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Located on San Francisco Bay, Oakland is one of the major West Coast port cities in the country. The city is the 8th largest in the state of California with a population of 446,901. Oakland is the county seat of Alameda County. The city was developed due to its agriculture and logging industry. The city is the final stop on the transcontinental railroad. “There's no there, there,” quoted from Gertrude Stein, has frustrated many of the people from Oakland. Stein had not meant this as an insult but rather as a sentiment to the city when she learned her childhood home had been torn down. The town has used the quote to its advantage, displaying a large statue of the word THERE in the downtown area. Oakland has several nicknames, including the most common of “Oaktown.” In 2001, with the opening of several medical marijuana facilities the nickname “Oaksterdam” came about. “O-town” and “The Town,” are a couple of other nicknames of the city. Oakland has a major league team in all 3 of the professional sports. Oakland is home to the Baseball team the Oakland Athletics, or “A's;” the NFL team, the Oakland Raiders; and the NBA team, the Golden State Warriors.

A Brief History of Oakland, CA

The Ohlone inhabited the Oakland area for thousands of years. The group was concentrated around what is now Lake Merritt and Temescal Creek, a stream that enters San Francisco Bay. The Spanish Conquistadors claimed the area in 1772. Early in the 19th century, the Spanish royalty gave the land to Luis Maria Peralta who later left it to his 4 sons. The area of Oakland was in the shares held by Antonio Maria and Vicente who allowed American settlers, loggers, and fur-traders to the land.

In the 1840s and 1850s, development continued. The land that is now California, including the city of Oakland, was part of the Contra Costa settlement with Mexico. The town of Oakland was incorporated into the state on May 4th, 1852. In the 1860s and 1870s, the railroads helped the town develop. The Port of Oakland was first known as Oakland Long Wharf, built in 1868. This area served as the last stop for the Transcontinental Railroad and local commuter trains. Oakland's steady rise in industrial prominence led to the digging of a tidal channel in 1902, creating an island of nearby town Alameda. When the earthquake of 1906 hit San Francisco, the population of Oakland nearly doubled with the influx of refugees.

By the 1920s, the area was booming. 1916 saw the opening of a GM factory to manufacture automobiles. Farming tractors were being made at the Fageol Motor Company factory, and Durant Motors also opened a factory manufacturing cars. The growth of the city was due to all of the factory work that was available. These are the attributes that have made the city what it is today.

Oakland California City Life

Oakland is the 8th largest city in the state. The city offers a traditional community environment proud of its heritage. The cultural and recreational aspects of the city make it a popular place to live.

There are several neighborhoods to choose from when you are looking for a house in Oakland. Montclair offers a commercial district, shops, and restaurants. This area offers a small-town feel within the community. The Rockridge neighborhood borders Oakland and Berkeley. This neighborhood is older and offers small boutiques, markets, and gourmet restaurants. This area is centralized around BART station, making commuting quite simple. If you are looking for easy access to the highway and BART, then Crocker Highlands is the neighborhood to be in. The homes are designed from the 20s, 30s, and 40s and offer tree-lined streets. This area is conveniently located near Lakeshore shopping center.

Homes on the waterfront are within Jack London Square. This neighborhood offers a variety of shops and restaurants. The historic Grand Lake Theater is nearby. Lake Merrit is a gorgeous site with jogging trails and picnic spots. The lake is surrounded by the “necklace of lights” that makes for a beautiful viewing at night. Oakland offers many diverse areas to choose from. There are homes available with all sorts of attributes. The city has neighborhoods full of culture and life, making the big city seem a little smaller.

Working in Oakland, California

Professional and management jobs account for 35% of the job market in Oakland. 20% of the jobs are in sales and office work, and 16% of the jobs are in service occupations. Almost 67% of the people living in Oakland work for companies. Some of the most popular companies to work for in the area are Bank of America, Oracle, PG&E, Starbucks, and IBM. The government offers 14% of the job market and only 8% of the people are self-employed. If you are currently looking for a job in Oakland, the most common fields are sales associate's jobs, physical therapists, and software engineers. The industries in Oakland that are hiring the most workers are hospitals, and those related to computer technology.

The average job salary in Oakland is around $41,600, while the average median income per household is about $44, 120. Since January of 2009, Oakland has seen a large decrease in jobs, as much as 24%. The current unemployment rate as of July 2010 was 11.8%, compared to a national average of 9.5%.

Where to Eat in Oakland California

While dining in Oakland, you will find an array of restaurants to choose from. While the restaurant scene is sometimes overshadowed by that of San Francisco, the area has recently seen a boost in great restaurants. There are many places to choose from depending on your dining style.

If you are looking for excellent French food, then A Cote offers a wonderful blend of flavors from the Mediterranean area. This is combined with lovely décor and a lively atmosphere. The Bay Wolf Café and Restaurant also offers a wonderful Mediterranean menu. The restaurant is located in a converted Victorian home that offers a unique ambiance that you can find no where else. Using fresh quality local ingredients, Jojo offers some of the best French food in the area. Jojo offers a quiet, cozy experience and very reasonable pricing. If you are in the mood for quality Mexican food, then you will not be at a loss in Oakland. The Otaez Mexicatessen and Tamarindo Antojeria are two must-visit places for the Mexican food lover.

If you are seeking Italian food at its finest, then the best restaurant in Oakland is the Pizzaiolo. The restaurant offers the best assortment of Italian food available and has been known to draw people over from across the bay.

The Arts & Entertainment of Oakland California

The Chabot Space and Science Center offers a fun getaway to a sci-fi playground. The museum offers one of the largest public telescopes in the country, a megadome theater, a large planetarium, and a space flight simulator. The museum is open year round for visitors and offers hands-on space and science exhibits for your enjoyment.

Children's Fairyland is a unique 10-acre park for children to make their fairy tales come true. The park offers exhibits, rides, and crafts. The park can create a fun filled day for families with young children. The Oakland music scene is outstanding and the Oakland Columbarium offers a unique venue for music performances all year round. The Columbarium has thousands of glassed-in shelves holding an urn containing the remains of family members. The area is simply gorgeous with tiled fountains and luxurious gardens. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit while in the area.

Art Deco architecture at its finest, The Paramount Theater was built in 1931. It was restored around 25 years ago with the backstage area open for tours. The tours show the rising curtain mechanism and the high fly-space. This theater is known for its steep balconies and modern fixtures.

Best Places to Visit While in Oakland

Chinatown is one of the best places to visit while in Oakland. The area offers an entrance into the Asian culture. The Asian Cultural Center offers you a look at the Asian style of life. The streets offer 15 blocks of shops, markets, and Asian restaurants. Every September boasts the largest Asian festival in the Bay area.

A taste of Italy is offered on Oakland's Lake Merritt. There are sights and sounds of Italy all over, a Gondola ride with a real gondolier will make for the perfect relaxing evening. The waterfront area is currently revamped, making it the hotspot for entertainment. Jack London Square offers the tourist dining, pubs, shopping, and live music. You can take a ferry ride under the Bay Bridge or a long walk on the boardwalk. A walk through the Bonsai Garden will make an interesting day. There are walking tours available, or just stroll through on your own. This unique garden offers a beautiful setting for a Japanese cultural experience.

Depending on the season, it is always great to take in a professional sporting event. You can go to an Oakland Raiders game in the fall and winter, a Golden State Warriors game in winter, and if it is summer, then enjoy a nice evening out watching the Oakland Athletics.

Nightlife in Oakland: Some of the Best Bars and Clubs in the Area

The Oakland nightlife offers a variety of options. There is an assortment of bars and nightclubs to choose from. The Stork Club offers 3 punk bands a night along with cheap drinks; it is the place to go for the punk music scene. The Ruby Room offers music of eclectic mixes by DJ's. It is a great place to hang out that makes you feel like you have been there before even if it's your first time. Luka's Taproom and Lounge offers a unique selection of beers, diverse types of food, and music by resident DJ's. The bar is a hip dance club for your enjoyment. The Uptown is a live music club with a huge bar. There is a separate room with a large dance floor and stage. Perhaps one of the hippest bars is Radio. Radio offers a chic décor with a great atmosphere. The DJ has a view of the dance floor and the music played is an eclectic mix of tunes that anyone would enjoy.

The jazz scene in Oakland is outstanding and a trip would not be complete without a visit to one of the jazz clubs. These clubs offer live music throughout the year. Not only do they offer superb music but most of them also have wonderful dining options, making them great for dinner and a show. Some of the Jazz bars are: Club Anton, The Serenader, The 5th Amendment, and Yoshi's.

The Oakland Shopping District

In Oakland, there are plenty of places to find the fashion of your choosing. No matter what you are looking, for there is a place to find it. In China Town, you will find a collection of unique stores that offer everything from chopsticks to porcelain. This area is great to look for a treasure with an Asian flare.

The College Avenue/Rockridge District extends over 2 miles from Oakland to Berkeley. The area offers lots of specialty shops, gourmet foods, books, vintage clothing and more. Some of the favorites include Pendragon Fine Books, Christensen Heller jewelers, Full Swing, Soiree, and for the kids, Rockridge Kids, which is a fun toy store. The lakeshore area offers shoppers a chance to find antiques. There are a number of consignment shops, antique stores, bookstores, and fun boutiques. This area offers a great shopping experience for those interested in unique items.

A stroll along the waterfront will find you in Jack London Square. This area offers distinct boutiques where you can find that special trinket to take home with you. No matter what your taste, you will be able to find a shopping area that meets your needs. Oakland has a number of one-of-a-kind shopping experiences at your fingertips.

Health and Beauty scene of Oakland California

A destination spa might be in order for your trip to Oakland. There are several to choose from that offer many services. Thirteen offers massages, hair cuts, facials, and other body services. The Source for Wellness Health Center and Spa offers dieting and weight loss programs, fitness programs, along with different types of massages. The Kyra Beauty Lounge is a destination spa offering anti-aging, aromatherapy, and bridal services.

There are also a number of fitness centers available for your use. 24-hour fitness and Curves both have a number of centers around the city. There is also Wang's Therapeutic Medical Center that offers fitness center services.

Best Places to Stay in Oakland

The recently renovated Waterfront Hotel offers a unique place to stay on the water while you are in Oakland. This hotel offers a wondrous décor of maritime adventures. The hotel is located in Jack London square, putting you close to everything the area has to offer. The Washington Inn hotel offers you close proximity to the city center and the convention center.

The Pardee Home Museum and Oakland museum of California are also in the area. The hotel has its own restaurant and bar, and breakfast is served each morning. Another hotel to consider is the Inn at Jack London Square. This hotel will put you close to all that Jack London Square has to offer while you will also be within close range to the convention center.

Schools in Oakland, CA

Oakland public schools are governed by Oakland Unified School District. The Oakland school district covers a total of 110 schools as well as early and adult education centers. Unfortunately for the school district their track record has not been so great. Suffering from poor ratings and poor test scores, the Oakland school district has had over half of its student body perform at the lowest percentile on reading and writing. However, these scores are not representative of every school in the district. Students at Hillcrest Elementary and Lincoln Elementary scored in the upper percentiles of reading and math. Despite the negativity with its school district the latest superintendent has made it his job and goal to improve the districts school with the help and cooperation of the community.

Oakland does have a few notable high schools including Oakland Tech, which is known for its Engineering Academy and sending a large number of its female student body to MIT. Outside of its public and charter high schools, Oakland does house several private schools including a few catholic schools, The College Preparatory school, ranked the 17th best high school and with the pride of claiming the majority of the student body graduates on to Ivy League universities. For people looking into higher education, Oakland has several universities and colleges to offer. Colleges include Peralta Community College, California College of the Arts whose curriculum includes programs designed around art, architecture, design, and writing and is one of the top universities for its programs. For students interested in pursuing a degree in business, Lincoln University is a private university offering degrees within that field. For future doctors and nurses the Samuel Merritt University offers undergrad and graduate degrees for therapy, nursing, and other medicine-related areas. For those looking for an any and all university, the University of California, Berkeley is right in the neighborhood and offers 300 degrees of various disciplines. A large number of Berkeley's graduate programs rank within the top 10 for their field. Berkeley has also had several of its alumni receive prestigious awards such as the Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize.

Getting Around Oakland

Getting around Oakland may not be as streetcar fun as other popular California cities but it is nonetheless easy and convenient. Oakland bus transit serves Oakland and inner East Bay. Oakland is also serviced by the Bay Area Transit, also known as BART. Oakland has proposed a Rapid Bus Transit system for the line going through International Blvd and Telegraph Ave. Oakland also utilizes Amtrak for long distance trips. Two downtown services provided by the city are taxis and bicycle pedi-cabs, small carriages pulled by bicyclists.

Of course if you have a car there are plenty of highways to travel on in order to get to where you need to go. The major highways of I-80, I-580, I-880, I-980 all service the Oakland area, as well as the two state routes 13 and 24. Uncommon in many areas of the US, Oakland has two underwater tunnels that connect downtown to Alameda Island. If you prefer a different route East Oakland is also connected to Alameda via the High Street Bridge.

Bicycle advocates have managed to get Oakland's city council to adopt a Bicycle Master Plan. Oakland's Master Plans message states "where bicycling is fully integrated into daily life, providing transportation and recreation that are both safe and convenient." Having adopted this plan back in 1999 has helped Oakland earn 4th position in the nations list of greenest cities. As of now there are miles of bike lanes around Oakland, including the Bancroft Ave area, and parts of West Oakland including Market St. Bicyclist also do not have to worry about where to park their bikes as plenty of parking facilities can be found around downtown, although a charge for using these does exist.

Government Services Available in Oakland, California

Oakland is the eighth largest city in the state of California. It is governed by a Mayor, who is elected for a four-year term, and a City Council made up of eight members. While the Mayor is not a member of the City Council he can cast votes in the case of a deadlock. Of the eight Council members, there is one for each of the seven districts of Oakland, and one “at-large” member. The actual running of the City is done by the City Administrator, who is appointed by the Mayor. This appointment is subject to approval by the City Council. Also part of the Oakland government is the City Attorney, an elected official who serves as legal counsel for the City of Oakland, and the City Clerk, who is appointed by the City Administrator and, like the City Administrator, must be confirmed by City Council. The City Clerk handles all public records and conducts elections.

Both City Council meetings and Council committee meetings are open to the public. A complete and up-to-date schedule, along with meeting locations, can be found on the city's main website at http://www2.oaklandnet.com/index.htm. The Parks and Recreation Department oversees and maintains all of Oakland's many parks, recreation centers and facilities. A main location and 16 branches make up the Oakland Library. The branches include an Asian branch, the African-American Museum and Library, a tool lending library and the American-Indian Collection. There are many public attractions in Oakland, including the Oakland Museum of California and the Oakland Zoo. Oakland is also home to the Oakland Athletics baseball team and the Oakland Raiders football franchise. Other important departments that serve the public include Police, Fire, Human Services, Public Works, and the Health Department. Oakland schools are part of the Oakland Unified School District. It includes 59 elementary schools, 23 middle schools, 19 high schools and 9 alternative education facilities.

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