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Long Beach California is located on the Pacific Coast in Southern California. It is about 20 miles south of the city of Los Angeles but still in Los Angeles County. Long Beach has long been best known for its port access. It is one of the largest commercial shipping ports in the world. It also entertains a large number of luxury cruises and is the permanent home of the Queen Mary. Long Beach is the second largest city in L.A. county and feeds off the larger metropolis, hosting fairs, an electric beach population, Broadway shows and much more. There is oil industry and drilling that fuels the urban part of Long Beach. On the other extreme, Long Beach has one of the largest and most attended Gay Pride parades in the world. It has fine dining with fresh seafood for the people who don't make it to the renowned Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. In recent years, Long Beach has developed into a town rich in hip-hop, being home to infamous rappers like Snoop Dogg. It has also been named the most walk-able city in the country and is an affordable alternative to LA to get the West Coast So Cal experience.

The City History: Long Beach and its Long History

Long Beach has been inhabited for over 10,000 years. The first settlers on record were the indigenous Tongva. Spanish settlers came in the 16th century and displaced the indigenous people. The land was given as a grant to Spaniard Manuel Nieto. It included three precious adjacent properties called Rancho Los Alamitos and Rancho Los Cerritos. Rancho Los Cerritos was sold first to a Northerner who had relocated to the area, and then to Llewellyn Bixby, to be managed by his brother, Jotham. Their cousin, John Bixby, became involved with the Rancho Los Alamitos land that was closer to the coast and is responsible for developing the land abutting the ocean.

Jotham later bought into the Bixby Land Company himself and is also known as the father of Long Beach. William Willmore bought some of the southern territory. He designed and started what he called Willmore City. He was under-funded and unprepared to manage the community, so his efforts failed. The Long Beach Land and Water Company, which was a group from Los Angeles, stepped in. They incorporated the little community and changed the name to Long Beach in 1888. Also in the mid-1880s, competition arose between the two railroads now in the area, Santa Fe Railroad and Pacific Railroad. That resulted in lower prices and a boom in visitors to the Long Beach coast. Real estate was sold quickly both before and after incorporation. Agriculture was the main industry until oil was discovered in the 1920s. There is now drilling off the coast. The port traffic began to be focused in Long Beach in the early 1900s and has stayed constant; it is still the second busiest port in the U.S. Long Beach suffered great structural damages in the earthquake of 1933 and was again under siege during the Los Angeles Air Raids of 1942, after which the Japanese population was removed and placed in internment camps. The Asian population never recovered and most of the Japanese who returned went to San Pedro.

Living in City: Flowing in and out with the Tide

Long Beach's population has been ranked one of the most diverse in the country. The large gay population is welcomed and at home among one of the areas with the most same-sex couples and the second largest Gay Pride parade in the world.

California State University opened in 1949, and is one of the school's most popular locations with its proximity to real urban grit, the beach and all kinds of parks and businesses. The cost of living is so low compared to Los Angeles that it tends to get a more real, relatable crowd that loves the atmosphere and climate without the added pollution, traffic and star gazing. Living by the large port and the amazing beaches keep new and different people and influences flowing through all year round. Each and every visitor (the ones who leave) takes some Long Beach with them and leaves a little something behind. The eclectic and transient population has resulted in a town where anyone can find something to fit their whim, from every type of restaurant imaginable, to extensive art galleries, funky hipster gear, spa pampering or any outdoor activity to fit your style.

Great affordable urban living in Spanish style houses by the beach. Long Beach living can encompass the best of both worlds, city and surf. Public transportation is clean and reliable and now even connects Long Beach with L.A. via the Metro Blue Line. The apartments are living and dog friendly. Besides the dog parks, dogs are welcome at beaches, cafes and in the annual Halloween Dog Parade.

Job Opportunities: The People and the Port

The unemployment in Long Beach was 7.4% as of the middle of 2010, which was slightly above the national level. There is a large student population that is not counted in employment studies. Only about 14% of Long Beach workers are government employees, the rest are employed by private companies.

The largest of these are Boeing, Verizon, GulfStream and Bragg. The oil industry is a large employer as are the docks and shipping companies. There is always an active hospitality industry and jobs there range from lifeguard to waitress to travel agent to high class concierge. The City of Long Beach has been working to entice more startup businesses to the area and offers incentives like full support, help finding financing, and assistance with expediting required permits.

Restaurants & Food: Reasonable Ocean Side Dining

Downtown Long Beach is a haven for the dining adventurer. There are over 100 restaurants in an 8 block radius that range from bar food and wings to all types of international cuisine, world class seafood and local California style cooking. One of the most popular places to get a unique dining experience isn't really in Long Beach at all but at sea on the Queen Mary. Aboard the Queen Mary, there are several spots to dine in restaurants styled like the Queen Mary at sea in the 1930s with authentic cuisine and an atmosphere to give a total experience of the luxury of the cruise ship's heyday.

Pine Avenue is the center for fine dining in Long Beach. Every type of cuisine imaginable is served on this main thoroughfare. Most cafes have outside patios where you can dine with your pup during the day, or enjoy a late night bite and live music at after dark. Belmont Shore's Stroll and Savor event is a great time to visit if you want to try the local fare. One weekend a year, visitors can eat Thai, Indian, Lebanese, Japanese, Greek, Italian, seafood, steakhouse, vegetarian and more from over 30 restaurants located on and around 2nd street for $10 only.

Arts & Entertainment: Uniquely Long Beach Culture by the Sea

The Long Beach Museum of Art overlooks the harbor and is currently celebrating its 60th anniversary. Three times a year they also host LBMA After Dark where the museum showcases a certain exhibit and stays open late with live entertainment, music, and a cocktail party for attendees.

The art stroll is a favorite for residents, guests, and artists. The art walk takes place the 2nd Saturday of every month from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the East Village Arts District of Downtown Long Beach. Local galleries, retail boutiques and cafes stay open late and offer special deals to the attendees who can stroll around the area freely on Linden Avenue, which is closed to cars. There is no charge but parking isn't included. However, the walk does have a contest where anyone can submit a piece of art and at 8:00 pm, a panel of judges announces the winner who receives a ton of free publicity and $75. Along the water is the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, which serves as the home base for the Long Beach Opera, International City Theater, and Long Beach Symphony Orchestra.

Sightseeing: Sights to See by and on the Sea

In 1961, the city of Long Beach bought the cruise ship the Queen Mary and moved it home to be a tourist attraction and resort. The Queen Mary set out to sea in an art-deco styled splash in 1936. It was the epitome of style and luxury as it cruised the seas holding the likes of Fred Astaire and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. During World War II, the Queen Mary was drafted into the war and called the Grey Ghost after its exterior was painted for camouflage. After the war, the Queen Mary was available for cruising again until the advent of air travel made her obsolete. She was purchased by Long Beach City and came to the Harbor. Visitors can take one of the 12 daily tours, book a room on board or make reservations at one of her unique period style fine dining restaurants.

Aquarium of the Pacific, a non-profit, opened in 1998. Its 11,000 marine and avian residents represent over 550 marine species and let visitors explore the world's largest ocean. There is a Shark Lagoon where guests are eye-to-eye with the large predators, a behind-the-scenes tour that shows how it all works, a 3-D film of real life in the Ocean, as well as a Whale and wildlife cruise to keep everyone busy and entertained. The local parks are a sight to see and a place to enjoy in the perfect weather. Long Beach's Department of Parks and Recreation has been nationally recognized for its excellence. 92 parks in Long Beach cover over 3,000 of its acres. El Dorado Regional Park is the most notable with recreations like archery, campgrounds and a nature center that has lakes, streams, fishing, hiking and bike trails.

Nightlife: Music, Pine and Pike

Long Beach is a real music town and after dark, you just have to pick a beat and go with it. There are plenty of Spanish music clubs, from salsa to flamenco. There is a whole jazz and cigar bar scene and a steady stream of rock acts that pass through on their tours. Long Beach also recognizes the rap that hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg brought to the forefront. There are rap music clubs that feature local up and comers and established rappers when they come to town.

For more traditional and “beachy” nightlife two words sum up Long Beach: Pine and Pike. Pine Avenue cuts through downtown Long Beach and is wrought with restaurants of all styles and price ranges with outside patios that host Euro-style late night music and dining. Further down on Pine Avenue is the Pike, a strip of restaurants, bars and sightseeing tour boats. Follow the tiki torches that lead to ocean-side drinking and dancing at places like the Mai Tai Bar. Most have the beach, music and dance floors but the dress code is flip-flops optional. There are also plenty of bars catering to the city's large gay population. Executive Suite and Ripples are two of the best known and most popular for visitors. There's even a club that caters to the Asian population at V20 on Aquarium Way.

Shopping & Fashion: Simple Style for Anyone

Shopping is like everything else in Long Beach, exciting, varied and with a style and size that fits all. There are specialty shops and boutiques throughout the city. People looking for a funky hipster gear can head to the shops on Fourth Street. Second Street has the boutique stores visitors can stop in while they try out the 100 restaurants on and around 2nd Street.

In the East Village Arts District, there are all the arty stores in and among the galleries that have unique handmade things for the casual shopper or the tourist looking for souvenirs. Now downtown also is home to CityPlace, a large retail shopping center that replaced the old Long Beach Plaza. Stores there will suit anyone looking for a deal. Shops include: Nordstrom's-Rack, Wal Mart, and Ross Dress for Less. To dress to fit in Long Beach, a bathing suit, cover-up and flip-flops will go a long way. However, to fit in and try a look that the locals are wearing, you'll want to try out a romper. The easy one piece look can be obtained at a reasonable cost at places like Bella Mia Fashion, where you can also get the simple jewelry to dress it up.

Health & Beauty: Laid Back Active Beach Cool

For beauty, and to match your casual cool romper look, you can go to the House of Synergy Salon and Massage to get the beachy waves that go perfectly from day to night. No longer home to the Miss Universe pageant as it was in the past, Long Beach residents go with a beauty from within and a focus on fitness, health and keeping that glow on the outside. Makeup is minimal, clothes are simple but stylish and almost everything has the ability to survive both a night on the town and a day at the beach.

Long Beach has hosted various athletic events and with its arid and warm climate, it's always a popular training spot for competitions there and in similar climates. Long Beach has held the Olympic swimming trials, like in 2004 when they held trials that broke the most records and had the highest attendance of all time. And Long Beach hosts the finish for the AMGEN yearly bike race, a ‘Tour de France' type race that covers over 650 miles. For more casual bikers the Long Beach bike path is loved by residents and visitors alike, as it winds down the coast.

Hotels and Hospitality: Very New and Very Old

Long Beach is coming to the end of $105 million in renovations in the Hospitality Industry. Its' over 5,000 rooms are largely brand new and available in all price ranges. The other extreme but still as luxurious is the jewel of the coast, the historic Queen Mary. Although the Queen Mary was the ideal in state of the art comfort in the 1930s and 40s, it is still today a great place to have a pampered stay.

The rooms are updated and lush but still retain the feel of the original decadence of its heyday. There are smaller boutique hotels like the Varden, which is in 1920s European style, strives to combine style and affordability for the visitor on a budget. There are small Bed and Breakfasts along the coast and motels to host the transient guest as well.

Where to Get an Education in Long Beach, California

A good thing that the public schools have to offer is the support of the Long Beach Education Foundation. The Long Beach Education Foundation is a large donor to the Long Beach Unified School District. They offer scholarships to rising freshmen so that they are encouraged to take upper level classes in high school. If they work hard at their classes the Foundation has over 7000 scholarships available. Making college affordable is a good way for the Foundation to encourage students to graduate and go on to get a degree.

The Long Beach Unified School District is over 93 public schools in the area. Two Harbors Elementary School is a very small school in the district. It is interesting because it is a one room school house on Catalina Island. The 93 schools include 11 High Schools, 15 Middle Schools and 42 Elementary schools. There are two special interest schools. Hi-Hill Outdoor School which is a school focusing on girl scouts is one of the special interest schools in the district. The only one is Long Beach School for Adults which encourages adults to return for an education. In addition to the schools mentioned there are 5 schools that are Kindergarten through the 8th grade, and even one that is Kindergarten through the 12th grade. There are plenty of choices for the population of Long Beach to choose from for their children. Long Beach is home to California State University. The University is dedicated to education based on research. Teachers create lesson plans from the research that they do on campus. There are also lots of Arts Schools in Long Beach. There is a lot of focus on the arts ranging from Film School to Drama. Long Beach City College has one of the largest art programs in the Community College system of California. There are around 250 campuses to choose from in Long Beach, and the beautiful beaches do not hurt people's decision to attend them.

How to Get Around in Town in Long Beach, California

A good mode of transportation offered in long beach is their cruise lines. Carnival cruise and Royal Caribbean are two of the cruise ship companies in Long Beach. These cruise lines both offer many exciting destinations from their ports. Some locations they go are Alaska, Mexico, and Hawaii. A perk of the cruise lines is that they have an on call Prime Time Shuttle that will take you from your hotel to the cruise and pick you up when your cruise returns.

There are a few different options for buses to get you around in Long Beach. A good one to catch is the Big Red Bus. The Double Decker bus has planned tours which include visiting all the breweries in the area, and going on a surfing trip at different coastal locations. There is the Passport bus which is a free public service to see the sights of Long Beach. These mini buses will get you where you need to be in the city. With three different routes they have choices for folks who just want to see the sights, and for folks who want to hit the shops! Long Beach Transit is another good option as far as buses go. This transit system has over 38 different routes and they run seven days a week. There are lots of ways to get around and see the sites in Long Beach. A big thing for the warm weather is biking. There are lots of bike trails in the area. There are lots of places that are dedicated solely to bikers in the area. No matter how you choose to get around in Long Beach, there is no excuse not to get out and see the city.

Government Services in Long Beach, California

Having a problem finding someone to do your motor oil recycling? Need to know the location and opening hours of your Post Office? The services provided by the mayor's office, city council and local government, which help the people of Long Beach, can be found in a number of ways.

The Long Beach local government offices, including the Mayor's office, are located at City Hall, 333, West Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California 90802. You can call the front desk on (562) 570-6801 or, if you have forms to send or want a printed copy of your information, the fax number is (562) 570-6538. Call City Hall to find out where to catch the Aquabus or Aqualink if you need a Water Taxi. The range of services is enormous. The local government officials are there for you, providing essential services and keeping the city clean and safe for you and your family. They aim to offer a well-planned and growing service area that provides a wide variety of cultural, educational, business, entertainment and recreational opportunities. Long Beach has departments for information technology, Animal Control, both the animal shelter and animal adoption, and flood prevention, as well as the fire, police and California Highway Patrol. You can contact City Hall if you need information on looking up USPS Zip Codes, flight delays at the local airports, transport routes, the status of public safety projects and local developments, how to apply for the housing voucher program. You can even find out the availability of attractions such as the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier, the local farmers markets and the city's finest restaurants.

To find all of the information available regarding the local government offices, you should visit the official website at www.longbeach.gov. You can use the website to find out all of the latest news on Long Beach's plan for the East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Study. Contact the City council via the website, by phone, by fax or even take a trip to City Hall. You'll be amazed at what they have to offer.

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