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Boston, Massachusetts was a part of the original thirteen colonies of America. The people were such a pivotal part of the thirteen colonies that they, named Bostonians, rose up against British taxation and initiated the American Revolution. Boston is a major publishing hub with companies such as Little Brown and Company, the Beacon Press and Houghton Mifflin, to name a few. Book publishing is not the only line of employment available, though. There are major banking industries in the area that specialize in the financial fields as well as in the technological sector. Because of the diversity of employment types, the current unemployment rate is about a full percent below the National average. Seafood is a major deal in Boston since the city is right next to the Atlantic Ocean. One of the most popular places, Legal Sea Foods, boasts, with the Boston Examiner's backing, that they have been serving their signature chowder at every presidential inauguration since 1981. Another notable restaurant is the Union Oyster House. It has been in operation since 1826, the longest running restaurant in America. Tourist attractions abound within Boston. Some of the most popular include the two-and-a-half mile Freedom Trail, Boston Amphibious Duck Tour, Boston's Public Garden, which is the oldest in the Nation, and Sam Adams Brewery, to name a few. Of course, a trip to Boston wouldn't be complete without a visit to Fenway Park where the legendary Boston Red Sox play. Boston, Massachusetts is unparalleled in its rich culture and history.

A Brief City History

Boston was founded by the English Puritans in 1630. They were people from England led by John Winthrop. The Puritans landed on the Shawmut Peninsula originally named by the Native Americans who were the first inhabitants of this area. When the Puritans took over, they called this town Trimountaine until its name was changed after Boston, Lincolnshire, England. John Winthrop, Massachusetts Bay Company's original governor, preached the popular sermon “A City upon a Hill.” He spoke of the special covenant that the Puritans had with God and that the world would watch their actions. Boston became the home of 1,000 Puritans. Later, the dwellers of this place were called “Bostonians.”

The British attempts to take control on the thirteen colonies mainly by taxation in the early 1770s, led the Bostonians to initiate the American Revolution. Then, several battles occurred in and near the city. But after the Revolution, Boston rose up and became one of the world's wealthiest international trading ports. Export trades were done and the products were fish, salt, rum and tobacco.

Boston is popular for its significant contribution in the American Revolution. It has also played a major part in the nation's literary scene. It is a core of social reform, culture and educational achievements. Boston area is the former U.S. presidents' birthplace; namely John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John F. Kennedy, and George H.W. Bush.

Living in the City

The City of Boston takes pride in being known as one of the most livable cities in America. The city has 20 different neighborhoods, inhabited by more than 600,000 settlers. The residents have great advantage of the exceptional facilities in the city's hospitals, a colorful neighborhood and active business districts. There are different parks, community centers and libraries found in this glorious city. Boston is known to be a nationwide model in preventing crime as former U.S. President Clinton called it. The schools in Boston are growing stronger each year.

The city boasts of its strong economy and safe streets. It also has a diverse workforce. Boston continues to promote new enterprise all over the city. Companies discover new opportunities in industries particularly in urban communities. New infrastructure investments, purchasing power, and access to employees have helped form the city's framework for growth.

Residents in Boston find walking, and the subway as the most convenient ways to get around. Boston is known as “America's Walking City,” because the city earned the highest percentage with on-foot commuters. In the US Census of 2000, 13.36% of Boston commuters walked to work. Biking is also a popular and better choice in other cases. But there are also city buses and trains to get around; while others have their own cars. There are ferries and cruises as well to get to nearby places in the city.

Employment and Job Opportunities

There are different options for jobseekers looking for Boston jobs. The opportunities are for everyone regardless of particular field of expertise or interests. Even the out of school who are looking for career opportunities or those who wished for transition from current to a new career path are welcome in Boston. Although Boston is not a financial hub, it is a home to many banking and finance companies like the Sovereign Bank, Fidelity Investments and Bank of America. Because of these large companies, there are several employment opportunities in these sectors.

Publishing is also one of Boston's major industries. Those with professional experience in publishing industry can work in Beacon Press, Little Brown and Co., Houghton Mifflin and other publishing houses within the city. The city also has high technology companies. There are jobs available from information technology, design and manufacture of equipment in electronics. Boston ranks as the fifth in having an economy that is equipped towards new growth in the technology sector. Because of this, the city has become popular among skilled workers looking for jobs in this field. The employment in Boston got a little vague in 2009 when the unemployment rate rose to 8% from 7.7% in the month of March. The jobless rate climbed to 8.9% in April. The unemployment rate in Boston remains below the national level of 9.7%. In addition, new college graduates can find career opportunities in the city of Boston. HR recruiters have visited campuses to get them for long term employment. The average starting salaries in the Top 10 industries in Boston range from $20,000-$45,000. These jobs include accounting, engineering and educational services, retail and wholesale marketing, building and general contracting, consulting and financial services; food, beverage, and tobacco are also available. And government positions are accessible as well.

Famous Restaurants and Savory Cuisines

The city of Boston's rich history and continuous arrival of immigrants contributed to the rich selection of places to eat. There are upscale dining rooms and little eateries as well that are affordable on the budget. One of the popular restaurants in Boston is the Union Oyster House. This is the longest running restaurant in America which started in 1826. President Kennedy had a favorite booth here; now, the booth is named after him. Other famous persons have dined here as well.

Oysters make a hearty meal in this place. They also serve Lobster in many styles and sizes. The restaurant also serves steaks and chicken that is perfect for every palate. There are several others that become the diners' delight. Because Boston is settled on the Atlantic Ocean, there are many seafood restaurants all over the city. Legal Sea Foods is the top choice among seafood restaurants in Boston. According to the Boston Examiner, in every Presidential inauguration since 1981, the restaurant's chowder has been served. Tresca ranks the most famous among Italian restaurants located in Boston; famous not only for the food but because it is owned by Ray Bourque, a legend in Boston Bruins. Moreover, Pizzeria Regina has been in the business of serving its popular pizzas for more than 30 years already.

Arts and Entertainment

Boston is a great place for arts and entertainment. The city is home to the Opera House, Colonial Theatre, Wilbur Theatre, Shubert Theatre and the Wang, Center for the Performing Arts. Dance performances are Boston's cultural advantage. The Boston Ballet is renowned for its classical and modern works.

The popular Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops perform and play lighter and famous classics. The Boston Pops Orchestra was founded in 1885 and Arthur Fiedler is its longtime director. The orchestra performs popular music on a summer season at Symphony Hall and Hatch Shell if they perform outdoors. The Shear Madness Comedy Play that opened in Boston in January 1980 is in its 30 years of making Boston a fun place to stay. Shear Madness is recorded in Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running play in American Theatre history. Shear Madness have played over 12,000 performances in three decades. The play is filled with spontaneous humor and is unique every time it is seen. More than 9.2 million people have seen Shear Madness around the world and more than 1.8 million in Boston. The productions of Shear Madness worldwide have been translated in 11 foreign languages. Shear Madness has made 60 productions already.

Tourist Attractions

Boston offers its visitors a unique experience to relive history, explore museums and must-see sights and attractions. The Freedom Trail is a two-and-a-half-mile walk. This makes tourists get acquainted with the city, and to see all the historic landmarks taking the three hours walk on the trail will make the leisurely pace worth it. A fun sightseeing activity can be experienced also in the Boston Amphibious Duck Tour. Another place to visit is the Boston Public Garden which is the oldest botanical garden of the nation. Taking a ride in a Swan Boat is a very nice experience. The Swan Boats were invented by Robert Paget in 1877. The Swan Boats can be used from mid-April through mid-September only. The pond is open to ice skaters when winter comes.

Fenway Park is another place to see; it is the historic home of Boston's Red Sox. Boston's Museum of Science at Science Park has over 400 interactive displays that the children will really adore. The Virtual Fish Tank, IMAX Theater and the planetarium can be experienced here. For a glimpse at a small brewery, Sam Adams Brewery is a place to be. The New England Aquarium is one of Boston's famous family attractions. The Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area has 34 narrow isles and the tourists can explore these by boarding on ferries from Quincy and Long Wharf.

Night Escapades in the City

The city is not really famous by extreme nightlife. The bars and clubs usually close at 2 A.M. unlike New York where a party has just started. The favorite clubs and bars are The Black Rose, Jacques, Avalon, Top of the Hub, Scullers Jazz Club, and Green Dragon Tavern to name a few. But there are still many options for an adventurous night-out in Boston. There are sophisticated lounges in Boston downtown hotels. There are several music clubs as well. Boston is rich in sites with live music suited for every taste. The Middle East, T.T. the Bear's Place and Paradise Rock Club are among the places that showcase nightly local band performances. A unique night-out experience would be to go for an overnight camping trip in Boston Harbor Islands.

The season for camping is on the months of May through October. The Bank of America Pavilion is a fabulous destination for a night of performing arts. On the evenings of May to September, the site showcases various music performances like jazz and rock and roll. Taking a stroll in the Boston Harbor Walk would be another option if the night show is not preferred. Taking a bike ride would be a great adventure at night.

Fashion and Shopping Galleries

Boston's famous version of New York's Fifth Avenue is the Newbury Street. This is shopper's paradise as the entire street and surrounding areas are popular boutiques; from upscale fashion like the Chanel and Neiman Marcus to tiny specialty shops. There are jewelry stores and shops that have been here for many years already. Shoppers can get great bargains at Filene's Basement. This is one of the landmarks in Boston. The store since 1908 has been helping shoppers experience great buys on designer clothes.

Shoppers can make a memorable stay in Boston by visiting Macy's. This is located at the heart of the historic city. There are different designer fashions to choose from. And the whole family can enjoy their shopping here. In the Downtown Crossing section, there are stores like the DSW Shoe Warehouse, TJ Maxx Marshalls, and H&M. Higher end stores like the Thomas Pink, Johnston & Murphy, and Talbots are also in the downtown. Boston's diamond district is a place of jewelers and diamond traders that sell pieces of jewelry at wholesale prices. Faneuil Hall is also a favorite shopping spot. It has a collection of chain stores like Banana Republic, GAP, American Eagle, Victoria's Secret, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Coach, Swatch, April Cornell, FunUsual, Nine West, Bostonian and more.

Beauty and Fitness Centres of Boston

Mandarin Oriental in Boston is recognized as the only Five-Star Spa in Massachusetts awarded by Forbes. Mandarin Oriental has highly trained therapists who approach guests holistically. The spa treatments begin with relaxation in heat and water experience. The Mandarin Suite offers an exclusive spa experience for couples. High-tech fitness center and Spa Café are also here. Mandarin Oriental is a 16,000 square-foot fitness center and spa with signature treatments. There are nine treatment areas of which five are deluxe treatment rooms with personal showers. The Fitness center has state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, Kinesis Wall and movement studio. There are several spas and beauty salons around Boston. The most popular search in the city includes La Dolce Vita Salon & Day Spa, G2O Spa & Salon, Beaucage Salon & Spa and more. Lynn Beauty also offers health and personal care services needed for every resident in Boston to stay healthy and look good. The city has a variety of places for beauty and health maintenance. There are also outdoor classes offered by some organizations in Boston to keep a healthy lifestyle. The classes are held in parks and attended by teenagers and young professionals or anybody who loves can join the classes for free.

Discover Boston Hotels

Historic charm and modern living abound in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. This city is filled with vibrant hot spots and wonderful hotels to enjoy during a visit here. Visitors will enjoy the character and modern, elegant style of the Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro. It is home to an array of fine wines and organic cuisine found at The Bistro restaurant. With a great location near the Theatre District, Downtown Crossing shops, and the Charles River Esplanade, guests have plenty of dining and entertainment choices. People looking for a convenient way to explore the city can go on Boston Harbor Tours or ride the Old Town Trolley. Beacon Hill's quaint atmosphere caters to exceptional and intimate hospitality; ensuring guests are happy during their stay, and will want to come back again and again. The beautifully decorated, famous Lenox Hotel is in the heart of everything Boston has to offer. Fine dining, quaint shops, museums, arts, and culture are all within a short stroll of this environmentally friendly, lavish hotel.

With exceptional hospitality and enchanting elegance, guests will savor their stay here. Encore Bed and Breakfast is within walking distance to the Museum of Fine Arts, and Symphony Hall. From spring until fall, visitors can enjoy browsing through the vibrant farmer's market in Copley Square. Encore's delectable breakfast, inviting staff, and historic location entice visitors to stay and enjoy the city. Boston's rich history and New England charm is a haven for beautifully appointed hotels and exceptional hospitality. The perfect vacation spot, visitors will be continually entertained and captivated by its many area attractions.

Education in Boston

When most people think of Boston, they think baked beans and picture the Red Sox taking the field in Fenway Park. What most people don't think of, especially those who don't live in the city is Boston's education system. Boston has multiple public schools from elementary, middle schools, and high schools. The city also has over sixty private kindergarten through high school private schools, several boarding schools, and over thirty-seven colleges and universities.

Students in Boston's public schools must meet certain standards to pass from grade to grade and to graduate from high school. The Boston School Committee follows a program called the Citywide Learning Standards. Students at each grade level and in every subject area comply with a different set of standards.

The education system in the city of Boston strives to make sure every child, no matter their skill level, gets a fair education. Each public school has its own Resource/Learning Center services for children with physical and learning disabilities. These services are structured to meet the needs of children with disabilities and offer small classroom sizes for more one on one teaching. The city has three schools geared toward children with disabilities: the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the Carter Development Center for kids with significant cognitive delays, and the McKinley School for students with severe emotional or behavioral disabilities.

When it comes to college, Boston has over 100,000 college students. College and universities range in size and specialization. Students can attend undergraduate or graduate schools, as well as broadcasting, journalism, healthcare, nursing, and accounting schools, just to name a few. The three top colleges in Boston are Boston University in Boston, Harvard University in Cambridge, and Cambridge College also in Cambridge.

Transportation in Boston

The MBTA, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, is one of the most used forms of transportation in the city. People who use the MBTA can ride the rails, the bus, subway or the T as most locals call it, and boats or ferries into and around the city.

Bicycles are allowed on every mode of MBTA transportation. The MBTA suggests consulting its website to read its rules and regulations about bicycles. It is also a good idea to check out the website regarding holidays and certain events when bicycles are not permitted. If you've ever ridden the MBTA immediately after a Boston College football game lets out or during a similar event, you know the MBTA fills up fast and is overcrowded with no room to spare for bicycles.

Service animals are always allowed on the MBTA no matter the holiday or event. Non-service dogs are not allowed to ride the train during peak hours. It is up to the train operator during other times whether or not domestic animals can ride the MBTA. If the operator does permit non-service dogs on the MBTA then they must be leashed and be well behaved. These animals are not allowed to take up any seats or be held near the exits of the subway.

Boston's paratransit program is called THE RIDE. This program is only for people who can not use regular public transportation due to a physical, cognitive, or mental disability. People who use THE RIDE should expect to share rides with others.

Besides taking the MBTA into the city, boats and ferries make a fun ride that not every city is able to offer. Commuter boats and harbor ferries can take you across the harbor to destinations like Logan Airport and the aquarium. It's best to check the MBTA website for boat routes and schedule times.

The Local Government of Boston, Massachusetts

In 1630, Boston, Massachusetts was incorporated as a town. It was only in 1822 when it was incorporated as a city. The city government and the active city neighborhood both played a major role in the development of the town. Boston's local government is composed of a Mayor and a City Council. Also, different departments, agencies and commissions were created to assist the city council is serving the townspeople and in developing the city further. The mayor is the one who appoints these boards and commissions.

The City Council serves as the Legislative Branch of the Boston government. It is the link that connects the Boston citizens and the administrative government. The City Council has the responsibility of filing the legislations and enacting ordinances, resolutions and orders. It is also tasked to analyze loan orders and appropriations. The City Clerk's Office assists in the everyday activities of the city agencies. The City Clerk is also the Clerk of the City Council. As the parliamentarian, he or she presides over the Council meeting to make sure that the proper procedure is met during the official proceedings.

In Boston, public participation through meeting the City Council in public hearings or in their respective offices is welcomed. To let the officials know your stand on certain issues and ideas, you can go to the City Hall to personally meet up with the Councilors or their representatives. Their office schedule lies between 9am and 5pm. Appointments are all you need to reserve a spot to meet the leaders. You can also send your testimonies and comments by mail. Address it to the Boston City Council Boston City Hall 5th Floor, Boston. You have to add an extra line which contains the word, “ATTN,” followed by the committee name and topic of interest. You can also mail the councilors at Personal e-mail addresses of the councilors are also found on the Boston government official site at