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For Sale By Owner Frequently Asked Questions - Foreclosure

Q: What are the benefits of selling through a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listing?

A: One of the biggest reasons for selling your home through an FSBO listings is that you'll avoid the hefty broker's fee associated with hiring an agent to sell your home for you. In many places this fee can be as much as 6 or 7 percent, which adds up to thousands of dollars when all is said and done. You also have the benefit of negotiating a deal directly with the buyer instead of through a third-party.

Another reason to sell your home yourself is that you are completely in charge, so you can decide to accept or decline offers yourself, instead of on the advice of an agent. You get to set the final price. Many people who need to sell their home quickly also like to use the FSBO approach. By cutting the amount you save by not hiring a broker off the sale price of the home, your home will become more attractive to buyers, and as a result it will attract more attention and be purchased more quickly.

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Q: How will help me sell my home?

A: When you list you home as an FSBO and sell it yourself without a broker, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the advertising, networking and marketing that a broker uses to sell your home to a wide audience. With and our FSBO service, your home listings will reach hundreds of thousands of potential homebuyers from all over the nation! We use to power of the internet to get your home listing out to the countless people searching for property in our databases every day. acts like your own personal broker, except we provide more exposure than an agent ever could and we do it absolutely free!

When you sign up for our FSBO service, you'll be able to create an incredibly detailed listing for your home including all kinds of statistics and information. You can also personalize your listing to make it more attractive by providing your own property description and listing headline. You can upload photos as well, which are always a great way to get your listings noticed.

We'll help you decide on a price for your home by showing you similar homes in similar areas so you can compare. Your listing will stay on our site until it is sold, and with statistics on how many times your page has been viewed and inquired about, you can figure out if you need to edit your listing to add information or make it more attractive to buyers.

Once you create your listing, leave the rest to us. Aside from making it available in our database, we'll also send your listing out to the thousands of members who have signed up to receive Property Alerts on new homes becoming available in areas across the nation. In addition, we'll provide you with all kinds of helpful information on how to sell your home yourself, how to arrange paperwork and taxes, and how to close a deal. And of course, you'll always be able to turn to our 24/7 customer support service that has been hailed as one of the best in the industry. There's no better way to sell your home than with!

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Q: How long will my FSBO listings appear on the database?

A: We will keep your listings posted and available until you either sell your home or decide to cancel the listing on your own.

There are various ways to increase the chances of selling your home quickly, such as signing up to have your home listed as one of our Featured Properties. This service comes at a nominal surcharge, and will make your home viewable to potential buyers on our Featured Homes section of our homepage. Also remember that the more information and photos you provide of your property, the more attractive it is to buyers.

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Q: How do I upload pictures? How many can I have?

A: You can post up to ten photos of your home to accompany your listing. To do so, just select the "Edit Listing" option and you'll see the "Upload Photos" button. Click this, and you'll be directed to directions on how to easily upload photos saved on your hard drive. You will also have the option to upload photos when you originally create your listing.

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Q: How much does it cost to list an FSBO home on

A: The best part about posting a listing on is that is absolutely free! There's no better way to market your home. We'll get you much better exposure for your home than a real estate broker ever could, and a real estate broker could charge you as much as 7% of your home's sale price! Why sell your home any other way?

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Q: How do I update my listing after I've created it?

A: Simple! Just sign in and view your listing, then click the "Edit" button. You'll be redirected to a page where you can add information or change whatever you need. Then click the "Finish" button, and you're all set.

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Q: How will I know if people are viewing my listing?

A: You can keep track of how many hits your listing receives because we keep track of it for you. Just sign in and go to your listing page and you'll see how many views it has received.

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Q: Can I advertise an open house?

A: Certainly! On your "Edit Listing" page, there is an option for you to enter whether you are holding an Open House. You can select dates, and that way advertise it through your listing.

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Q: How will buyers get in touch with me?

A: How you prefer to be contacted by potential buyers is up to you. When you create a listing, you'll be able to select your preferences for how you'd like buyers to be able to contact you, whether by email, fax or phone. Usually, buyers will attempt to contact you through email, since it is the most convenient option. However, providing your phone number can be a more direct of negotiating and getting in touch with buyers. Be assured that your phone number will not be on display for the general public. It will only be available to registered members who inquire directly about your listing.

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Q: How do I arrange for a showing of my home?

A: When you get in touch with a buyer, they will often ask for a showing to check out your home. You can arrange this showing at your leisure. You are not obligated to show your home to anyone you feel might not be genuinely interested in your home.

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Q: How do I cancel my FSBO listing?

A: If you decide to cancel your listing, all you have to do is log on to your account, view your listing, and select "Remove Listing". You will then receive a confirmation e-mail for you to authorize, and once you do, your listings will be removed from our database.

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