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Located on the west coast of the United States, Tampa is a beautiful city thriving with opportunity and has been the ranked 5th place by Forbes as the best outdoor city in the country. It is not only beautiful—the city has a rich history and a prominent arts and culture scene making it a gem among American cities. The city has a great infrastructure with many developments currently taking place within the city. Companies are expanding at a greater rate and many large corporations have based their headquarters in this thriving city. The weather in Tampa is sunny and warm. People flock to the beaches year-round and it is fast becoming not only a preferred city to visit, but one to live in also. The current population residing in Tampa is 343,890 and growing yearly. Whether you want to retire or start a family, this city caters to people from all walks of life. Tampa has some interesting figures that have caught the imaginations of their city for many years. The pirate, Jose Gaspar, is only one of these prominent figures in their history and every year residents celebrate the famed pirate's life by holding a celebration where the residents run rampant in the streets and a pirate ship sails the coast of Tampa, spurring them on.

The Origins of Tampa, Florida

The Spanish discovered this area only a few months before the Americans claimed the area as their own. The Spanish moved toward eastern Florida while America set up bases to protect their newly acquired land from outsiders. One of the main reasons why Tampa has become the city it is today is due to mining opportunities that became apparent in the nearby surroundings. That coupled with growth of the shipping industries, led to the rapid growth of the city. The city continues to grow and now, more than ever, companies and major corporations are establishing themselves within the city limits of Tampa, Florida.

The pirate, Jose Gaspar is a prominent figure in the history of the city. He spent years plundering ships on the coast of Tampa when one day, he mistook a U.S. Navy Warship for a merchant ship and attempted to plunder it. The battle that ensued left was just about to overpower him when he jumped to his death and disappeared into the ocean. His treasure was buried along the coast of Tampa by his crew but, to this day, it has never been found. Residents of Tampa honor him in a festival that takes half a million of the city's citizens to the streets, joyously reenacting the pirate's legacy.

Living in Tampa

The city is fast becoming one of the most popular places to visit in the United States. With sunny, warm weather and friendly, welcoming people the Tampa area is a must-see for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxed beachside holiday. Many who visit the Tampa area are persuaded to move there for many reasons. The economy of the city is strong and growing ever stronger. Companies are expanding and the infrastructure is going at a rapid rate. The schooling systems are great and the city is not only a beautiful city, but the cost of living is very affordable.

This is probably one of the many reasons more people are choosing to retire to the city of Tampa, Florida. Many retirement villages are opening up and those that have been established are flourishing. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly nature of the city makes it something unique and unforgettable. Tampa is popular not only due to its economic prosperities, but also due to the fact that it is a well-rounded city with many attractions. There are constantly a variety of activities awaiting families and individuals alike, from museums to zoos; restaurants and clubs and a medley of cultural and educational facilities where people can go to experience something new and exciting.

Working in Tampa

Tampa has an unemployment rate of 7% which is only slightly higher than the national average. This thriving city is fast becoming a major corporate hub where employment rates are on the rise. Opportunities for employment are better now more than ever and many sectors are constantly looking for new and dynamic personalities. As companies continue to expand and others are expanding into the city itself, employers are hiring more and more people by the day. Depending on your interests, finding employment in Tampa is an exciting option. Whether you want to be involved in the corporate race or would prefer a more relaxed vocation, a variety of options are available to you in the Tampa area.

Contacting one of the employment agencies in the city might be the best option when looking for employment in the city. They will be able to find what best suits your needs and qualifications and place you in the best position possible. Starting your own business in Tampa might be the best investment you ever make. The city is continuously growing and opportunities are abundant in the city. Whether you want to start a small family business or grow into a large corporation, Tampa is a great place to start. After all, many Fortune 500 companies are now based in this thriving city.

Dining in the Cigar City

Tampa offers a variety of restaurants catering to every individual palate. Whether you are looking for fine dining or a casual and relaxed atmosphere to simply enjoy a meal, Tampa has many options available to choose from. In Tampa there is something new to experience every day. P.F. Changs is an Asian restaurant that caters to families in the area of Tampa. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable and the prices are affordable. For a good, well priced taste of the oriental, visit them on your next trip to Tampa.

When visiting the area of Tampa, Florida, a trip wouldn't be the same without visiting the renowned Hooters restaurant. If not for the food, go simply to be able to say you've been. Men might appreciate this sports-bar more than women. The Cheesecake Factory in the Westshore District is another unique dining experience Tampa city has to offer. They have diverse drinks and food menus as well as a deliciously decadent dessert menu. The Acropolis Greek Taverna can be found in Ybor City and they specialize in traditional Greek cuisine. Not only will you be able to experience the decadence of the Greek nation but you will also be conveniently situated within Tampa's renowned Latin Quarter.

Experiencing the Arts in Tampa

The Tampa area has an amazing repertoire when it comes to the arts. The city is thriving and citizens get to enjoy a variety of theater, dance, and musical productions as well as visiting one of the many museums located within the city. To experience this, you need only to look past the more serious side of the city into its heart where you'll find the city's great appreciation for the arts.

With so many choices at your disposal, you will find it difficult to choose one of the many places to visit in the Tampa area where the arts are concerned. The Tampa Museum of Arts is located in downtown Tampa and has a variety of artworks on display. Their collection ranges from Roman and Greek antiquities to photography, paintings, sculptures and much more. When visiting the Tampa Museum of Arts, is would be best to contact them ahead of time in order to be informed of the upcoming events. They hold a variety of exhibitions which are continuously changing and it would be a good idea to see if an upcoming event interests you or not. Tampa's Straz Center is a truly magnificent experience for those interested in the Broadway Series. They have a variety of acclaimed events, concerts and performances on show and their production of grand opera is internationally acclaimed.

What to See and Where to See it: Sightseeing in Tampa

There are many places to go in the Tampa area should you decide to spend an afternoon or two sightseeing in the city. Depending on your tastes, you may decide to spend an afternoon enjoying the variety of beaches, lazing on the edge of the ocean, basking in the sunshine or you may decide to explore some of the more renowned areas of the city.

The Lowry Park Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. They offer a wide range of animal life on view to the public. They are also ranked the most family-friendly zoo in the entire country, making it a great option for families with little ones in tow. The Big Cat Rescue is another of Tampa's delights and you can get up close and personal with the king of the jungle. They have a variety of rescued cats which the public can view. Their acquisitions are those that have been rescued from various fates. Some have been bred as pets and others were about to be slaughtered for their skins, but all these cats have been saved and given a permanent home within The Big Cat Rescue. The Salvador Dali Museum is a definite must-see in the Tampa area. Here you can view the artist in all his glory as they display his work for public viewing. Here you can learn about the man and the artist and it is a thrilling experience for any art-inclined individual.

After Hours in the Cigar City: the Bars and Nightclubs in Tampa

The nightlife of the city is as varied as the people living within the city walls. You can find anything from the more elite to the relaxed and casual. Depending on whether you are looking for a place where you can get fine dining or whether you want to just spend the night playing pool and hanging out with your friends, Tampa has a variety of clubs and bars you can visit. The Chase Club has a more relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a few drinks while listening to good music. The place is not very big but with a few friends you can turn a dull evening into a laughter filled night, with karaoke included.

Skippers Smokehouse is a club and restaurant with a sand-filled dance floor and a relaxed party atmosphere. The food is said to be fantastic, but what people really go there for is the novelty of dancing barefoot while listening to a variety of rock bands. The place is extremely casual so if you are not looking to get dressed up, this is definitely the place for you. For some live music in a more elegant setting, The Blue Martini is a great place to visit. Their specialties consist of various types of martinis which you can drink at your leisure while taking in the ambience of the contemporary décor. The historic Ybor city, which is seen as Florida's Latin Quarter, has no end to the variety exciting events taking place. A visit to Tampa would not be the same without visiting this historic place.

Shopping in Tampa, Flori

There is no end to the shopping facilities available in the Tampa area. For those interested in retail therapy and fashion, the Tampa area offers a selection of malls where you can spend your hard earned money to your heart's content. International Plaza is one of the many shopping malls in Tampa city. It offers a wide range of shops as well as dining and entertainment areas. Whether you are into fashion, gaming, books, or jewelry, International Plaza almost certainly has what you are looking for. Westshore Mall is another place where you can meet all your shopping needs. Boasting a variety of prominent brand stores as well as entertainment and dining areas, Westshore Mall is the perfect place for any shopaholic.

Florida in general is a place where fashion dictates lives. Like any major city in America, teenagers and the elderly alike regard fashion very highly. Due to the warmer climate, keeping up with the latest beach wear might be your biggest problem when visiting this beautiful city. Any other fashion disasters can quickly be negotiated at one of the various malls located within the city. A quick trip to any one of these malls and the variety of fashionable clothing stores that litter their lined walkways will put an end to a bad wardrobe.

Looking Good and Staying Healthy in Tampa

Tampa has an extraordinary healthcare system which is easy, accessible, and highly regarded within the community. Not only have their medical facilities been rated as one of the best in the world, but the research that is done within these facilities contributes to the wellbeing of the community in many ways. When it comes to beauty, the Tampa area offers a variety of salons and spas which will cater to your every need. They are easily accessible within the city and their contact details can be found in telephone directories and on the internet.

One of the more exotic spas is called the Tahitian Inn Hotel Cafe and Spa. Not only is the building itself stunning, but they provide an excellent range of services including massages therapy, nail care, and much more. Indulgence Day Spa is one of the more esteemed spas in the Tampa area. They provide specialized treatment that concentrates on the needs of every individual client and will be able to cater to your specific problem areas. Glow Day Spa is another of the many spas that specialize in health and wellbeing. They concentrate on organic products, ensuring a more enriching and natural day spa experience.

Where to Stay in the Cigar City: Hotels in Tampa, Florida

Sailport Waterfront Suites are one of the many hotels situated in the Tampa area. This hotel offers stunning views of the ocean while their suites are not only clean and comfortable but they are also very affordable. Intercontinental Tampa is also a good choice for visitors to the Tampa area. With beautiful views and close proximity to various entertainment venues such as theater, art, and concert halls this is one of the better hotels in the city.

The Grand Hyatt is also located in Tampa and here you will discover more than just a conference hotel. The beautiful views and the great service will soon have you returning to Tampa for a second visit. The food is Caribbean and Italian based which adds to an interesting and exciting experience when visiting this more esteemed hotel. With a more relaxed atmosphere, the Doubletree Guest Suites, Tampa Bay is a gorgeous hotel overlooking the Old Tampa Bay. The view is delicious and the guests are welcome to make use of their facilities such as the pool and the gym. Their hospitality is wonderful, making you feel truly at home in this luxurious and relaxed holiday destination. Sipping cocktails on their deck, overlooking the mangrove-wetlands of the nearby nature reserve, one can glimpse passing dolphins and manatees—a truly incredible experience. The range of hotels is endless when looking to visit the Tampa area and many are only a stone's throw away from public transport and exciting sightseeing locations.

Go to School in Tampa, Florida

Known as one of the biggest universities in Florida, the University of South Florida has almost 45,000 students attending every semester. It is within the top 63 public research schools in the country. There are approximately 78 colleges in Tampa. These include community colleges, and technical colleges. The University of Tampa is a smaller university for the liberal arts. Its campus is only 100 square feet and it barely has 5000 students. Classes are small but this is one of the factors that allow this private college to have such a high retention rate. Many people want to go to college in Tampa because of the allure of the beaches, but once they get there they stay for the quality of education.

Tampa, Florida is home to one school district, Hillsborough County Schools. The district is made up of 171 schools ranging from elementary to high school. There are public schools, private schools, and charter schools. The district is dedicated to excellence in education and puts special interest into preventing bullying, and making sure each child succeeds on their way to a bright future. One good thing about the Tampa Public school systems is that they practice a lenient attendance policy. Where most places would be strict about making children attend the elementary school in their district, Tampa allows you to choose a different school if you feel your child has been placed in a mediocre one. This is a big draw for parents who do not wish for their children to be tied to a school they will not do well at. Tampa has a well rounded school district that seems to care about the future of their students.

Get Around in Tampa, Florida

Most of the articles and reviews that I have read about Tampa, Florida give the impression that it doesn't really put transportation very high on its priority list. The most reliable form of transportation is the taxi service. There are however, a couple of public busing systems in place that help people get around. There is a transit system that runs through the week, a cable car, and a trolley system. This is helpful to the people who are residents that can make it to the bus stops. The government in Tampa is actively working on a plan to improve the transportation system in Tampa.

There is a historical site called the Tampa Union Station, which is now controlled by Amtrak. The Tampa Union Station was built in 1912 and was a successful railroad. The railroad had several tracks, but the only one that is used for Amtrak is Track 2. It is a piece of transportation history that tourists can experience during their stay in Tampa. Another type of transportation in Tampa, Florida is provided by way of seaports. There are now 4 Cruise Lines running in the Tampa area. One of the newest ships due out in 2011 will be the largest passenger ship they have had to date. Folks who want to get some good wings and see some hula-hooping can ride the Channel Side Express. It is free to ride and only has a few stops. The highlight is that since it is sponsored by Hooters, you are guaranteed to end up there.

The DOT has stepped up the protection of people on foot traveling through Tampa, Florida as well. The area had a higher than usual pedestrian accident percentage in the past few years, so the DOT wanted to make an effort to bring this number down. Posting officers to keep their eyes out for jaywalkers, and violators of the pedestrian right away law has helped cut down on this number. So if you were planning on walking in downtown Tampa as your means of transportation then you can feel a little safer.

Tampa Florida - Government

Government functions are handled by the City Clerk's office at city hall located at 306 East Jackson Street. All operations pertaining to city government are handled here. The City Records Division of the City Clerk's office handles public records such as deeds, notices and official documents. Various boards and agencies also report to the City Clerk and are housed here.

The Department of Arts and Cultural Affairs operates the Tampa Convention Center near downtown Tampa. This department also oversees five art studios allowing free access to tools and space for various art forms; various art exhibits and displays throughout the city and the Tampa Museum of Art. This department also maintains the Cultural Arts District in downtown Tampa.

The police and fire departments handle public safety. There are three police districts and a Special Operations Group that handles traffic enforcement, special events and patrols city parks. Each district is separated into two sectors totaling six patrol units spanning the city. The fire department operates 21 fire stations across Tampa. Fourteen Advanced Life Support transportation units and 20 non-transport units are spread throughout those stations. The fire and police departments also cover marina and airport operations.

The Parks and Recreation Department oversees 165 parks divided up into eight categories. The department maintains two marinas, seven dog parks, 14 pools, 19 community centers, 79 playgrounds, 107 ball fields and 194 multi-purpose courts within the 165 parks.

The Tampa-Hillsborough Library Cooperative operates the library system. There are three central libraries in the county with one located at 900 North Ashley Av. There are 26 branch libraries within the cooperative located throughout the county and the city.

Tampa public transportation is maintained by Hillsborough Area Regional Transit. Bus routes criss-cross the city. There is also a downtown trolley operated by HART. Located throughout the county and in parts of Tampa are five transit centers equipped with restroom facilities, phones and vending machines.