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Baltimore, referred to as the Charm City, is United States' largest independent city, and the largest cultural center in Maryland. The city is situated in central Maryland near the tidal portion of the Patapsco River. In order not to confuse it from the surrounding Baltimore County, Baltimore is also called Baltimore City. The city is a major seaport of the United States and is located near the major markets in the Midwest. The Inner Harbor of Baltimore was the former second-l0eading port of entry for the United States immigrants. Baltimore's Inner Harbor is now the home of Harborplace, a spot for shopping, tourism, and entertainment. Baltimore shifted to a service-oriented economy after a decline in manufacturing. Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins University are the city's largest employers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population in Baltimore in 2009 was 637,418, and the city's total area is 92.1 square miles, of which 11.3 square miles is water. Baltimore has a humid subtropical climate. The hottest month of the year is July, and January is the coldest. Baltimore is a melting pot of races of Non-Hispanic Whites, Black or African American, Native American, Asian, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander, and Hispanic or Latino.

A Brief History of Baltimore

The city of Baltimore was founded in July 30, 1729, and its name was derived in honor of Lord Baltimore, the Province of Maryland's first Proprietary Governor. In mid to late 18th century, Baltimore flourished as a granary for the Caribbean's sugar producing colonies. Baltimore was also a great contributor in the history of the American Revolution. Baltimore joined with other cities in protesting the British's Boston punishment by banding other traders not to transact business with Britain, thereby no import and export business dealings were done with Britain. In the war of 1812, Baltimore was called a “nest of Pirates” by the British troops.

They attacked the city of Baltimore's Fort McHenry near the harbour after they burned Washington, D.C. Known currently as the Battle of Baltimore, the American forces came out victorious by launching joint land and naval attacks. The local residents armed themselves when the British landed at Sparrows Point, and when they ran out of ammunition, they threw anything they could at the British troops, from pots and pans, and anything else they could get hold of. The locals and American troops fought hard at the Battle of North Point and killed General Ross, the British commander. Francis Scott Key was inspired by the naval engagement and wrote the poem “Defence of Fort McHenry,” which was later called “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which contains the lyrics to the national anthem of the United States.

Living in the City of Baltimore

Baltimore's nickname, Charm City, suits the place very well. The residents love Baltimore for its family-friendly atmosphere. The residents and visitors, single and seniors feel at home in this beautiful city. Many families and individuals are relocating to Baltimore to take advantage of the very nice views, opportunities, dining and shopping experiences. Baltimore City living is great for everyone with all of its magnificent attractions and neighbourhoods, enormous and popular art collections, symphony orchestras, theatres, convenience in public transportation systems, excellent healthcare, famous and superior universities and educational resources, historic parks, and several recreational activities.

Baltimore has more than 225 neighborhoods that offer great quality of life for newcomers. Sophisticated and upscale homes for high-rise living are available. There are many choices here that cater to the priorities and lifestyle of residents and those who wish to relocate. Baltimore is a home to many races, faiths, ethnicities and lifestyles. The city offers great shopping options from vintage stores to specialty shops to upscale boutiques. The city humbly appreciates its history, and offers arts and entertainment for the locals' and guests' enjoyment. Contemporary events that keep the city alive are abundant here. Residents get to experience awesome nightlife and delightful dining in the downtown Baltimore.

Baltimore Employment and Job Opportunities

Baltimore's economy was once focused on steel processing, auto manufacturing, shipping, and transportation, but now it has become a modern service economy. The city is continually growing as a hub for financial and business centers and health services. The most well-known companies are General Dynamics, SAIC, Johns Hopkins University, Washington Hospital Center, and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).

The most common careers in Baltimore are management, professional and related jobs, 29%; sales and office occupations, 23%; and service jobs, 19%. About 67% of the employed population work for the companies, and 18% work for the government and its departments, while 4% are self-employed. The jobs in Baltimore which are commonly listed include physical therapist, occupational therapist, registered nurse, software engineer, project manager, and clinical nurse III. The leading companies and industries in Baltimore, Maryland are mainly the educational services, healthcare, and social assistance, 25%; professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services, 9%; and retail trade, 9%. These industries are hiring most workers assigned in hospitals, clinics and outpatient services, catering services, outpatient surgery centers, and food service contractors. The average salary for Baltimore, Maryland jobs is $36,237 according to the government data. The unemployment rate in Baltimore is 11.4%, compared to the 6.9% national average. Since December 2008, Baltimore, Maryland jobs have increased by 8%.

The Famous Places to Wine and Dine in Baltimore

Baltimore brags of its luxurious dining spots frequented by politicians, tourists, and locals. The city's waterfront location is the provider of fresh seafood choices such as lobsters, crabs, and oysters; these are caught fresh from the Chesapeake Bay. These are some of the great dining whereabouts to satisfy the craving of different palates. Pisces is located in the Hyatt Regency and has one of the best views in Baltimore. The interior is decorated with a nautical-theme which is attractive and complements the delicious seafood cuisine.

The menu features a wide variety of choices from seafood to meats, served in contemporary style. Some of the best dishes include the Chesapeake paella; sautéed rockfish layered with crabmeat and pine nuts; and chicken and sausage. The simple and gratifying Ikaros is another restaurant to check out in Baltimore. This dining establishment serves home-style Greek cooking where patrons can enjoy and savor the delightful dishes of crisp fried calamari, tasty broiled fish, creamy moussaka, and other dishes that surely won't leave the diners hungry. The Attman's Delicatessen serves authentic New York-style delicacies. Their appetizing sandwich is stuffed with high-quality meats and cheeses, and served with a pickle spear. This place has been the locals' favorite for many years. Other mouth-watering treats can be found in the Salt Tavern; Helen's Garden restaurant, serving vegetarian meals that the vegans will surely love; Henninger's Tavern; Matsuri, serving Japanese favorites; Thai Arroy, which has heaping plates of Thai food; and Watertable.

Baltimore Arts and Entertainment

The Baltimore Museum of Art located along the Johns Hopkins University, displays an impressive collection of works from respected artists like Picasso, Matisse, Monte Cézanne, Gauguin, and van Gogh. To add more to the permanent 18th and 19th century American art collection, the large area of 16 galleries is overflowing with the best collection of 20th century Post-Impressionistic pieces, one of the country's exceptional collections. The American Visionary Art Museum is the only museum in the country that displays works by self-taught artists.

The Baltimore Maritime Museum is a place to learn about the amazing maritime history of Baltimore. The Maryland Science Center is one of the nation's oldest scientific institutions. The center features different interactive exhibits focusing on marine biology, physics and astronomy. This science museum has three floors, where the exhibits are all displayed. Among the very popular exhibits are the three-dimensional nebula models; voyage through the human body; the giant meteor hanging from the main hall's ceiling; and the exhibit that shows how microbes work. The kids will love it here. The planetarium, IMAX, and the observatory serve over 500,000 visitors each year. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main attractions in the Inner Harbor, and also one of the most interesting places to visit in Baltimore.

Best Places to Visit in Baltimore

Attractions in Baltimore leave tourists' and residents' hearts filled with fun and excitement. Great places await newcomers and visitors in Baltimore. Baltimore is a colorful city on the water and has many amazing activities for tourists and visitors of all ages. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is located in the Inner Harbor area which is an interactive aquarium providing visitors with hands-on learning activities. This is considered the United State's best aquarium and is definitely a must-see.

The amazing aquarium has a four-story tank where visitors can view the outdoor sea lion pool and the Marine Mammal Pavilion. The aquarium is a home to more than 14,000 animals. Children will surely enjoy the dolphin shows, exotic birds, laughing kookaburras, three-foot-long adult lizards, and grey-headed flying foxes. The Baltimore Inner Harbor is among the best attractions in Baltimore. This is one of the major seaports in the United States, and is also one of the most-photographed places in the city. The Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine is the site of the star-shaped fort that victoriously defended the city of Baltimore from the British battle during the War of 1812. This attraction offers exhibits of military and historical artifacts. The trail along the coastline offers glorious views of ships passing through the harbor. The Maryland Zoo is also a spectacular attraction in Baltimore. It houses more than 2,000 animals including exotic mammals, reptiles and birds in a huge, wooded area setting.

Baltimore Nightlife and Hot Spots

The excitement and fun in Baltimore doesn't end when the sun sets. There are many things to do at night. Tourists and residents can go and grab a dinner outside or take another fun and adventurous night outing with friends or colleagues. There are many places to go to keep the energy up, giving a nice experience of the nightlife in Baltimore especially for the international visitors. These are some of the hot spots for a great evening in Baltimore. Mt. Washington Tavern houses several bars and a dining room. The menu guarantees delicious and satisfying meals of steak, seafood, and pastas. If one wants to get a drink, the entertaining main bar has it. Paradox is an awesome club where hip-hop reigns.

Mostly, the patrons here are in their 20s. One can't resist grooving with the cool rhythms of the night. The Pur Lounge is a three-story intimate club with leather couches, short cubic stools, and coffee tables. The guests can go to the third floor where the dance floor is. The place offers great martinis as well. Ottobar is a concert venue and the patrons flock to hear and see live bands perform on a variety of genres like indie rock, folk, or hip-hop. The dance floor and the stage are on the main level, and the second floor has pool tables, a jukebox, and some comfortable sitting areas.

Baltimore Fashion and Shopping Districts

Shopping in Baltimore won't disappoint the tourists and locals. Those who love affordable or thrift shopping can go to the flea-markets, and upscale boutique fanatics can get some adorable items at the high-end stores in Baltimore. The window shoppers can also have a great time strolling in the huge malls in the city. The Harborplace and The Gallery offer an excellent shopping experience. There are more than 200 shops in the area from clothing, furnishings, Baltimore souvenirs, jewelry, and many more. Restaurants line the streets too to ensure that shoppers won't go hungry as they tour the place. Vintage clothing stores are abundant in Hampden, and thrift shops are also here. Affordable shopping makes the experience even more fun. The Village of Cross Keys has a collection of shopping outlets as well. Attractive, upscale boutiques are in the area.

Top-notch stores like Talbot's and Williams-Sonoma are here. Other shops are from local independent traders. Fell's Point on Shakespeare Street at Broadway has many boutiques and antique shops to satisfy the shoppers. The place got its name from William Fell, the shipbuilder who bought the land in 1726. Tourists and residents can also enjoy strolling at this historic district. Mount Vernon, Lexington Market, Broadway Market, and Cross Street Market are also other places to check out for best buys of specialty foods, local crafts and gourmet items that make adorable gifts for family, friends, and relatives.

Beauty, Health and Fitness in Baltimore

For a treat of beauty and fitness, there are many spa destinations and fitness centers in Baltimore to get a relaxing day after the many hours and days spent touring around the fantastic city of Baltimore. These are some of the best spas and fitness centers in the city. Baltimore Marriott Water Front Fitness Center offers state-of-the art facilities for clients like the cardiovascular equipment, treadmills, weight machines, step machines, free weights, and bicycles.

For women who want to look fabulous, Neal's the Hair Studio and Day Spa is the place to visit. This has been around since 1984. Today, Neal's has a great and reliable family of well-trained and creative hair stylists, aestheticians, makeup artists, massage therapists, and nail technicians willing to provide expert services to their valued visitors and frequent clients. Their services include haircuts, hair styling, permanent waves, manicures, pedicures, European facials, body waxing, body treatments, non surgical hair replacement, highlights/lowlights, and massage. Another choice is the Zina's Day Spa and Salon, providing full salon services in Baltimore. Zina's services include hair salon services, hair removal and waxing services, nail care and makeup services. They also offer herbal body detox wraps, slimming cellulite body wraps, seaweed body treatments, soothing mud body treatments, aromatherapy salt scrubs with steam shower, honey body polish, and sunless tanning with body polish, making it a great choice for the tourists and residents who want to be relaxed and get a makeover.

Baltimore, Maryland Hotels and Hospitality

If you are looking for a place to stay in Baltimore, Maryland you might want to consider The Peabody Court. The Peabody Court offers a unique hotel as it is an apartment-style building. The building is constructed in the Renaissance Revival Style, giving it a fun 1920s feel. If you are the kind of person who likes antiques, the antique row is only 3 blocks away. You can watch in an Orioles game, and the stadium is only about 10 blocks away. Another interesting thing to note is that the restaurant at the hotel is named George's for the three well-known George's namely Washington, Peabody, and Ruth. The Brookshire Suites offers a hotel near all the downtown attractions of Baltimore. The hotel provides a shuttle to take its guests to the city's top attractions such as the historic neighborhood of Fell's point and the National Aquarium.

If you want a hotel that is far from the hustle of the city, consider staying at the Mount Washington Hotel. This hotel offers you a peaceful place and a quiet sanctuary away from the busy city. Looking for ghosts? The Admiral Fell Inn offers ghost tours. It is located in the historic district of Fell's point. It is also located near local area attractions such as the zoo, opera company, little Italy, and the inner harbor. If you are looking to stay near Baltimore's Inner Harbor, you will have plenty of choices, and one of these is the Hyatt Regency. This hotel is located across the street from the harbor and is near the Maryland Science Center, Art Museum, and National Aquarium.

Getting an Education in Baltimore

When choosing what city is going to be your new home there are many things to consider depending on your current living situation. If you are a family or a college student the choice of where to go relies heavily on the education that is offered in the city. Parents want their children to go to good schools, so seeing how the elementary and High School's rank in the state and even the in the country are always considered. Same goes for the college student, though also what that school offers in terms of majors, specialties and of course tuition prices are also taken into consideration.

In Baltimore the elementary schools rank at 8 and 10 on the Maryland statewide charts. Not bad really considering that they have improved since last year, which suggests that elementary schools in the city in general are making an improvement. Something to keep in mind as a factor for the benefits to living there with children - there is the peace of mind that their schooling will not suffer with the move. These are public schools and not private schools. The High Schools are actually ranked as the top three in the state, so there is even more assurance that a child will continue to receive a quality education even during their High School years.

From high school there is of course college and with the University of Baltimore there is a definite benefit as that university is ranked among the top 100 schools in the whole country. The tuition is even moderate in terms of universities of comparable offered education. This is especially good for students seeking to go into law as University of Baltimore offers a very good legal course and schooling. For a considerable amount less than going to Harvard a student can still get a respectable law degree.

Getting Around in Baltimore

Getting about in major cities can be a pain, depending on your preferred mode of travel. While there are roads and highways as usual, most born and raised in bustling city rarely ever drive - finding taking public transportation to be more beneficial and cheaper. There is no need for extra insurance for riding a bus, taking a taxi, or train. No need to worry about gas and the continually rising prices. No fear of falling asleep at the wheel while driving home and possibly killing yourself and others in the process. Taking the wide variety of public transit that is available in Baltimore is likely to lessen the headache that is surely to arise from having to find a parking space and dealing with the other drivers.

There is even something known as a Water Taxi that is available in Baltimore. The Water Taxi is more creative and scenic means of seeing the city, so if you are in a rush you may want to consider taking a cab, train or bus. The Water Taxi takes people to all of the more popular sections and areas throughout the city. It's never quite a straight shot and there could be the chance for having to transfer. Still with the prices and the fact that once you pay for the day its good for the whole day. Families working on a budget could see this as a fun and entertaining form of activity that won't break their wallets. Traveling on the water is always fun and exciting for children, especially when they are young and have never traveled on the water before. The swaying gentle motions of the waves are sure to help put down even the fussiest of babies leaving the parents free to enjoy a nice quiet trip on the river together.

Baltimore, Maryland: Convenient Living in Charmed Ports and Harbours

From its foundation in 1729, Baltimore, Maryland is now popularly known as the "Charm City" vacation destination and is considered the biggest independent city with the largest cultural center in the entire State of Maryland, USA. Originally a port city with its north-central state location near Patapsco River and Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore City is now a major U.S. seaport in the East Coast and thrives around its Inner Harbour area which is a main tourist location. Various contemporary attractions combined with relics of the city's rich maritime history can be found in the Inner Harbour. These comprise of The Gallery and Harborplace shopping centers for the shopping enthusiasts, Port Discovery Museum and National Aquarium, and the latest sports stadium of the Orioles and Ravens for the sports buff, among others.

Built to provide immediate public service for both locals and visitors alike, the Department of General Services is responsible for the construction, repair and maintenance of over 200 public buildings owned by the city. Apparatus and vehicles for Baltimore City's Fire and Police Departments are readily available at the Fleet Management Division, along with over 5,400 other motorized vehicles for various purposes. The four divisions of the department, including the Energy Division, are committed to working hard to coordinate and provide energy-efficient resources, engineering and construction services for the city and its residents.

The local government of Baltimore, Maryland makes sure that every individual within their jurisdiction is provided with the services they deserve from government agencies, organizations, offices and establishments. Any complaints of abuse, waste, and fraud involving the government will be dealt with accordingly through the Office of the Inspector General located at 640 City Hall, 100 North Holiday St., Baltimore, MD 21202. In cases when one needs to contact a specific office or agency, the city's call center can be reached through (443) 263-2220 or 311. Life threatening situations that need immediate police, fire or medical attention will be given quick response by dialing the 24-hour emergency hotline 911.