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Fresno (from the Spanish for ash tree) is the center of activity and the hub of both central California and the San Joaquin Valley. With over half a million people as of 2010, it is also the 5th largest city in California. It is the county seat of Fresno County and is in the middle of one of the richest farming areas in the United States. One of Fresno's greatest claims to fame is its proximity to national parks. From Fresno, you can easily access Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon parks. It is also the home of the credit card. Bank of America launched its BankAmericard in Fresno in 1958 as a novel idea of extending credit at stores and allowed users to buy products and carry a balance for which they received a balance. It was later purchased by Visa. Fresno is the home of the dance style of popping that started in the early 1970s. It is also the place where a large population of Armenians has settled. Since the first Armenians moved there in the 1880s, emigration has been steady and the city has an Armenian part of town, an Armenian language newspaper, an Armenian community school and a course of Armenian studies at California State University, Fresno campus. Fresno enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with the coldest days still topping at around the mid 50s Fahrenheit. The weather is ideal for farming, except for the lack of rainfall that has led to the area's classification as a semi-desert. Irrigation techniques have been innovated to allow farming to remain prosperous despite the lack of precipitation.

Fresno: From the Frontier to the Farming Capital

The Yokuts were the first known Native American inhabitants of the San Joaquin Valley. It was mostly bypassed by the Spanish and Mexicans for its dry environment and landlocked location. The Yokuts traded mainly in plants and animal products with the coastal tribes and were mostly run out of the area during the Gold Rush of the mid 1800s. In 1856, the county of Fresno was formed; so named for the Spanish word for the abundant ash trees in the area. The town of Fresno was formed later, in 1872, as a frontier town along the newly built Central Pacific Railroad passing through the valley. As a frontier town, it was built around the sheriff and some saloons. After a flood nearly washed the whole town away, it was incorporated and government-started in 1885.

Shortly before the town was officially declared, one of its industries was born by accident. Frances Eisen, a vineyard owner, accidentally let his wine grapes dry on the vine. Raisins were discovered and Fresno's agriculture industry was put on the map. It now yields over three billion dollars and over 200 commercial crops each year.

Fresno: A City of Young People

Fresno is a fairly young city, with the median age being 30. The population is equally split between Democrats and Republicans, with a neutral governing council and mayor. The California State University Fresno campus adds to the youthfulness of the area and to the liberal crowd. The City has thriving Armenian, Chinese, German, Pacific Islander and Italian neighborhoods among others.

The Old Fresno Watertower was one of the first of its kind in the nation and the largest during its use, and is still a prominent local landmark. The popular Tower district of downtown grew up around it. The Tower district hosts the annual Mardi Gras celebration and Christmas Tree Lane as well as being home to great boutiques, art galleries and cafes. Nearby in Clovis, the Old West is also remembered in the Clovis Rodeo and the antique shopping district of Old Clovis. Fresno is centered on the National Parks in its periphery and its own three main parks within the city limits. The weather and agricultural industry are conducive to outdoor activities of busy days, but the nightlife, like any other fair-weather city, is also thriving. The city is friendly to both buyers and renters and although the unemployment is high, housing costs have not risen at such proportions.

Job Opportunities: Few, Far Between and Farming

Fresno is the home of the raisin and to this day produces over 60 percent of the world's supply. As a result, food processing has become Fresno's greatest industry - from planting and harvesting to drying and packaging. One in three of Fresno workers is employed in the agriculture industry. The largest government employer is the IRS.

However, as of August 2010, the unemployment rate was 15.4 percent, 3 percent higher than the state average. Many of the jobs that remain available do so because they are labor intensive or require working outdoors for long hours in all conditions. The government jobs remain stable, but there is no growth at this time or in the foreseeable future. The Fresno Chamber of Commerce is working with local non-profits to give incentive to new businesses that start in Fresno as well as to existing businesses considering a move to the metropolitan area. The ideal businesses to lure workers in the area have been determined to be manufacturing and distribution. The area is already set up with the other resources for those industries and with its location; over 35 million people are within a day's drive from Fresno. Anything that can fit into or assist the local agriculture manufacturing and distribution would be feasible, such as lumber, farm machinery production, packaging and transportation.

The Typical Fresno Dining

Dining in Fresno is a pretty standard city fare. The main fare of choice is California fresh, popular dishes made healthier and greener. Many restaurants offer sanitized versions of homemade favorites as well as some Asian and Mexican fusion. Southwest flavors, like chiles and spices and corn-based dishes influence the local Fresno taste. The local agricultural industry is evident in the healthy menus, the options at the local grocery and specialty stores and at the wide variety of large open air farmer's markets.

Some of the most popular restaurants for visitors to the area are the Yosemite Ranch, the Lime Lite, which is also a popular night venue, and the Dog House Grill. Yosemite Ranch is a traditional steakhouse with a Yosemite themed décor and welcome. The Lime Lite is a steak and seafood establishment aimed at a hipper crowd. The food is consistent and the warm urban décor is appreciated by locals and guests alike. The Dog House Grill serves down home favorites for the hearty eater, like cured ham and racks of spare ribs. It is a standard American fare with great service and a congenial atmosphere. Apart from these favorites, there is also a large vegetarian population and fine dining options for the meat eschewing visitor.

Arts & Entertainment: Fresno is an Unexpected Thriving Art Center

The Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art, History and Science is a central collection of art and historical items from the area although it specializes in modern art. It houses a permanent Mexican Art exhibit and the William Saroyan Gallery. Saroyan, (1908-81) was an author and playwright born in Fresno. He wrote short stories about existing with joy amidst poverty and misery. His plays were known for their technique and he won a Pulitzer in 1940 for “The Time of Your Life.” The African American Historical and Cultural Museum has its own collection of paintings, artwork and photos that trace the arrival, trials, and progression of minorities in the San Joaquin Valley.

The city has a thriving theater scene. The most prominent local theater is the Warnors Theater. It opened in 1928 and soon thereafter was bought by Warner Brothers and was renamed as such. In the 60s the spelling was changed to Warnors to avoid lawsuits with change in ownership. The theater is nationally renowned and still contains and uses its original house organ, installed in 1929. The new generation practices its craft in the vibrant theaters of the University's Fresno campus. The city's groups for the performing arts include the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra, Fresno Lyric Opera Theatre and the Artists' Repertory Theatre (ART). ART is a respected local community theater group founded in 2005 and has been making waves and national headlines ever since with performances such as that of the Pulitzer Prize winning Rabbit Hole.

Sightseeing in the Central San Joaquin Valley

Among the top sights to visit in Fresno include the Forestiere Underground Gardens, which are the underground caverns, grottos, patios and garden courts encircling the underground home of Baldasare Forestiere. Forestiere, a Sicilian immigrant, personally hand-sculpted the caverns to escape the extreme heat of the Fresno summers. With just hand tools, Forestere created a whole underground estate in over 40 years. He changed and extended the tunnels until he died, after which they were opened to the public and became one of the most popular sites in the area. The Fresno Chaffee Zoo, or Chaffee Zoological Gardens, was founded in 1908. It was started with the goal of finding a way to teach people about the animals in a way that makes it fun and interactive. The founders wanted to somehow forge a bond with the animals and visitors to prolong the experience and teach respect and passion for the other inhabitants of the earth. The Zoo also contains Ross Laird's Winged Wonders Show, which has become sort of a legend in the performing bird world. In 2009, it became home to both a permanent stingray exhibit and a rain forest exhibit featuring poison dart frogs.

Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks offer endless outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, some of the best whitewater rafting in North America, biking, camping, fishing, boating, and snowboarding. From Fresno's network of highways, each is only about an easy hour trip and Fresno has convenient lodging to help with the adventure.

Nightlife: An Urban Stop on the Way

Fresno's nightlife is varied and eclectic. It ranges from college clubs and bars with cover bands as entertainment near the university campus to elitist wine tastings and wine bars featuring all of the local vintages. In the Tower district, there are funky bars catering to musicians, artists and ordinary locals. There are also brew pubs, cigar bars and music venues. Fresno is a regular stop for many artists touring between Los Angeles and San Francisco and has comedy clubs for the touring jokesters as well. The local theaters all stage performances throughout the week, whereas the ballet and philharmonic are mostly on weekend nights as well as Saturday and Sunday matinees.

Fresno Shopping & Fashion: Best in the Region in Different Ways

Downtown Fresno is considered the shopping center of Central California. It has weekly farmers' markets and the huge Fulton mall full of local and chain upscale shops. There is ‘retro row' on Van Ness and the antiques district. The Tower district has a little of everything in its boutiques and upscale shops. There are also a wide variety of antiques near the old water tower, too.

The style goes from Western in snake skin cowboy boots, to the latest from Hollywood home designers, to upscale formal wear and a huge and trendy variety of all the latest athletic shoes for all of the area's outdoor activities as well as herbal remedies and spa products to use after those activities. Shopping in Fresno is a wealth of fresh food, fresh style, and unique local crafts intermingling with the past in the vintage as well as the Hollywood influence on its way up the coast from Los Angeles.

Health & Beauty Thriving in Fresno

Fresno's Mediterranean climate lends it to a wealth of physical activity. Year round residents and visitors can take part in tennis, golf, whitewater rafting, biking, camping, kayaking, water and snow skiing, snowboarding and, of course, fishing and camping. Various lakes and two major rivers are all in Fresno's backyard, including one of California's best rivers for whitewater rafting. There are some of the best golf courses in central California and resorts right there in the middle of the farmland to make it worth the trip. The active vacations have also yielded spas with nature-based remedies and orthopedic specialties for the weekend warrior gone too far.

The newest trend in the Fresno area is plastics: Botox, liposuction, and facial rejuvenation. Fresno is one of the growing hotbeds of cosmetic surgery and the overflow from Los Angeles often migrate to Fresno where the demand is high but the supply is low and the rate of practicing and renting office space is a fraction of that in Southern California.

Fresno Hotels: Look for the Hospitality

The Fresno area, in the center of the Valley, has a lot of visitors on their way to other places. Many goods pass through the area on their way to a port or further destination. As a result, all major chains have a hotel in the Fresno area, hoping for a piece of the travel action or some of the visitors to the National Parks, who will stay a little further from the park to get a large discount. There are some unique hotels. The top pick in the area to avoid the chains is the Garden Inn and Suites. Although it is not small, the owners are very hands-on and guests rave about the individual service and attention. The grounds are lush and green, scattered with roses and beautiful foliage. Each room has a patio or balcony and some standard kitchen amenities, including a fridge and microwave. It's a quiet oasis right off of the freeway and caters to its residents, guests, and the environment alike.

Get an Education in Fresno, California

The Fresno Unified School District is committed to the improvement of their students. The district states support of diversity and leadership as two of the core values within their school systems. With 64 Elementary schools, 15 Middle Schools, and 8 High Schools, Fresno has the 4th largest school district in California. The district has over 70,000 students attending their schools. In addition to Fresno Unified there are 14 other school districts that make up the rest of the schools in Fresno, including preschools there are 426 schools total in all the districts.

College life in Fresno, California is very active. One of the top law schools, San Joaquin College of Law is located in Fresno. The school was founded in 1969 and continues to enjoy a high percentage of graduates passing the bar, and going on to successful jobs as lawyers. Another school located in Fresno is UCSF Fresno Medical School. The students that attend UCSF are given the tools to become successful doctors, and dentists. Fresno also has the Paul Mitchell Beauty School which is famous for its beauty program. There are 15 colleges in Fresno, California. Eleven of the colleges are four year colleges. The largest of these is California State University. The Fresno campus is part of a system of 23 schools in the State system that focus on agriculture, arts, business, education, and heath - just to name a few programs. California State University has an undergraduate class of over 18,000 students. DeVry University is another choice for students in Fresno. They offer over 7000 scholarships to help make college more affordable. They are a University with a very extensive distance learning program. With a population of over a million and still growing there is no doubt that there will be even more colleges coming to the area.

Get Around Town in Fresno, California

Fresno, California has a few different options for transportation. The Fresno Area Express is a public service for residents that runs year long. The Fresno Area Express has over 100 buses and runs on 17 different routes. The company also has a service called Handy Ride, which customers can call and request to be picked up. FAX buses as they are called are environmentally safe, and boast the only clean transportation system in the area.

The Limo For You Company in Fresno, California has an interesting choice of transportation. They are called Limbusines. Limbusines are large party buses that are long like stretch limousines. They carry a nightclub around with them. The inside has such features as karaoke, bar service, DJ's, and a laser show. The main highway in Fresno is Highway 99. This Highway runs through the middle of the city to the Sierra, Nevada Mountains. It interconnects with Highway 5 which is a main interstate through California. Highway 99 will take you where you need to go! There are AMTRAK services also available in Fresno. The AMTRAK runs all week long from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm. It is housed in the historic Santé Fe Railroad Depot Station. This historic land mark was built in 1899. There are taxi cabs and buses that run all the time for your trip if you are into more traditional modes of travel. When you fly into Fresno you have a couple of options to get you to your hotel. There are 20 limo services if you feel like traveling in style. There is also an Airport Shuttle that you can book ahead of time to guarantee that you will have a ride waiting for you. There are discussions about building a speed rail train system in Fresno as well. This is an exciting possibility for the future of transportation in Fresno, California.

Government Services Available in Fresno, California

Do you need a tree trimming and removal permit? Need to know how to register your brand new boat? The people at Fresno City Hall have a wonderful range of helpful services that are all provided by the mayor's office, city council and local government. They aim to offer a community that provides a wide variety of cultural, educational, business, entertainment and recreational opportunities. The Fresno council offices, including the Mayor's office, are located at City Hall, 2600 Fresno St. Fresno, CA 93721.

If you call Fresno your home, there are many offices and departments ready to help in a variety of ways; whether you need a copy of the rules for running a local event, advice on the best way to put up a garden fence without upsetting the neighbors, a large landscaping water permit or planning permission for a business expansion. You can contact City Hall if you need information on garbage pick-ups, the airport, transport routes, or the availability of attractions such as the Shinzen Japanese Garden, The Chaffee Zoo, Fresno Art Museum and the Forestiere Underground Gardens To find all of the information available regarding the local government offices, you should visit the official website at The local government officials are there for you, providing essential services and keeping the city clean and safe for you and your family. You can also be a part of Fresno's plan for a safe future. Serve Fresno is a new, citywide initiative established by the Mayor's office. If you can help out on this project for a few hours, you can help your neighbors, improve education, and strengthen care for those struggling in the community. Getting you to join you with your community is what Serve Fresno aims to do. You could even join Citizens on Patrol; a joint community and police program developed to improve the quality of life for Fresno residents.

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