession. It has a rather high unemployment rate compared to the national average. A few of the largest employers include Raytheon and Wal-Mart.

Mexican cuisine is the norm all around Dallas. High end quality eateries include York Street, Sonny Bryan's, Lola's, and a plethora of other highly-rated establishments. Predominately, Dallas residents enjoy going out to eat at sit-down restaurants.

It is amazing, but just about every band or musician ends up making a trip to Dallas while on tour at some point. There are also a multitude of festivals and parties planned throughout the year. Some of these include Oktoberfest, State Fair of Texas and various holiday parades. Sightseeing and shopping are very popular tourist draws in Dallas, Texas. There are the Dallas World Aquarium, Worth Stockyards National Historic District, Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth Zoo, Mesquite Championship Rodeo and the list goes on and on. For a truly one-of-a-kind country experience, there is no place like Dallas, Texas.

Dallas City History: A City of Diverse Economic Successes

The city of Dallas, TX was founded in 1841 and formally became an official city in 1856. Dallas has played an important role in the promotion of telecommunications, petroleum industry, computer technology, transportation, banking and many other industries and sectors. It is regarded as the largest inland metropolitan area of United States. The city is historically well known for being the center of attention for industries like; oil industry, cotton industry and others as well. Before the foundation of Dallas it was considered as a small town situated in Texas.

Dallas is considered as a leading market for trading of drugs, books, jewelery and liquor. It is also famous for trading cotton, grain and animal's meat like buffalo. Later in the 20th century, Dallas transformed from an agricultural city to a city of banking, insurance and other businesses. So, now the city basically has increased the growth of financial sector. The development of technology has really helped this city grow to the greater extent. Although recession hit Dallas pretty severely but still the city has managed to build its own thriving industry. Now, you can see construction of various art venues, office buildings, residential buildings, etc right in the middle of the city.

Entertainment Options in the City of Dallas

Dallas is considered to be the ninth largest city of United States with a total population of approximately 1.2 million. Dallas is the large metropolitan city situated in the north of Texas therefore it is also called 'Metropolex'. Life is Dallas does not stop even when the sun goes down. This place has got something for everyone like; shopping at Knox Henderson and Northpark, luxurious dining at West End and Greenville Avenue, dancing and other sort of entertainment as well as day to day activities.

Sports is another famous aspect of the city of Dallas, TX, it is the home town of 6 professional sports teams associated with different sports namely basketball, baseball, hockey, football, soccer and arena football. Moreover, Dallas is also famous for Texas Motor Speedway which is responsible for holding yearly events like; NASCAR NEXTEK Cup, Indy Racing League etc. Apart from being a sporty city, Dallas is also regarded as an arts and cultural city. This indicates that it is a city rich of cultural values and heritage. The city life of Dallas is very relaxing and at the same time very enjoyable which attracts the attention of visitors to a great extent.

Job Opportunities in Dallas are Endless

Dallas is the third largest city of Texas state which means that there are also several job opportunities to accommodate the populated people in Dallas. People living here belong to different ethnic backgrounds and cultures which makes it a city filled with people holding expertise in diversified fields. The most amazing thing to discover is that the total unemployment rate of Dallas, TX is only 7% of the whole population. This indicates that the employment rate is actually very high in this particular city.

The average household income in Dallas is around 35-45000 US dollars, which is actually quite good to live off a medium standard life. Due to recession the job hiring process has been a bit slow in Dallas as well but still sectors like; education, health services, food and catering, etc are doing well when it comes to hiring new people. The overall economy is not that bad and it is still considered as one of the best places to live in the world. History indicates that Dallas was previously had agriculture as the biggest industry but now it has excelled to technological industry. Some of the biggest employers of the city are Wal-Mart and Raytheon. Besides job opportunities Dallas is also considered as a pretty accelerating market to start your own business.

Dallas: A Truly Unique Culinary Experience

Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine can be found in every corner of Dallas but if you want some sophisticated dining out, highly recommended places include; Lola, York Street, Sonny Bryan's, etc. Apart from that people here love steaks so you will find plenty of steakhouses in the whole city. One of the biggest steakhouse in Dallas is 'AlBiernat's', famous among old Dallas people this one is classic in its own way. Angelo's Bar-B-Que is another famous classic restaurant founded in the year 1958. If you like Italian cuisine 'Arcodoro' is the right place for you as all the ingredients are also imported in order to give it a more Italian taste. 'Aurora' (now NOSH Euro Bistro) is also a famous restaurant offering intimate Paris style food dining.

Another famous restaurant in Dallas is Tom Colicchio's 'Craft' , he has opened the second chain of his NYC restaurant in Dallas. Other famous restaurants and dining out places in Dallas include; Highland Park Pharmacy, Lanny's Alta Cocina Mexicana, Lola and many others. People of Dallas enjoy their food you will not see much of food on the go kind of things here. People tend to enjoy their meals by sitting together and having large delightful meals.

Music and the Arts in Dallas

Dallas is like a second home to many local musicians and performing artists. It seems like every single band makes a stop in Dallas while on tour. Some of the most popular festivals are organised in the city of Dallas. Festivels like; Oktoberfests, holiday parades, state Fair of Texas, etc are organised throughout the year. State Fair of Texas is the largest fair and show in the whole Texas state. It runs for 24 days starting from the end of September and finishes in the mid of October. Everything from carnival rides to live music shows are offered in the festival. You will find variety of good food, art shows, music shows in the month long festival. One of the major highlights of the whole festival is the annual Texas-Oklahoma football game.

One other family oriented event organised in Dallas is Oktoberfest which is organised in Southlake Town Square. There are a variety of activities for children, youngsters and adults to enjoy and have fun. Weiner Dog Race is one of the crowd's favourite events. Each year the Sundance Square Parade of Lights is held in the downtown Fort Worth. The parade features almost 100 illuminated entries and climaxes and also the lighting of the Fort Worth Holiday Tree. Some other famous festivals held in the city of Dallas are; Neiman-Marcus/Adophus Children's Parade, Cotton Bowl Parade, North Texas Irish Festival, Main Street Arts Festival, North Texas State Fair, Dallas Art fest, Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games, Highland Park Village, West End Comedy Club, etc.

Sightseeing and Touring Historical Sites in Dallas

Dallas has a lot to offer for sightseeing, it has got numerous shopping malls, museums, art galleries, monuments, etc to look around. Museums like Kimbell in Fort Worth, Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture centre, these all are famous for providing an excellent sightseeing. If you are planning to visit Dallas, make sure that you arrange a day's trip to Fort Worth's Stockyards. It is worth spending your time here and also arranging a night out in Sundance Square will be good for you.

Dallas is a city full of exciting things to see and look around. It offers many downtown attractions in the day time and a loads of good bars and restaurants are offered at the night time. Some of the famous art galleries and museums and other attractions in Dallas are; Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Bishop Arts District, Dallas Arboretum (floral display centre), Dallas Museum of Arts, Dallas World Aquarium (zoological garden), Fair Park, Worth Stockyards National Historic District. Fort Worth Zoo, Kimbell Art Museum, Mesquite Championship Rodeo (professional rodeo championship), Dallas Holocaust Museum (The Museum is located at 211 North Record Street, Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75202. It is open Monday-Friday 9:30AM-5:00PM and Saturday-Sunday 11:00AM-5:00PM) and many others. Hence Dallas has a variety of sightseeing options ranging from floral gardens to historical monuments and places.

Bars and Nightclubs in Dallas

Nightlife in Dallas starts as early as 11 pm before that the whole city looks like a bit lonely but in the night time the city never sleeps. Usually the nightlife in Dallas lasts for 4-5 hours, after 2 am the city starts to slow down so you have to squeeze out a lot of fun in a few hours time. There are many famous bars and restaurants offering you good quality of music and plenty of drinks. Places like West Village, Victoria Park, etc are fully packed with night crowds, people having fun drinking, dancing and everything else. Dallas people love to get dressed and in the night you will find them wearing best of their clothes while having fun.

Dance clubs are fully packed with people, people sitting in lounges looking good and having drink, etc. Hence there is something for everyone in the city's nightlife. Some years back it was not legal to buy a drink in Dallas but now the city's nightlife is powered by a variety of bars and clubs. You can find Deep Ellum's, Havana Bar & Grill and many other popular bars, clubs and restaurants in Dallas. One other thing that has been promoted in the nightlife of Dallas is a night at the theatre, this activity is becoming increasingly popular. One of the best theatre operating in Dallas is, Dallas Theatre Center.

Shopping & Fashion in Dallas: A Shopper's Paradise

Dallas is a home to many elegant malls and vintage shopping areas. The high-end streets are filled with tons of shopping retailers. Knox-Henderson and West Village are some of the places that offer a huge variety of savvy shopping options. You can find plenty of ultra modern boutiques and fashion houses throughout the Dallas. If you are an antique lover West End Historic District is the right place for you. Greeneville Avenue offers everything for fashion conscious people as well as shopaholics and many good restaurants as well. So, while shopping you can have a good lunch too. New Orleans of Dallas is a house for jewellery lovers and offers classic to modern designed jewellery.

One of the biggest shopping village of Dallas is Highland Park Village. You can find a variety of ultrachic boutiques, fashion houses and other fashion accessories just right here. Dallas also has got numerous elegant mall houses and shopping centres to offer. There is everything for everyone, if you are classic fashion lover you will find a variety of stores offering such type of varieties and if you are a funky fashion lover there are various options available for this type of fashion as well. So, whether it is jewellery, clothing or other fashion accessories, Dallas has got a lot to offer.

Health & Beauty: Spend the Day Pampering Yourself in Dallas

Finding a good quality beauty salon in Dallas can be a very tricky situation. You cannot risk your personal beauty into the hands of a person that you are not confident in. But if you do your research you will find out that Dallas offers a wide range of good quality beauty salons, hair salons, nail salons, health clinics, beauty clinics, etc. Dallas is a city of people who like to get dressed and look good. There are many treatment parlours and clinics that offer good quality services at a very affordable price. Looking good is every ones dream and it is a good thing to get yourself pampered once in a while. There are a number of beauty spas in Dallas that offer very reasonably priced packages to get yourself pampered.

If you are visiting Dallas for the first time, it is more obvious that you are not aware of the fact that where the good beauty salons and health centres are. There are many fitness centres that offer training as well as weight loss plans to help those looking for weight loss. Moreover, Dallas is also famous for cosmetic surgeries. There are various hospitals and clinics that offer cosmetic surgeries like; buttocks surgery, lip enhancement surgery, liposuction and other beauty treatments as well. There are variety of options available for both men and women when it comes to health and beauty. There are beauty salons and health clinics for men as well. Gyms are fully packed with men and women who are health conscious and want to look good all the times.

Discover Dallas Hotels

The great city of Dallas, Texas brings down-home cooking and southern hospitality to a whole new level with a host of hotels and inns to choose from. The city is home to the Magnolia Hotel Dallas. With its sophisticated décor, friendly staff and modern earth tone rooms, this hotel offers many reasons to stay. The building is a few blocks from the Dallas sports arena, home of the Cowboys football team. After enjoying the hotel amenities, quests can take in a play, catch a game, or visit the Dallas World Aquarium. Located in the center of the trendy and convenient Uptown, Dallas's premiere place for shopping, arts and culture, the Ritz Carlton Dallas Hotel is luxury at its best. For guests looking for upscale dining and accommodations, this is the place to be. The hotel is home to celebrity Chef Dean Fearing's award-wining restaurant, where American cuisine tops the menu for guests to enjoy. From spa treatments to being in the center of the city's greatest hot spot, this hotel offers nothing but the best. For people in search of a more quaint experience, Alla's Historical Bed and Breakfast will surely fit their needs. Built in 1927, this cottage-style historical gem is located just outside the city and blends the charm of its past with the modern excitements of Dallas. The spa accompanied by the personal attention of the innkeepers makes Alla's a great place to relax, step back in time, and delight in mouth-watering food. Dallas is filled with wonderful hotels, cozy inns, and southern hospitality that charms guests and makes them want to come back.

Education in Dallas

Dallas is the hub and center for most of the education that goes in the central southern United States area. The city of Dallas, Texas alone contains many schools, universities, colleges, trade schools, and other educational institutes. The Dallas Independent School District covers most of the city and the outer areas, and it houses many schools in its area. It is one of the largest school districts in the United States, enrolling over 161,000 students in its district, and the number continues to grow over the years.

The University of Texas is a public research college with many locations, but its main headquarters is found within Dallas. It offers over 145 different programs for a student to choose from in multiple different fields as well. Some of the fields covered at the University of Texas include the School of Arts and Humanities; the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences; the School of Economics, Political and Policy Sciences; the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science; the School of Interdisciplinary Studies; the School of Management; and the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

The university has also put forward a lot of effort into the researching of various different scientific pursuits. It has dedicated a great amount of its resources, including money and time to these pursuits. Most of its research centers in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science and the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics. Many of the advances that come from the research are devoted to space sciences, but also to the earth sciences as well. It also has a new addition that has great promise, The Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute, which from its name shows great research and education potential in the areas of nanotechnology, and has created its own advancements in this field.

Transportation in Dallas

Like much of the cities in the United States with the sheer size of the city and its populace, Dallas residents rely mostly on the use of privately owned cars for mobility. As such there is a great amount of roads, streets, highways and freeways that move throughout the whole of Dallas. The highways consist of interstates 20, 30, 35 east, and 45 that cut through and around the Dallas area. Its freeways consist of the hub and spoke style that you see in many cities. That is to say that they twist and a loop around which allows a driver to hop from one freeway to another easily enough without having to waste time and gas to move about the different paths. Of course to maintain all these stretches of road and highway are the different tollbooths and such scattered throughout the different paths.

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit takes care of and controls the majority of the public transportation that occurs in the city. Though public transportation isn't as prevalent as it is in some of the other cities, there is still a light railway system and a bus route system as well. As time goes on, the city is rapidly trying to expand these public transportation methods, adding to its rail and subway system and trying to add a whole trolley system as well. Two commercial airports serve Dallas: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Dallas Love Field. (DAL). The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the largest in the state, 4th in the US, and runs a lot of the busier traffics that come in. Though the Dallas Love Field does take a lot of the stress from it and some planes make trips to it instead of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Local Government Services of Dallas, Texa

City Hall in Dallas, Texas has a network of administrative departments which are responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the city. From the City Manager's office to the Public Information office, all city duties fall under one centrally governed system. The Dallas Judiciary Office heads law enforcement in the city and is supported by the Dallas Police Department and the work of the City Attorney's Office. The Court and Detention Services Department provides support to the whole system.

The Economic Development Department not only promotes business growth within the city but holds publicly available information on community development also. The business infrastructure of the city is managed by the Equipment and Building Services Department which works with the Sustainable Development and Construction Commission. This office is charged with ensuring an environment and ethic of longevity in all city development. The Office of Environmental Quality is responsible for maintaining a “green” Dallas and in connection with the Park and Recreation Department, preserves the natural habitats in and around the city.

Citizens of Dallas have a strong public transport network which is managed by the Public Works and Transportation Department whilst a clean and operational living standard is maintained by the Sanitation Services Department. Street Services and the Fair Housing Department ensure safe communities are accessible to all and the Community Services Department delivers and maintains the day to day needs of these communities. The Housing Services Department collaborates with them to give residents both support and information necessary in keeping communities sustainable. Go to the Public Information Office for information on all the city has to offer for tourist attractions and recreational facilities. For special events, the Convention and Events Services Department provides all of the details on the city's unique offerings, including the Dallas Farmers' Market.