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Newport Beach Real Estate Facts and Amenities

Foreclosure filings are 36% lower than they were in 2013 today. Home sales have gone down by 61%.

Newport Beach is located in Orange County, California. The median income for this area is considered to be somewhat high.

Showing: 1 - 25 of 193

Newport Beach Demographics and Housing Info

59,982 people. This is the number of population in Newport Beach. Based on the Census data, the racial composition of this population is 89.20% White, 0.56% black, 4.84% Hispanic, 0.26% Indian, 3.80% asian and 1.34% registered "other race". According to last Census, the median age of people in the city is 28 years.

Nowadays, based on Census, you may find 5,174 households per zipcode. The average value of a house is $507,617. Newport Beach has the record of 1 people per household. The income of these properties is $50,962.

5,311. This is the recent number of places to work in Newport Beach. There are 69,709 employees working in Newport Beach. These employees receive $837,441 per year as payroll.