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Sacramento is the state of California's capital. This place is located in the western part of the United States. In addition, this popular city is the country's most integrated, according to the well-known Time magazine in the year 2002. This city is also the seventh largest city in California. Sacramento holds an estimated population of four hundred and eighty-six thousand, one hundred and eighty-nine people as of the year 2010. This bustling city is Sacramento County's seat, and it is situated in California's massive Central Valley near the Sacramento and American rivers. There are many outstanding businesses and landmarks in this city as well as renowned universities such as the California State University. This remarkable city is the core or center of culture and economy of El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, and Yolo counties known collectively as the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Sacramento has a few nicknames such as the River City, Sac-town, and the Big Tomato. Its motto is “urbs indomita”, which means Indomitable City. It is also called the Capitol City. There are lots of things that one can do in this wonderful city. A traveler does not need to go too far to enjoy and relax at the same time.

Sacramento's Rich History

With the help of James W. Marshall and a Swiss immigrant named John Sutter, Sacramento grew from a humble beginning to the landmark capital city it is today. With protection from Sutter's Fort, which was established during the late 1830s by John Sutter, Sacramento began to flourish. During the famed gold rush of California, the city of Sacramento became a major point of distribution. It was also used as a center of agricultural and community activities, as well as a terminal for such transportations as wagons trains, coaches, the Pony Express, boats, and the First Transcontinental Railroad. Southern Maidu and Plains Miwok Indians populated the area that would become Sacramento for an unknown period of time, which is thought to be thousands of years ago. They were gone before the birth of Sacramento and did not leave much evidence behind them. They had eaten a diet consisting of fruits, seeds, roots, and other plants indigenous to the area. Sometime between the years 1799 and 1808, Gabriel Moraga, an explorer from Spain, “discovered” the Sacramento River and Sacramento Valley and named them as such. A member of his exploring party, who was a writer, described the land and its beauty in great detail, likening it to the Holy Sacrament. Thus, the valley and river became known by the names we call them today.

Life Today in Sacramento

One of the things that Sacramento was well known for was its Chinatown. During the mid 1800s, when China was involved in the opium wars, many immigrants from China were driven to America. A lot of the immigrants came to California looking for a better life and gold. The history of Chinatown is full of racial prejudice and hardships. However, the Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed during the year 1943. Only a few remnants are left of Chinatown in Sacramento today though the city now recognizes the immense contributions that Chinese Americans gave to the community. The city now takes much pride in its diverse ethnic residents, racial harmony, and overall open-mindedness. Under Spanish rule, the capital of California had been Monterey up until the year 1849. At that point, it was decided that the new capital would be San Jose. However, the California State Legislature relocated to Sacramento in the year 1854, and the city was established as the permanent capital of California in 1879. The California State Capitol building, built in Classic Revival style, is still fully functional and a beautiful landmark of the state. Other popular landmarks include the Tower Bridge, which was erected in 1935, and the Big Four Building, which was constructed in 1852. There are a vast amount of places to see and things to do in Sacramento. There are historical landmarks to visit, modern entertainment to take in, and much more. There is also a rich diversity in cultural activity, due to the city's population of people of various ethnicities. Races with the highest concentration are Caucasian and Hispanic, with high numbers of African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and many more.

Finding Work in Sacramento

The city of Sacramento is still growing in population, due in part to continued immigration. In the ten years between 1990 and 2000, the numbers rose 14.7%, and according to the Census bureau, the population throughout Sacramento County increased by almost one hundred and sixty-four thousand. This is somewhat surprising, considering that the county's military bases have shut down and the area's agricultural efforts are declining. However, the state government remains the city's biggest employer by far even though recent times have seen budget cutting, layoffs, and other troubles due to the economy problems nationwide. The city has put forth many efforts to keep its state agencies within the city's limits. The typical median income for a Sacramento is $37,049, while the median income for families is $42, 051. Just over 15% of families are living below the typical poverty line. The city's unemployment rate is just over 8%. The number of jobs in the city has decreased since late 2008 by about 2%. Some jobs in Sacramento are more popular than others. Some popular companies which are regularly hiring are Home Depot, Starbucks, and Intel. Thirty-four percent of jobs in the city are in managing and professional occupations, followed by sales and office jobs at 24%, and 16% in service jobs. It is estimated that about 62% of residents are employed by companies. Twenty-three percent work in government and 6% are self-employed. Some of the most common jobs are in therapy, clerking, and supervising.

Local Dining Establishments

As can be expected in the nation's most integrated city, there are a wide variety of eateries both ethnic and mainstream. There are a great deal of restaurants for cuisine from around the world, as well as general American food and specialties indigenous to California and the Sacramento area. The Tower Bridge bistro is one of the best-rated eateries in the area. Overlooking the historic Tower Bridge landmark, this establishment offers American and Mediterranean food that is prepared in stone ovens and over open-flame rotisseries. This popular restaurant offers convenient online reservations. For some authentic Japanese cuisine, try the sushi bar at the Mana Japanese restaurant. This moderately priced eatery offers a relaxing environment to its customers. The El Novillero Restaurant is a go-to for authentic Mexican dishes. Including everyone's traditional Mexican favorites as well as some specialty dishes, this high-rated restaurant provides a moderately-priced, casual environment. For some of the best seafood around in an upscale environment, try visiting Scott's Seafood Grill & Bar. Serving a variety of sea foods including oysters on the half shell, this restaurant offers online reservations for the convenience of their customers. Another dining establishment offering online reservations is the Bidwell Street Bistro. Serving French cuisine in an upscale environment, the Bidwell Street Bistro features an on-site full bar.

Entertainment and Fine Arts in the Sacramento Area

The Sacramento Area is rich in interesting landmarks and cultural entertainment. Besides Sutter's Fort, the oldest surviving area in the city is Old Sacramento. This preserved area offers rides on historic steam trains and is definitely classified as a tourist attraction. The historic buildings and cobbled streets have been restored and preserved. Sacramento is also a prime area for theater. The area has the largest number of community theaters in the state, including the River City Theater Company, Magic Circle Theater, Big Idea Theater, Light Opera Theater of Sacramento, and the history-filled Eagle Theater. The Community Center Theater is host to such prestigious acts as the Sacramento Opera, the Sacramento Ballet, and the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra. There are also outlets for visual arts and museums, as well. Sacramento features an art walk every month and multiple major museums. The oldest public art museum in the area, the Crocker Art Museum, is one of the most well known and prestigious. An expansion of this museum is presently in progress. Other renowned museums include the California Museum for History, Women and the Arts, the California State Railroad Museum, and the Sacramento History Museum. Every year, the city celebrates Museum Day with 26 museums offering free admission.

More Sightseeing in the Capitol City

There are endless sightseeing opportunities in Sacramento, California. Whether in the form of historical landmarks, modern entertainment, sports, or museums, there is always something to do in the city. There is something for everyone. One of the national historic landmarks in Sacramento that should not be missed is the Eagle Theater. Reconstructed but in its exact historic location, the Eagle Theater was established during the year 1849. It was California's first permanent theater, and it is located in historic Old Sacramento. For car enthusiasts, the California Automobile Museum is a great place to visit. Featuring a collection of more than 160 classic autos, race cars, hot rods, and some of the earliest models are displayed in the 72,000 square-foot museum. Educational and entertaining, the California Automobile Museum was the first museum just for automobiles. The Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra performing in Sacramento's Community Center Theater is the leading orchestra of its kind in the state. When the Sacramento Symphony shut down in 1997, the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra was created in its wake with most of the original Symphony members. This high-caliber, professional Sacramento orchestra is a joy for visiting music lovers. There are many opportunities to see other musical artists both in the local and international scene from every genre.

Sacramento Nightlife and Hot Spots

There are a wide variety of interesting and fun-filled places to spend a night out in the Capitol City. From intimate bar settings to energetic, flashy nightclubs, Sacramento is home to many different nightlife hot spots. There is sure to be something for everyone. One popular club is the Avalon Bar and Nightclub. Offering young hipsters a classy experience, this beautiful spot features a wooden dance floor made of Brazilian cherry, banquet seating, booths, and a trendy bar. Often featuring live bands both local and international, the music is an eclectic collection of hits everyone will love. One of the hottest clubs around with the industrial, underground feel of a renovated warehouse is the Empire Events Center, which boasts cutting-edge lighting and video features. Offering four bars and private lounges, the upscale clientele of the Empire Events Center can enjoy live music from big name performers and entertaining contests. The experience offered by Faces is varied and always a pleasure. This enormous club offers a fireside lounge with a patio bar for relaxation, a video bar, and a main dance floor inside where lovers of any kinds of music and dance can gather for a good time. The enclosed outdoor patio is perfect for hanging out and perhaps meeting a special someone. For a trendy, fashionable experience, KBar features a main room with a large bar, plasma screen televisions, a lounge and smoking patio, and another area with a large dance floor, separate bar and state of the art lights. This club provides a great experience for clubbers of any age.

Fashion and Shopping in the River City

There are many places in Sacramento and the surrounding areas for all types of shopping. From malls to small outlets and boutiques, one can find nearly anything within the River City. There are many big name retailers to be found in the area as well as locally owned specialty shops. There are multiple malls and shopping centers in Sacramento, including the Arden Fair Shopping Center, which features an assortment of 165 major and specialty shops. Many special boutiques, upscale resale and consignment shops, and large retailers can be found in this area. Some of the upscale resale shops include Cuffs in the midtown area and the United States Clothing Boutique, which both feature a large selection of used, new, and vintage trends. These shops are both located midtown and are highly rated with the area's budget-conscious fashion lovers. There are a good selection of typical big name retailers in the Sacramento area for the convenience of residents and visitors. These include stores such as Nordstrom, Macy's, Sears, JCPenney, and more. There are also plenty of name brand outlets available for new women's fashion retail, including Ann Taylor Loft and Dara Denim. Outlets for men's and children's fashions are easily found as well. Any type of fashion outlet needed can be found in Sacramento as well as any other type of shopping imaginable.

Capitol City's Health and Beauty Situation

Sacramento is home to innumerable places for the upkeep of health, hygiene, and beauty. Since therapy of both mental and physical varieties is one of the most common jobs in Sacramento's economy, it is no surprise that the city features many opportunities for personal upkeep. There is a large variety of treatment centers, therapists, spas, clinics, and other health-related businesses in the city. Though day spas are typically thought to be a female-oriented activity, there are spas available to accommodate men and children as well. Sacramento is host to many different types of day spas, including the Spa De Beaute, Blade Men's Salon, Barber and Spa, Medispa, and Tru Urban Spa. A spa day can be the perfect solution to health and beauty-related problems caused by the stressful events of daily life. Diet and weight loss centers abound as well for residents who are conscious of maintaining their good health and body image. Establishments such as the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center, Azzano's Personal Fitness Training, and LA Boxing are maximum effort resources for men and women to maintain their health and appearance. There are also various medical, nursing, and fitness training schools in the area for those wishing to pursue careers in these fields. There are also a variety of salons and massage parlors in the area for relaxation, hygiene and beauty upkeep. Some of these include Magic Massage, Ambrosio Skin Care, Tu A'Lainn Salon & Spa, and Details Salon. Sacramento is home to everything that its residents and visitors could ever need.

Hospitable Hotels in Sacramento, CA

Tourists can visit Sacramento anytime; however, if they want to enjoy the parks, museums, and zoos in the city, they better skip the rainy month of January. There are many beautiful places to behold and tasty restaurants to try in Sacramento. Leisure travelers will surely enjoy the scenic places in the city, complemented with excellent accommodations in the Sacramento hotels. Shopping at the Point West Business District and California Expo Fairgrounds are conveniently accessible from the Doubletree Hotel Sacramento. The hotel rooms come with balconies and Internet access. The guests are provided with complimentary breakfasts and weekday newspapers. An on-site restaurant and outdoor pool are also available for the guests. During a leisure time, one can visit the many city attractions located 10 miles from the hotel. Another accommodating and affordable place to stay in is the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel. This hotel features recreational facilities like the fitness center, an outdoor heated pool, and sauna. The rooms are well decorated and fully equipped. Complimentary daily newspaper and breakfast are provided for the guests. The Vagabond Inn Executive Old Town features multilingual staff, airport shuttle, complimentary services, and many more. This hotel has 108 guestrooms and the 24-hour front desk is always available for the guests. Rooms have television with premium cable, high-speed Internet access, and free local calls. The TownePlace Suites Marriott Cal Expo features fitness and recreational amenities, business center and meeting rooms, and laundry facilities. The hotel has 118 well-furnished guestrooms. The affordable Holiday Inn Hotel Sacramento is located 15 minutes away from the Sacramento International Airport. Shopping, dining, recreation, and night hot spots are just a few blocks away. Another good choice is the suite-style property near downtown Sacramento. The Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Sacramento offers affordable rates for families who want a budget vacation.

Where to Go to School in Sacramento, California

The school district in Sacramento, California serves over two hundred thousand students. There are a total of sixteen districts in Sacramento, California. The districts are overseen by the Sacramento County Office of Education. This office assists the schools with instructional support, and encourages staff development. They are a huge resource for the Kindergarten through High School students in the Sacramento area.

There are plenty of charter schools in Sacramento. Some of them are new, but most of them are transformed from public schools. The transformations are funded by the public, since charter schools are part of the state's public education system. Despite the large size of the school systems in Sacramento, the average class size is only around twenty-five. There are a few different colleges to attend in Sacramento, California. MTI Vocational College is one of those choices and is also the number one technical school in Sacramento. There is also a continuing education college for adults wanting to go back to school. The Learning Exchange Sacramento is a college that offers classes, seminars, and other adult education sources. Sacramento State College is another option available for continuing education. They focus on helping busy adults get the education they need to improve their lives.

California State University at Sacramento is a larger college that has over one hundred programs to offer. The three hundred-acre campus is home to over twenty-eight thousand students. The University also offers distance learning programs and part time continuing education for busy adults. There are twenty colleges in Sacramento California, ranging from Christian schools to culinary institutes.

How to Get Around in Sacramento, California

The transportation in and around Sacramento is in good hands with the Sacramento Transportation Authority. They are responsible for improvement efforts and getting the funding to make them happen. They also head the Freeway Service Patrol, which helps eliminate traffic jams by being quick responders to minor traffic incidents. They have a team of tow trucks that patrol the five main highways to be able to jump in when there is a problem. They are able to work with the Sacramento DOT to ensure that transportation is running efficiently and is being constantly improved. The Super Shuttles are present in and around the airport to get you from the airport to your hotel and back. They are known throughout California for their blue shuttles and excellent customer service.

The choices for transportation in Sacramento are similar to those of other California cities. Some of the services offered are Amtrak and Greyhound, as well as several public transit systems. The Para Transit Service is specifically operated for disabled individuals who cannot take advantage of the regular bus routes. The Para Transit Service operates in the same general area with the same hours every day. It is only a five dollar fare per round trip. They are handicap accessible and equipped with all of the necessary lifts and ramps. Another unique transportation option Sacramento has to offer is their CTS Event Transport. They are available for corporate events and large shows to shuttle large groups. They provide bus services, limo services, and car rentals. They have special packages for weddings, proms, and other special events. They pride themselves on being able to take care of your transportation needs so that you can relax.

Another option for seeing the sites of Sacramento is the Sacramento Regional Transit Service. They have two separate operating systems for commuters and tourists. The fixed routes have a predetermined route they follow every day. These routes use the larger, thirty-foot buses. The other part of the Regional Transit Service, Neighborhood Ride, has both fixed routes, and a curb to curb service. You can make reservations to ride the Neighborhood Ride route a day in advance, and it will get you where you need to go.

Government Services in Sacramento, California

The City of Sacramento's location, weather and quality of life are just a few of the reasons that make Sacramento a great place to live, work and visit. Sacramento also has a range of helpful services provided by the mayor's office, city council and local government. They can give you advice on the best way to plan a visit or convention, where to find a guide to local museums, or the way to the Sacramento International Airport.

You can contact the City council and find out about the Mayor's Go Green Challenge. Alternatively, you could take a look at the master plan for the city's parks and make your comments. The Sacramento council offices, including the Mayor's office and all the utility departments, are located at City Hall, 915, I Street, Sacramento, California 95814. You can also contact City Hall if you need information on transport routes, the availability of attractions such as the Sacramento Zoo, the California State Capitol museum, Fairytale Town and a list of hundreds of other things to do. Sacramento has grown massively over the last few years and many more business opportunities now exist. The recent Downtown Sacramento Redevelopment and Railyard Redevelopment plans are just some of the areas where the City is looking to make business more attractive.

The local government offices are there to provide emergency services and keep the city clean and safe. They aim to offer a well-planned and growing community that provides a wide variety of cultural, educational, business, entertainment and recreational opportunities. Major plans and projects for Sacramento can be accessed on the website or you could visit the Community Development Department or the Sacramento Small Business Center in person. To find all of the information available regarding the local government offices, you should visit the official website at You can call 311 or click on the web page link to learn about all the available services, report problems and obtain general information.