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Memphis, Tennessee was nicknamed “River City” because of its close proximity to the Mississippi River. The city is home to Elvis' Graceland as well as Sun Studio, a recording studio that housed some of the most famous musicians, such as Ike Turner, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Memphis had a very lucrative cotton industry until after the Civil War. In fact, many of the residents did not want Tennessee to secede from the Union. The city of Memphis' cost of living is very low. The cost of living is predominately eleven percent below national average and the cost of utilities are very low as well. Memphis has a high unemployment rate compared to the national average. The city has a plethora of jobs that are on the rise, though. These include court reporters, pharmacy technicians, umpires, data communications analysts, health aides and many more. Memphis, Tennessee is home to a veritable smorgasbord of arts, entertainment and tourist attractions. There is something to do and see around every corner. Some of these places include the Children's Museum of Memphis, the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, the Mississippi River Museum and more. Each place has a rich and varied history that houses some of the greatest works of art in the country. A major tourist attraction, besides Elvis' Graceland, is the Memphis Zoo. The zoo is one of the city's most visited places within the past century. Memphis' culture and diversity are second to none when it comes to its purely Southern flair and hospitality

A Brief City History

The wooded river bluffs of Memphis were first inhabited by the Chickasaw Indians along the Mississippi River. The Chickasaws ceded the land in 1818, though a treaty gave them control on the bluffs. The city of Memphis was founded on the fourth Chickasaw bluff in 1819 by John Overton, Andrew Jackson, and James Winchester. They chose the bluff because it was a natural fortress against invaders and a natural barrier against the flood waters of the great Mississippi River. Moreover, the location was an ideal port and trading center.

Marcus, the son of James Winchester, was proclaimed as the first mayor in the city with a population of fifty. The Irish and Germans were the first immigrants of Memphis and were responsible for the early growth of the city. The new settlers opened businesses, and were greatly involved in trading and commerce. They built neighborhoods and churches as well. The slaves were brought to the city to construct buildings and roads. They were also dedicated in farming the land especially the cotton fields. The cotton trade became lucrative. Most merchants and common people didn't want to break away from the Union when the Civil War began, nevertheless the city was divided. Memphis encountered times of both prosperity and struggle, and those were the reasons for its rich history, but Memphis emerged successful and flourishing with beauty and great economy.

Living in the City

Memphis is a multifaceted hometown for the locals. From its different corners, the neighborhoods are just as amazing as this city. Living in downtown Memphis is a great life of fine dining, shopping and nightlife. It is scenically situated on the Mississippi River and is home to Beale Street. Midtown Memphis has vintage housing, diverse population of many races, boutique shops and more.

This is the hub for the gay and lesbian population as there are many gay nightclubs and bars. North Memphis or Raleigh is home to several areas for shopping with Raleigh Springs Mall. Businesses like car dealerships and automobile shops dominate Covington Pike. The South Memphis is one of the oldest parts of the city. This was the industrial hub of the city before but most industries and factories had closed. The East Memphis has numerous fine dining establishments and the most affluent residents live here with gorgeous homes in the Walnut Grove area. The ACCRA or American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association survey revealed that the overall cost of living in Memphis, Tennessee is 11.3 percent below the national average and the cost of housing is 22.1 percent below the national average. Memphis had the second lowest cost of utilities that is 14.1 percent below the national average. The cost of transportation is 6.5 percent below the national average. Hence, Memphis offers a low cost of living.

Employment Opportunities

Memphis is a place for jobseekers or newcomers for grabbing job opportunities as there are many available jobs in the city. The most popular companies in Memphis are FedEx, Medtronic, Tenet Healthcare, AutoZone and Pizza Hut. The most common occupations in Memphis include management, professional, and related jobs, 26%; jobs in sales and offices, 25%; and service occupations, 16%. Most of the workers in Memphis, Tennessee work for companies, about 13% are government employees, and the 5% are self-employed.

The Memphis jobs commonly listed are physical therapist jobs, occupational therapist jobs, assistant manager jobs, sales representative jobs, and registered nurse jobs. Memphis' leading industries are educational services, social assistance, and health care, 19%; retail trade, 10%; and warehousing, transportation and utilities, 10%. The following industries are in need of workers for catering services, food service contracting, hospitals, clinics and outpatient services, and special freight trucking. The average salary for Memphis jobs, according to government data, is $32,392 and the median household income is $33,244. The unemployment rate of Memphis is 10.7% and is significantly higher compared to the national average of 6.9%. However, jobs in Memphis, Tennessee have increased by 52%.

The fastest growing jobs in Memphis are court reporters, environmental engineers, pharmacy technicians, referees, sports officials, umpires, network systems and data communications analysts, fence erectors, motorboat mechanics, animal trainers, and health aides. The occupations in Memphis with the highest wage are anesthesiologists, internists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, general practitioners, pediatricians, psychiatrists, physicians, surgeons and others.

Famous Restaurants and Savory Cuisines

Memphis has a great selection of cuisines for every taste. This city is a home to excellent restaurants. Fusion restaurants are common here. These are just some of the best spots in Memphis that locals and tourists love. The French, African, Spanish and Cajun flavors are combined to create a unique and delightful taste. Amerigo – Memphis in Ridgeway has an impressive Italian cuisine with a Mediterranean and American twist to make it even more palatable.

This Italian restaurant has a cozy and upbeat atmosphere. The B.B. King's Blues Club in Beale Street was established in 1991. This is a well-known favorite in Memphis. The Bluefin is a fusion restaurant in Peabody Place. American, European and other choices are on its menu with Sushi as the diners' favorite. Bluefin is also a popular nightspot in Memphis. There are also choices of romantic fine dining restaurants in Memphis, perfect for dinner dates or a classy dinner with family or an important client. Erling Jensen is recognized to be the finest restaurant in town. The smooth music playing creates an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Best selections in the menu include grilled bison, rack of lamb and chocolate soufflé. Paulette's is another romantic restaurant with dim lighting and soft piano music. The specialty in this place is filet mignon. Dining in Chez Philippe is a memory to cherish. This is one of the most romantic among Memphis' restaurants. Fresh roses are the tables' centerpieces and the place is curtained with velvet. Chez Philippe offers a French-Asian cuisine.

Arts and Vibrant Entertainment

Both art and culture are revered in Memphis and the museums prove how the Memphis people value their past and the precious works and collections they have. The Art Museum of the University of Memphis is a small museum that houses Egyptian and African collections of artifacts like jewelry, masks, and even mummies. The Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art, formerly known as the Peabody Place Museum, is one of Memphis' secrets. Founded in 1998, the facility keeps the collection of artifacts and artworks including the Chinese art, contemporary Judaica, and many more. Permanent exhibits in the Biblical Resource Center and Museum include genuine artifacts and replicas of objects from the Biblical times.

A vast collection of paintings, decorative pieces, sculptures, African and Asian art pieces, and many more are kept in Brooks Museum of Art. Works of renowned artists like Renoir, Pissarro and Robert Henri are all displayed in this museum. Children's Museum of Memphis, Chucalissa Archeological Museum, Cotton Museum, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Fire Museum and Mississippi River Museum are other places to visit. These places will make the residents and visitors adore the beautiful city of Memphis, Tennessee along with its fascinating art and unique culture.

Tourist Attractions

There are several places in Memphis that should not be missed when a visitor or a family comes here for a vacation. The city offers many wonderful attractions and these ten are fascinating. The Mississippi River is United States' second longest river and the largest in terms of volume. This is the reason why Memphis is known as The River City and Bluff City. Moreover, canoe rentals, riverboat cruises and other water adventures are available. Beale Street is another site to check out. It is the most famous street in Memphis. This is the place to find Memphis souvenirs.

The Peabody Ducks are one of the most unusual attractions in Memphis. The AutoZone Park is the Memphis Redbirds' basketball stadium. This is considered as one of the finest ballparks in the country. Sun Studio is another place to see. This was Elvis Presley's, Johnny Cash's and Ike Turner's recording home. The place still functions as a recording studio today, but also has become an attraction to the tourist. The Memphis Zoo is a home to more than 3,000 animals and has been one of the city's most visited places for 100 years. Graceland is also one of the most popular attractions in Memphis. Visitors get to tour around the mansion of Elvis Presley and view his collection of automobiles and airplanes.

Night Escapades in the City

Memphis offers a vibrant nightlife filled with fun escapades whether going out with friends on a fine restaurant or café or running into several bars. Memphis has music clubs, gay bars, college bars, dance clubs and a lot more. Alex's Tavern is a family-owned pub since the 1950s. The bar has a jukebox that plays tunes all night, which proves the long history of this bar.

Perfectly grilled burgers and cheap beers are in this night-time haven. Students, businesspeople, visitors and locals will all like the atmosphere at Alex's Tavern. Beale Street Tap Room has a friendly Memphis atmosphere. This is one of the best locations to grab a beer and simply enjoy the River City. And for those not into beer, excellent and tasty dishes and other liquors are available for the visitors. Bobcat Bar & Grill is a pizza, beer and sports bar. College students would come here to enjoy cool beer and tasty greasy food. There are TVs for viewing local games while the others enjoy darts, pool and video games. Club 152 is the site for a night of dancing. The music played to keep the night alive is a mix of hip-hop, techno and alternative rock music. This is one of Memphis' best places to drink, dance and listen to music.

Fashion and Shopping Delights

Shopping is everybody's favorite, and in Memphis a great shopping experience is not deprived. There are several malls in the Memphis Area for shopping, dining, entertainment and searching for the latest fashion trends in the city. The Avenue Carriage Crossing has 75 shops with Dillard's and Macy's, and several restaurants. Oak Court Mall is a chic shopping center with Italian marble adornments and bronze sculptures. The mall is home to more than 60 shops and restaurants. The downtown hotspot for shopping, dining and fun is Peabody Place Entertainment and Retail Center having 17 shops, a movie theater and 14 eateries. The Raleigh Springs Mall has been refurbished and renovated and now has 70 stores. Southland Mall has more than 60 shops and restaurants. The Wolfchase Galleria has a massive chain of 130 stores and restaurants, and is anchored by Sears, Macy's, Dillard's, and J.C. Penney.

For unique finds, these are some of the shops in Memphis that offer something different. Wags and Whiskers are for dog and cat lovers. This is a store that offers jewelry, art, apparel, and gift items for the pet parents' pleasure. Inz and Outz is a unique shop that offers the largest collection of gay and lesbian items and apparel in midtown Memphis. Cosmic Closet is a unique store selling home furnishings and accessories. Intriguing, vibrant and hip furniture, lamps, artwork and other accessories are in here.

Beauty, Health and Fitness

Getting a relaxing treat after a long day of sightseeing around Memphis is good plan. There is no other great way to spend some time and grab that treat but to unwind and relax with a luxurious spa treatment. Memphis day spas provide excellent services to give guests ultimate relaxation. There are several spa treatments offered from massages to facials, threading and waxing. Some of these day spas offer hot stone massages which are more effective and helpful in loosening and relaxing the muscles compared to hand massages. These are some of the best day spas in Memphis to get pampered.

A Touch of Health is in Poplar Avenue and offers full-service. The place guarantees a relaxing escape from the busy city to a place of nice and quiet. Expert massage therapists offer Swedish, sports and lymphatic cleansing, which are rejuvenating options. Other available services include facials, waxing, and aromatherapy. Mona Spa of Well Being has technologically advanced laser systems for treatment and relaxing sauna treatment rooms as well. This is an elegant European day spa that offers soothing professional treatments for the satisfaction of every visitor and regular customer. Getting a great massage would relieve stress and prepare the body for another adventure in Memphis.

Experience Memphis Hotels

The heart of the Memphis city beats to life after dark; its rhythm lures people from all over the world to come and experience it. The hometown of Elvis Presley, this soulful place attracts many unique and charming hotels for visitors to choose from. The Heartbreak Hotel is dedicated to the memory of the one and only Elvis Presley. People come from all over to be a little closer to Elvis and explore his hometown. The hotel even offers a Graceland suite, with furniture and décor inspired by the King's home. The Heartbreak Hotel is a wonderful place to stay for guests visiting Graceland. The beautiful Peabody Hotel in Memphis with its southern hospitality, offers guests a unique charm. This grand historic hotel is only a short walk from many Memphis attractions, such as the Rock-n-Soul Museum, shops, and the always entertaining Beale Street festivities. Hampton Inn and Suite-Beale Street is situated in the heart of the city, where the nightlife bustles and Beale Street comes to life and vibrates along to its own unique beat. Guests are within walking distance to many restaurants, bars, and shops.

Enjoying the breathtaking views of a Mississippi sunset from the rooftop of River Inn of Harbor Town is a wonderful way to end the day. Harbor Town is an idyllic community neighborhood with beautiful homes and a nature trail, plus its home to the popular Miss Cordelia's market and deli. With warm greetings and exceptional amenities, River Inn of Harbor Town is a Memphis gem. Whether Memphis offers its guests relaxing, pampered accommodations or ignites your body and soul with music, the many unique and exciting hotels in the city make a Memphis stay all the more enjoyable.

Education in Memphis

Memphis City Schools (MCS) is in charge of running the school system and providing educational and vocational teaching in the city of Memphis. Currently, the MCS is the largest school system in the state of Tennessee and the twenty third largest in the nation. The MCS teaches all levels of school from elementary, middle, high school, and adult education.

The fastest growing occupations in the state are manufacturing, wholesale/retail trade, and positions in the health care industry. There is a need for educated adults to fill positions in these fields. Adults who are eighteen or older and who do not have a high school diploma or GED can enroll in Penn Foster High School (PFHS). PFHS is an online school that lets adult take courses and achieve their high school diploma.

Adult Education classes are quickly becoming popular, and through MCS run programs adults can take classes and courses to become certified an areas like carpentry, culinary arts, and business communications. The East Career and Technology Center, Messick Career and Technology Center, and the Telecommunications Center are only three of the eight career and technical adult Ed schools run by CMS. Certified programs run through these schools include art and design, automotive technology, cosmetology, welding, computer skills and applications and preparatory GED classes. The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Memphis is ranked number one in the nation among Computer Science Education. The school offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Applied Computer Science, a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science. Besides traditional colleges and universities, the city of Memphis has a law school, nursing schools, teaching training, EMT and photography classes, digital photography schools, and HVAC training. Memphis has a school for almost everyone who is looking to earn a graduate or undergraduate degree, a post degree certificate degree, or certification.

Transportation in the City: Memphis

The Memphis Area Transit Authority, better known as the MATA is the largest public transit operation in the state. The MATA runs busses, rail trolleys, and paratransit vans. Trolleys are a great way for tourists and locals to site see and visit popular downtown attractions. The trolleys make thirty five stops and are ADA accessible. Every Main Street Trolley station has a wheel chair lift and all Riverfront stations are ramp accessible making it easy and comfortable for the elderly and handicapped to ride.

People can ride into the past on Memphis; vintage trolleys. Vintage trolleys run on Memphis; Main Street, Madison Avenue, and Riverfront loop. Each vintage trolley has been fully restored and offers its passengers a nostalgic ride through downtown. The MATA;s fixed route services runs it;s buses and trolleys on fixed routes at scheduled times. There is good news for those who want to go green. MATA is the proud owner of eight hybrid busses and continues to try and do its part to combat emissions in the city.

MATA uses a paratransit system to assist riders with certified disabilities. Most busses and all transfer centers in the city accommodate those with disabilities. PCA;s or Personal Care Attendants are allowed to ride with customers who can not ride alone free of charge.

People who prefer to use an alternative to personal automobiles and public transportation can opt for a safe bike ride through the city. All bike routes are within the city proper and cover over sixty miles of city streets. Bike routes in Memphis appeal to both commuters and recreational riders. Each route is well marked. Some are basic going to and from different points in the city while others take riders on a tour of downtown.

The Mayor-Council Government of Memphis, Tennessee

The city of Memphis accepted a new charter that has changed their government to the Mayor-Council type of government. The City Council of Memphis, Tennessee is composed of a mayor, seven city councilors or district representatives, three Super District 8 Members and three Super District 9 Members. The Super District officials are elected at large, while the seven district officials are elected from their respective geographic districts.

The Charter of Memphis has a separation of powers in the judicial, executive and legislative branch. They have followed this democracy stated in the American Constitution. The judicial branch represented by the Memphis City Court System consists of three divisions. Each division has a Judge and a City Court Clerk. The judge is elected by the local voters. The Clerk is tasked to oversee the Traffic Violation Bureau. The mayor, who heads the executive branch, has the administrative power on the everyday operations of the local government. Each division in the Executive Branch is headed by a director who is appointed by the mayor. The directors are the ones who prepare the budget of their division. The council will have to approve this budget request. The Legislative Branch is run by the City Council and they are responsible for setting the tax rate, establishing law taxes, approving the budget, rejecting the budget and passing laws that could be of positive help to the community. Every second and fourth Tuesday of each month, the City Council meeting is held at 3:30 pm. It is commenced at the Council Chambers' City Hall. After the meeting, a Council Executive Session occurs at Room 501 of the Council Conference Room. The council meetings are archived. Also, the Committee, Executive and Regular Sessions are open to the public.

You can visit the Memphis City Council at 125 North Main Street, Room 514, Memphis. You can call them at (901) 576-6786 or fax them at (901) 576-6796. One can visit to learn more about how the government works, and its local members.